Wormhole Town Hall Saturday Jan 6th 19:00

Hello Wormholers!

The second CSM summit for CSM XII is being held Janurary 15th - 18th, and I will be attending in Iceland. This will be my fourth and final Summit. This summit will be focusing on what CCP will be releasing between now and Fanfest 2018.

Last Summit the CSM was successful in getting CCP to agree to change the structure reinforcement system. It was a major community request. We worked through different scenarios and designs and tweaked the plans for structures. I feel like that was the biggest thing that we worked on last summit that effected wormholes.

I’ll just be honest with ya’ll and tell you exactly what my expectations are, and what I tell the devs when I start my presentation at the summit. My hope is that in the future when a larger wormhole release is in the cards they will already have helpful community feedback curated for them. They can go back and listen to the 4 summit recording of my CSM presentations. They will have the 4 recordings of our WH Town Halls as well as my notes.

As for topics, I want to set aside time to talk about my CSM experience and our community’s plan for the next CSM. I also want to set aside time for specifically Low class WH issues and ideas. But for topics, I want to hear from you! Since it’s 3 weeks out from the summit and we’re going into the xmas break, I don’t have topic ideas of NDA stuff we’re scheduled to talk about at the summit that I could supplement with our pre-discussion. So comment below of topic ideas, or send me evemails if you want to be private. So we’ll add more topics later.

Format: Town Hall Style - Whoever has the TS details is welcome to come. Last three times we didn’t have any issues with people taking turns speaking. Let’s please have a smooth meeting again!

Date: Saturday January 6th 19:00 EVE time

Time Frame: 19:00-21:00 Eve Time.

Topics (subject to change, will be adding more topics as you request them):

Structure revamp - Review CSM Summit notes on the plans for structures.
(your topics here)
(your topics here)
(your topics here)
(your topics here)
C4 specific issues
Noobman’s CSM experience and our future CSM plans

Location: Hard Knocks Inc TS, Server and temporary password will be given out the day before.

At the very end I want to talk about the importance of us as a WH community rallying around 1-2 CSM candidates. It takes around 1200 votes (yes I know people at the very end get on with 900ish votes), shoot for 1200. With all the bigger null groups using large skill farms to help secure hundreds of free votes to get their candidates on, it going to be hard for us to get a WH CSM this year. Not to toot my own horn, especially because I almost don’t play Eve anymore, but I had a pretty big name in the community. People in the WH community hated or loved me, but in general respected me. I also had strong ties with PL and had the support Elise Randolph (leader of PL) every year I ran. I made IRL friends with all sorts of players at IRL meet-ups (Vegas, Fan Fest, ENE, ect). We all need to band together and get our candidate on. Otherwise there won’t be someone there in the meetings raising red flags when new ideas negatively wormholes.

So if its not clear, I will not be running a third time for CSM XIII. I enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience of being on CSM. Traveling to Iceland 6 times (5 this summit, 6 Fan Fest 2018) in 2 years is a pretty amazing story! The friendships I’ve made with CCP devs and EVE pilots throughout the 2 years, I will cherish. But personally I’ve grown away from the game, I’ve accomplished everything endgame in EVE I’ve set my mind to. I’m waiting for some larger changes to draw me back into the game. But the real reason I wont be running again is I want to go back to college and finish up a degree in August 2018. CSM summits are generally around crucial dates for college, and I just cant miss class for other obligations. Being 27 and going back to school, I need to be dedicated to school.

I just want to thank you all for trusting me with the responsibility of being your Wormhole CSM candidate. :heart_eyes:

So this is your 3 week heads up! Feel free to prepare something in advance and have it ready to present. If you want to send me anything to check out before the meeting you can Evemail me or send me a real email at noobman@csm.eve.com

Other CSM are invited, and I will see you there. Like always trolls, disruptive or negative people will be quickly dealt with. :wink:


Dear wormhole genie, please increase the corp bookmark cap.


OK Top the list is to REMOVE Citadel Farming of Drifters!

Please urge CCP to get rid of this broken game play ASAP!


no u, mkay?

So something I’d really like to talk about is c6 space. Right now when you say c6 space everyone immediately thinks “farms!” And nothing else. The only pvp groups I can think of offhand that have lived in c6 space in recent history is innerhell (rip keepstar) and some small group called Dead star syndicate IIRC. Right now I feel as thougg C6 space has no real incentive for pvp groups to inhabit it, and is only good for farming purposes. I know this has been brought up before, but giving c6s dual statics would breath new life into the space. Giving a high class wormhole 2 statics would allow for much more content, and a good reason for the space to be sought after for more than farming. In a PERFECT world I would say let c6s have capital nullsecs, but as ccp seems quite content letting people turtle up I don’t hold too much hope for null statics specifically.


Give all C6’s very large (even larger than the largest wh, maybe 10b) nullsec statics which they can bring out a few capitals and brawl with nullseccers.

That’d be the best change happening in Eve for years. Even 3b statics would still be wonderful.


The last thing we need is super caps in w-space. What we need is more holes spawning more often of all kinds except frigate holes.


Topic 1: How to make wormhole moon mining a worthwhile activity with unique rewards
Topic 2: Proposals for the introduce a new modular T3 industrial ship
Topic 3: Proposals for the introduction of escalations to all classes of wormhole
Topic 4: Proposals for current escalations to be changed to encourage more capitals in space
Topic 6: Should C6 wormholes have 2 statics?
Topic 7: Should the mass limit on C5 and C6 WH be increased to allow two individual caps to jump out and then back in.
Topic 8: should we all just move to null and keep our wormholes as holiday homes?

