Larkness – An Independent Candidate for CSM 18

G’day all,

Thanks for visiting my campaign thread, I have tried to keep things as concise as I can whilst still communicating my intent hopefully. Please have a read and I hope you will consider reaching out to me with any questions, thankyou again for your time!

About me

My EVE Online story started in the Summer of 2007, and I haven’t looked back since! I would describe myself as a ‘Industrial PVPer / Jack of All Trades’, the kind of player who enjoys both PVP and Industry. The first 5 years of my gameplay were spent in mostly Sov Null, I was involved in the original Northern Coalition where I officially cut my teeth FCing, and I also participated fighting for the South in the ‘Great Southern War’.

From mid-2012 onward I left Nullsec and joined FW ending up FCing for Galmil for about 4 years, and as of 2016 I have been FCing for the NPSI community, where I am currently a Senior FC for Spectre-Fleet. Over the years have filled roles such as Director and then Corp CEO, and even tried a brief stint as an alliance exec once, however I much prefer just leading fleets. For what it’s worth, I have lived in all Four-Corners of the Galaxy at some point or another!

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

General fleet combat and the balance issues surrounding it, one of the perks of being exposed to FCing weekly NPSI fleets across New Eden, is that it always provides me with perspective on the changing Metas. Whenever CCP releases changes, I am usually the first to notice the in-game reflection of this from the various Nullbloc response force doctrines I have to end up fighting.

What sets me apart from other candidates, is that I am always engaging with people through my exposure to the public fleet communities across both PVP and Mining, which positions me uniquely to have my finger on the proverbial pulse. Simply listening, reading, and noting down what people have to talk about in relation to the current state of their own gameplay, and the challenges they face with each patch. Provides perspectives that I wouldn’t have necessarily considered, which I believe is very important to any CSM candidate.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

My aims as an Independent Candidate are to bring QoL improvements to Eve Online, with the overall aim being to represent pilots, corporations, and alliances who would consider themselves independent as well (i.e., otherwise unaffiliated with major blocs).

I believe the initial part of this QoL for independent groups, needs to be a push to overhaul HS war mechanics, so that corps and alliances can ally together easier, and form in-game ‘sides’ to a war that include a militia style in-game chat for better coordination. The facilitation of remote assistance options when fighting war targets being enabled with a ‘war fleet’ option for both ‘sides’ FCs when are forming a fleet is an essential step in this process.

As far as NPSI content is concerned, my QoL list items include petitioning for more rolling blackout ‘storms’ across random regions in-game and/or the introduction of mobile blackout deployables. To allow for greater hunting opportunities, in order to reduce the ‘Local is Intel’ gameplay style across nullsec and help generate more dynamic and emergent content.

Also merging the ‘Fleet Up!’ fleet adverts, so they appear on both the fleet tab and ‘Fleet Up!’ when players are looking to join a general public fleet, the aim being to allow greater accessibility for newer players to become involved within community PVP options when first starting out.

Hand in hand with PVP, a QoL for expeditionary Mining operations with Mining Barges across areas of Lowsec is sorely needed. I believe one of the main reasons that Isogen got removed from Lowsec was the difficulty for independent Miners to access such materials without constantly being BLOPS’d on, this could easily be applied to Nullsec as well. I want to see the possibility of Mining sites with “acceleration gates” and ship restrictions (and ore limits in kind), to again promote dynamic and emergent content options.

QoL improvements for general fleet things like no longer having fleet invites get rejected whenever you receive one as you jump a gate, and increased limits on the total amount of on-lined bookmark folders. Dare I say even having a ‘Draft’ evemail option, as well as introducing a ‘Spell-Checker’, would be fantastic and help save effort from random disconnections when you are half-way thru writing an Evemail and the connection drops!

The list can go on! And that is why I want to hear from you guys with anything QoL related, which moves us to the final part!

What can players expect from you?

Being an unaffiliated candidate and a leader within the NPSI community, I would consider myself a wildcard entry to the race, where I differ from other candidates is that I am accountable only to the voters! I have no Corp or Alliance influence or lobby from any major blocs, both my active accounts are in NPC corps (and have been for some time).

My promise to anyone who votes for me is, I will fight for QoL improvements that will benefit usability and access for fleet PVP, and to enhance opportunities for dynamic and emerging gameplay across all areas.

Once again thankyou for your time in reading this! Fly dangerously!


I will Vote Larkness for CSM


a non-big block member who, due to many years of experience with the Spectre Fleet, is ideally suited to represent the NPSI character of the game in the best possible way!

Take my Vote!


If i know Larko - he will make EVE great again, as a CSM member who has always had Community and making good friends he know what makes EVE work for everyone of us players


Running for CSM finally eh? yeah boy


Flown with Lark for ages now in NPSI fleets, very well rounded dude when it comes to his experiences and i’m interested to see what he could do with the position.


Having been around the block and now independent myself, I feel Lark makes some great points. I could easily see these changes greatly shaking up and enhancing stagnant or “broken” mechanics for more interesting gameplay.

FC of my :heart:. You’ve got my vote!

(Also, the spell checker is sorely needed. I counted at least 1 error in your post, daddy. :wink:)

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There is only one choice for me this CSM and that is Larkness.

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Psst, you will be allowed 10 choices.



True, but I only need 1.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one Larkness. Your fleets have always been fun, you have my vote for sure!

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Larkness. for CSM great FC fun fleets

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If you vote for Larkness he will personally deliver you a kangaroo :kangaroo::australia:

If you vote for Larkness he will personally deliver you a kangaroo

I can neither confirm nor deny this was an election promise! :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:


If it’s an inflatable kangaroo I’ll vote for ya.

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you have my Vote mate

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Great FC. Great Guy with good ideas want to see on CSM

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Larkness is a wonderful FC, generous hearted, and all round good bloke. He’ll be a fine asset to the CSM.

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Are you in the official Eve Online’s Discord Server? Can’t seem to find your character there or maybe your discord handle is different than this character.

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Are you in the official Eve Online’s Discord Server? Can’t seem to find your character there or maybe your discord handle is different than this character.

All fixed! I previously wasn’t on the official discord, but I am now! Thanks for the tip!