Yondu Quill - CSM 18 - for Industry/Isk making-losing platform/galactic events

The Brave (yet again) 7o folks.

I am Industry and finance scoped CSM sun-praising candidate, passionate about things that can or could be built so you all can destroy them, from atrons to keepstars.

This is probably you know me by on Brave slack, yes dear spais, you too.

My EVE journey started in 2017 in the Amarr highsec mining veldspar, then buying a maller that was blown to pieces few hours after.

Shortly after I joined Brave Collective and immersed myself into industry and iskmaking activities as newbro and few month later ended up building titans in our small capital indy corp.

„This is Eve“ moment for me was solo build of 3 keepstars, one of which was the first enemy keepstar to succesfuly online in Delve, the WWBee2 YZ9-F6 Bubblestar (sorry Imperium :grinning:)

Chain of following events has become legendary…adds the LP scratch noise…and here we are today. Ooops :smiley:

Based on above, during my CSM time i would love to work with topics of new small and huge things to build. I believe that EVE has great potential only if new things are constantly added or tweeked, rather than removed and nerfed.

This also brings the isk-making and isk-losing areas where i would love to see huge galaxy wide projects such as megastructures and new dawn of Iapetans, having in mind the eager newbros, the rich bittervets and the core between. Angel caps and Palatine keep when? Oh baby, here comes the ride.

In meat life:

  • am 34, gay dude (which should not matter if we are not dating), currently living in Czechia (yes, the cheep good beer country), originaly from Slovakia
  • am working in accounting for more than a decade and newly in data analytics to make reports look good, university studied into micro and macroeconomics
  • INTJ by personality, which makes me good at memes, or is there more to life?

Back to EVE then. Why am I applying in not TLDR version.

I would want to say i am bored in life and have too much free time, which may be the case, however if you play a game for this many (for me) years constantly, there is a hint somewhere in your mind, “could this be made better” or “what if i could help to improve it” and then there is beer to calm that voice down.

The first rather than last i had such moment, while i saw, that the game has turned into the making new content rather than having nerfs for 2 years. In simple words i love to see new, to create new. This is only thing that can move a game old as EVE forward. The only way how to approach new players is giving them new content. The only way how to approach old players is giving them their content, not remove it, build on top of it. (spod krab screeching intensifies)

How does this translate into my campaing rather than vague words? Where would i want to see EVE in a year?

I would definitely want to work on open topics such as Angel caps, why there isn´t a Palantine yet, or where is the Titan, Super and Carrier remodels. Where is the Atron remodel too tho :smiley: and why is there placeholder for Venerable carrier if there isn´t one.

Apart from existing what is the real purpose? Imagine EVE where there would be megastructures. XXL citadels built around planets, player owned, the modded Stellaris similarity? We can improve for sure. Imagine you could build these, wage war on these, colide entire supercoalitions to prevent them build Iapetans, or profit from building one or two?

Think of posibilities of a Wormhole space where you would not only F1 monkey salvaging blue loot, but actualy had to own WH space to make or break some aliance, and then if unthinkable happens a new NPC threat comes in, but realisticaly and dynamicaly affect the Eden.

How would you industrialy prepare for this how would you even think of surviving, Would you dig a trench or make your stand. Would a megastructure help you in such doing? What would happen if you lost it. Could a keepstar be used to lose sov of adjacent systems?

If i calm down now, would there be an option for highsec NPC bank and investment stock exchange, would it be option to rob it and face full force of Concord to hunt you down?

Among existing these are sort of radical questions i would love to bring to the table.

What can you expect if i am voted in?

I would love to say many things, but i am new on this field of CSM, being realistic (if i even get voted). While Brave had great candidates that were first voted in past such as Dunk Dinkle or Jinx, i would say you can expect me to pick up on content things that can or could be made real. I really want to delve into huge galactic projects / threats topic and megastructures, to make NPC space dynamic threat than a potato farmland. This is how you can remove or give isk to the pixel universe.