  1. People who own c6s already own c6s. Supers won’t change a thing. But it’ll at least give people to seek content in null with better odds.

  2. You know you can make wormholes which can take many capitals, yet won’t allow supers right?

I plan to run for CSM this year, and specifically look to address some of the issues that will be discussed in this town hall.
I am actually really bummed though as I will not be able to make this WH town hall time and really want to be there to talk to everyone. I’ll see if Noobman and I can discuss a few things before hand.

As far as structures go, we have a lot of complaints still regarding structure spam, fuel for everything except the structure itself (no structure decay) and CCP’s current route of “we got a structure for that” being their solution for everything the removal of POS’s took away. Why can’t it be “we got a module for that” or “we have a rig for that” or even “we have an anchorable for that”. Why is it always another structure?

My personal thoughts after a this last year living in C4’s.

  1. The Data and Relic sites that were buggy 2-3 years ago are still buggy now. Sometimes additional waves just won’t spawn, regardless of failed or successful hack attempts, occasionally you get double spawns after downtime.

  2. The statics die a bit too frequently, making chains in C4 space mostly EOL, which tends to kill the idea of roaming a long chain for content, at the same time there are so many unused C4 systems that rolling for content is not a very fruitful enterprise either, unless the C4 residents are rolling a C5 or a C2 static instead.

  3. loot. The risk/reward factor for C4 sites makes them super inefficient for ratting, which can dampen the desire for smaller groups that rely on solo or small gang ratting to move to C4 space.

CCP can correct some of these issues by increasing the life span on C4-C4 connections to 24hrs, as well as roaming null > c4 connections, and bringing up the loot drop for C4 sites by ~50mil.

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Who even are you Claevyan?

Why would a C4 resident even run for CSM when C4’s need to be deleted?


no one who lives in c4 space should be allowed to be wh csm

also who?


It doesn’t matter what class of wormhole you live in, anyone can ‘run’ for CSM. Also whether someone gets elected or not it is good to hear the problems and suggestions of those living in all classes of w-space. All classes are important.

CCP have identified themselves that there are imbalanced disparities in earnings from sleeper sites from C1 to C6. They have not said what that is, but I think | can guess that C6 is too high and the rest probably need a buff. Rewards have to be there to warrant the risks or folks just wont take them.

C5 and C6 space have the unique problem of drifter farming, which is obviously the most broken accident in game play CCP have ever introduced to w-space. They have said it is undesirable and have said they plan to fix it… WHEN?

PvE across wormhole space does need looking at. Wormholers farm them a hell of a lot and there is not enough variation. I’m guessing a revamp of all sites will only come when CCP first build some new Dev Tools for development - an EVE-wide challenge.

What desperately also needs fixing are the capital escalations. We simply MUST HAVE worthwhile and challenging capital PvE game play in wormholes again. We want to see FAXes, Carriers and Dreads in high end sites that are necessary to spawn the waves and have to stay on grid to complete them. Bring back the risk… bring back the bigger rewards!

If it was me, I’d trash drifters and put them down to a terribad idea with worse results. Then devote some badly needed dev time to redesigning the sites properly. Instead of using CCP designers just ask for help from the players. It’s free, we know what we want and what will work. CCP in recent years have shown they don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing with regard to PvE in W-Space. I’m not even convinced the devs understand the code… we get bugs cropping up in many releases and they have real trouble fixing them. A good example are the C4 Data/Relics. Why on earth has this not been fixed in 3 years!?! Seriously?

We don’t want supers in w-space. End of. We also want a nerf on capital cap boosters. They are way OP in w-space.

Yeah C6 space is a bit isolated right now. I’d be in favor of 2 statics. It will also give farmers something to think about, who most days don’t see a soul. We might even manage to get other groups than HK and pets living there again. C6 space used to be a lot of fun for PvP groups.

The citadel timer changes coming in and the fueling to maintain first timer is very welcome. Great work by the last CSM on this.

Moon mining in w-space should be for T3 goo, not just boring minerals. Obviously…

These are the key issues to my mind.

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You talk a lot.

One issue I have with PVE at the moment is the lack of any actual scrams in sites so nestors/rattles can rat safely (potentially add a scram to the trigger of every wave in c4-6 sites?).

Also adjust c4 site spawn distances so they are not worse than c3 sites plz.

On the topic of a c4 csm member, most of the c4 groups don’t participate in the high class pvp meta, since this is probably the most popular (in terms of numbers) activity for corps that live in wh space it makes sense that it is unlikely that a low class csm member would be voted on. The low class meta tends to just be normal small gang meta seen elsewhere in eve with a few odd bits thrown in and cloaky hunting.

Remove Drifters entirely. Move the blueloot to Avengers and decrease their EHP accordingly. Potentially increase blueloot drops overall from the Avengers.


That I can understand, and to address any concerns let me say that my alliance is part of the C5 PvP scene, and currently the worst C5 PvP group in existence, as far as I am aware. :wink:
For a time i believe our description was "You have no idea how many bhaalgorns we can welp"
While my corporation may currently live in C4 space I have been in wormholes since 2013 and spent a fair bit of time living out of a C5-C5 magnetar back in the days of Kill It With Fire, for the brief moment that alliance lasted.

CCP should remove all structures from c4 wormholes and make it impossible to anchor a POS

Alternatively just delete C4 space entirely

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c4 space is okay to live in. ibut ratting in c4 is not great experience. so thats what need to be improved.

What a prat