Wormhole Town Hall Saturday Aug 12th 19:00

Hello Wormholers!

The first CSM summit for CSM XII is being held August 21st - 24th, and I will be attending. This year with Team Five-0 finally coming to the end of the Structures roadmap (minus a few things like Jump Bridges and Cyno Jammers), I think we have the best shot at getting our needs and wants to the Team’s attention and possibly getting some direct WH changes. A lot of you feel like W-space has been neglected over the past year. To some extent I agree with you. But we have seen all kinds of things added to Eve that affect us.

Here’s a little list if you’ve forgotten:

  • Contracts in citadels, insurance, repair, alliance logos, loot drop fixes
  • Capital rebalance
  • Rorqual and mining barge overhaul
  • Engineering complexes
  • Alphas
  • Fleet boost redesign
  • Scanning interface redesign
  • Mobile warp disruptor killmails/lifetime
  • T3 cruiser rebalance
  • Scanning results saved over changing wormholes

And a few other things. But I understand there hasn’t been something tailored just for us, like when they changed the effects of the wormholes or more PVE changes or Mining anom changes or something done about the combat site lifetime. Over the past year those things just haven’t been in the cards.

But I’m hopeful we can get changes made for us in the coming year. Something something NDA.

Format: Town Hall Style - Whoever has the TS details is welcome to come. Last two times we didn’t have any issues with people taking turns speaking. Let’s please have a smooth meeting again!

Date: Saturday August 12th 19:00 Eve time

Time Frame: 19:00-21:00 Eve Time.

Topics (subject to change):

  • Quick recap of last years CSM term
  • Tech 3 Cruisers - How have they affected wormholes? Yes PvE and PvP will be talked about here but let’s focus on only T3s
  • Scanning - New changes and are there still some issues with the UI?
  • PvE - Yes we want site respawn lifetime! and we still want Ore anom changes! But any new ideas?
  • PvP - Fax still oppressive, what else?
  • Structures - Bugs? Yes we want moon mining! Feature request?
  • PUBG - Why is it such a good game? /s

Location: Hard Knocks Inc TS http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ts.hardknocksinc.net/?password=CSM <<Click me for instant join link

TS Server : ts.hardknocksinc.net
Password: CSM

So this is your 1.5 week heads up! Feel free to prepare something in advance and have it ready to present. If you want to send me anything to check out before the meeting you can Evemail me or send me a real email at noobman@csm.eve.com

Other @CSM are invited, and I will see you there. Like last time trolls, disruptive or negative people will be quickly dealt with. :wink:



Look forward to hearing it afterwards. Hopefully there will be a writeup or a recording of the townhall. Won’t make the Saturday meet up.

We will have it recorded and ideally posted for your consumption in a prompt manner.

Maybe we can convince someone to RP as a court reporter and you will be blessed with minutes as well.

As usual, I am happy to record and publish said Townhall.

I’ll be there.

For people needing a catch up on the previous two:

2016: https://m.soundcloud.com/orangeeagle/wh-csm-townhall-13aug2016 (Had to hide this one due to being 55mins over my six hour limit)
2017: https://m.soundcloud.com/orangeeagle/wh-csm-townhall-21jan2017-1900-hours

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c7 class wormhole
extralarge entrance from null/low for supercapitals
tool for rolling
wormhole drifters under player’s control
claimable systems
and Upwell Palatine Keepstar in Thera
Ah,also combat-site spawner and new signature-jammer

Let’s make wormhole great again with our CSM!

Town Hall -> Crab Hall

i try. prepare your holes.

actualy i planning take care about that later, but if noobman help its cool. problem is he said about UPK on last summit: “no one build it”.

we have from c12 to 18 class already, lets do something with them first.

pve: wh have blue loot, which dont have analog in k-space for capital farming. it can be disbalance if not doing some like super sleepers spawn which penetrate your nyx easy.
pvp; more big problem, you can collect supers in your wh and transport it anywhere by rolling holes, so k-space keepstars almost no need. maybe solution must be in possibility to jump in from null/low but no leave wh, never.
mining: where is my ORE titan.

very hard reachable standings first.

it must be available only for palatine keepstar.

POS replacement - when? Alternatively fix citadels:

  • must be fuled
  • must have proper un/anchor times matching wormhole lifetimes, so real wormholers(nomads) can use. :wink:
  • must enter vulnurable timer if aggressing
  • many little things…blabla…but in general stop making our space equal to nullsec sov alike. It’s boring.
    Want unique space!

The discussion about abandoned citadels is not exclusive to wormhole systems but it is an important one nevertheless.
Maybe a base amount of fuel is one solution. However the citadel building cost was set up based on the goal that we would not spend isk on fuel, so in the long run it would be cheaper than a tower.

A solution based on player actions rather than fuel or isk is a solution that keeps that original goal.
What is this “player action” is up to discussion of course.

Another suggestion: If the citadel is not maintained through this player action the citadel becomes vulnerable all the time.

Any chance of any info from CCP for this on the subject of sleeper aggro in c5/c6 sites?

They shoot you if you warp to the site.

Not if you warp at the right distance.

Hello all,

New in WH space but the reason i did the leap was because it is its own space has its own mechanics ultimately the real final frontier in eve not affected by nullsec, lowsec or highsec rules/mechanics.

My question is do we really want moon mining to be allowed in WH’s?

If this was to be suggested then I’d say the player action should be simply active use of the station (docking/undocking). This way normal use is all that’s required, no timers for clicking buttons or additional fuel load. Simply use it or lose it.

More potential wealth to WH residents > good :+1:
More potential targets to WH gangs > good :+1:

The problem would be if it is too lucrative that the small fleets we see in WHs today would become huge blobs of rorquals like null is today. That would be bad :-1:

I agree, that is a good option for the player base. However I think CCP will look for a solution that has a background as to “why” it behaves like that, a solution that fits into EVE mechanics. Why would a citadel become vulnerable if no one docked in it?

There are plenty of possible solutions with mechanics already implemented. High Sec POS used cheap “starbase charters” along with fuel to be able to be online, maybe these charters would be an option. Cheap, seeded by CCP and low volume so it would be easy to haul.

We will need a limit to the maximum number of charters in the fuel bay and each time a citadel is to become vulnerable, one charter is consumed. If a citadel has multiple timers during a week, the citadel will need more charters and if the citadel runs out of charters it is vulnerable all the time.

Of course, feel free to suggest even more alternatives.

I thought the point of citadels was to get away from timers/fuel. That’s why I suggested a simple docking/undocking resetting the inactive timer. Without ships to service the citadel has nothing to do, workers move on etc etc.

Moon mining in whs is a god awful idea.
all it does is make the absurdly rich even richer while doing nothing to bring new players into wspace.

That is almost inevitable if moon mining does come to wormholes and those that can will simply because it’s safe.

But content would go up due to those that are unable to do that.