While i do not want this my only poor aim and miss, having built most of things i see things to improve in Planetary interactions, Hauling, industrial cynoing, having the dictor bubbles capped such as booshers :D, adding t3 superfreighters, finding space for t2 carriers and faxes, mentioned t2 titans (Iapetans?), Angel caps, ORE titan, finding generaly more use for Wh and Trig space than farming loot, market PVP, botting problems, aliance passive income, banking and investing, or pure simple good old Rorq krabbing, finding out why could there not be more dessie classes in current big 4, why do all the models look the same, whether it is t1, t2 or faction, or why could an atron not have bigger b-tron brother, can you mine Suns, can we have planetary bases and landable planets :smiley:

If you have questions, lets get in touch in EVE and lets build something nice

Yours Yondu QUILL (the Brave one)

discord yonduquill


You shall have my sword! :heart:


It was “word” havana, “word” :smiley:


I can attest that Yondu is an overall good dude, and a very knowledgable Industrialist.
His sun praising is unmatched as well.
And I would say this even if he wasn’t a fellow Corp mate of mine.



Yondu is smart and funny! definitely csm material
☼ Praise Sun ☼


Thank you Kronos and Alha


Yondu is my guy for building big stuff when I need it, and I have staged out of at least 2 of his keepstars.

This man knows his way around the industrial side of the game, and I look forward to seeing his contributions to the CSM!


Build better EVE, please


I’d like the fat bastards to get off their laurels and actually play. What will you do to curtail the passive isk making in poch-- and what to do about the skill extraction problem?


my campaign is more about adding stuff than nerfing. That said i think Poch is good environment for people who don´t want scanning WHs, it is decent alternative, where if you are making isk, the game is taking it away - irreplacable structures, not that easy space to move in (higher risk of loss)

Since most of Eve is risk=reward based, im more pro for introducing new way for poch play, such as more mining in poch. The Krab gameplay where e.g. a dad of 3 after work wants to launch a game to chill on a rock or haven, is a valid gameplay that should be supported.

2 years we had pandemic where we were supposed to sit at home and this was also blackout period for mining.

Skill extraction or any transaction that has item which brings real money to CCP is probably not in CSM reach. It is their cash flow and their shareholders need it.


What sort of bribe will work on you to be a proponent of complete skill removal from the game? Asking for purely academic purposes! :joy:

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We are sort of to help CCP make some money by increasing player count by reducing some stuff people cry about and introducing new stuff that would appeal to new players.

Now the RL money items such a plexes, skill injectors etc these bring cash flow to the developer and would be killing it if they removed the product.

At the end of the day developer has to be in green and shareholder has to get happy in public traded company.


/I would like to mention that I Like your style!


Best of luck with your run for CSM!

What sets you aside from other candidates with whom your platform overlaps. Candidates like Angry Mustache and The Oz?


Thank you Ice, which part do you like :smiley:

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Thank you Dutch.
It is quite tough to do, because it should not be too much on what diferenciates us, but what makes us all to present relevant topics to the game devs, but if so Oz is market and trading expert and Angry is the absolute heavyweight who definitely will be CSM

I am probably too unknown to anyone apart from Brave Collective as industrialists tend to be :smiley: I have done some stuff in the past that did some very serious event turns in apart from above mentioned YZ9 keepstar i did have hands in why we now have Citadel skins (as proxy to Jinx) and i did ping a lot to have t2 caps other than JFs.

As i am new to CSM grounds and not in leadership of the aliance i probably may be missing the large picture of the heavyweights but i know my stuff on industry and industrial activities from mining through hauling to building biggest items. I bet Angry knows that too without doubt. That is why i want to focus on new exciting things to bring to EVE from competitor games, to bring new people and to keep the Dad who wants to multibox Rorqs relevant again.

i know my odds are low, but being in Brave, we are sort of used to having low odds and making it at the end of the day :smiley:


Perhaps to add on Citadel skins i would want citadels to have more defense role ingame, such as adding turrets, rails, lazers apart from missiles that cannot kill a dessie.


How do you think the Eve Online playerbase will develop in the near future?


Yondu is a cracking guy and will certainly add to the next CSM.


Yondu has been in Brave for a long time - and he’s been a part of our industrial backbone for about the same amount of time. Yondu’s understanding in industry would be valuable to the CSM and I’m sure he’d represent EVE well - and I’m happy to endorse him for CSM.