Wormhole Town Hall Saturday Aug 12th 19:00

(NoobMan) #21

Location: Hard Knocks Inc TS http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ts.hardknocksinc.net/?password=CSM <<Click me for instant join link

TS Server : ts.hardknocksinc.net
Password: CSM

Server information. I can’t edit the other post on the old forums. See you tomorrow!

(ISK Lord) #22

T3’s - Let’s face it, T3 Cruisers have been nerfed as far as armor tanking goes. That said, I think it was a good idea to help bring other ship types in balance. What I am more concerned about is that T3s may devalue as a result. This effectively reduces wormhole income. Perhaps we’ll see enough new useful fits for T3s that this wont happen: shield/local tankers/blops etc. This is something to watch closely imho.

Financials - My real concern is that it feels like wormhole space is losing out financially over time. The loss of the old capital escalations was the biggest hit. Avengers should be worth more ISK to help bring this into balance again imho.

I’d like to know what CCP intend to do to make wormholing more profitable compared to k-space. I think we’ve lost out big time. Fozzie seems to have been the biggest decision maker on w-space, and he’s not even a wormholer. This is a worry for me. Although he seems like a great guy, I feel he’s all about nerfing w-space under the guise of new shiny changes. So yeah, how about we get moon mining - we’ve been nerfed so at least give us what nullsec have.

FAX’s - They’re so broken. The introduction of capital cap battery and cap booster mods was not thought through. I’d remove these altogether or reduce their potency. You used to be able to cap out a FAX (then carrier) or Dread in a couple of minutes with a 3 bhaalgorns or 4-5 neut legions. This was a good balance. In a 20 man fleet 3-5 neut boats is reasonable. You now need double that against an Apostle, and you may as well give up against a Ninazu that has cap charges. This means only the largest fleets can get a good fleet comp capable of taking down FAXs. They’re overpowered…

Citadel Timers Suck - Citadels have revolutionized w-space living. I’m just not keen on the timers. Most small groups or farmers set their timers for downtime on a Monday morning. Any PvP group who have real lives (i.e. they have jobs!) can NEVER attack these citadels (unless they are AU/Asian TZ). It effectively means players are losing out on huge chunks of possible content all because of silly timers. The old POS system was better - hit a tower and finish it up to 1 day 17 hours later if fully stronted (decided by defender if they can be bothered to log in). I thought the idea was to build amazing sandcastles and be able to try to knock them down. If my corp are all asleep or at work how the F*K do we hit them? I just don’t get it.

(Yodik) #23

advanced decision of wh moon mining.

  1. place moon belts as scandown sites only to shattered wormholes, or not scandown, but around planets, which explain lore. make them more lukrative then null/low belts. add rats there, maybe even drifters to c5-6.
  2. make c13 and thera moonbelts more lukrative.

this creating fight for resources and make wh “miners” move their lazy asses. NO K-SPACE SOLUTIONS

(Seraph Essael) #24

WH CSM Townhall 12AUG2017 1900 Hours.

CSM: Noobman.

Pastebin of text chat: https://pastebin.com/i0kzf7S6

(Cngaar Aya) #25

Moon mining in wh is, I think, a fantastic idea for promoting more targets and more residents.

That comes with a caveat, though - ore only, not moon goo, and if ice, only rarely.

(Rek Seven) #26

If we are only ever going to be able to obtain ore from wormhole moons, it isn’t anything to get excited about.

I hope that one day the introduce a set of T3 modules that require new moon goo only available in wormholes… but really, when was that last time ccp did any wormhole specific development that wasn’t just editing a few lines of code?!