Kenneth Feld for CSM16

Running for my second term - this term will focus heavily on industry and ecosystem. I am THE candidate to ensure this goes smoothly. The balance is making sure the changes benefit new players and welcome them into the industrialist lifestyle, while making it more complex and immersive for more seasoned veterans.

The initial changes to industry are just the tip of the iceberg, having a candidate that can navigate the myriad of things CCP wants to do is critical. I spent roughly 300 hours working on the first changes over a 3 month period, briefing both CSM15 and coming up with suggestions to help CSM15 shape the changes to better suit eve and the current scarcity environment.
Scarcity will soon turn into redistribution of ore and minerals to compliment the ESS and DBS - I am already working to make this new player friendly as well as veterans. Please help me make eve a better place for all pilots.


The man has done great work so far and is the industrial bridge to CCP that we all need. He deserves to be on EVERYONES ballot.



Glad to see you running for CSM 16. Considering your background and the work you’ve done so far, you will be in my ballot as you are the right person for this.


I can’t thank you enough for replying…

You, my friend also do great work in your area of expertise and look forward to working with you again next year.


Hi Kenneth, you had my vote last year, and I’d love to see you at work again in CSM16 to keep CCP “in check” so to speak. Had one question in mind: What is your opinion on high risk but high reward resource generation (not PvP), for example capital ratting but with less tank and more isk/HR? I feel like rorquals, while detrimental to the game, provided that (momentarily) high adrenaline but worthwhile gameplay, and would like to see it back in a more balanced format. Thanks in advance.

Hmmm, I have to be careful as we have already started working on most of your question

I think Rorquals have a place in mining - they were obviously too powerful in their previous life and in order to open up the ore faucets they can’t be used to hoover everything in sight.

Same, more or less goes for super and capital ratting - but the DBS has pretty much solved that issue to a certain extent - you can continue to rat at a much much reduced payout. There needs to be some higher risk things that take time and have a bigger payout - LIke yelling “BINGO” but as long as the isk/hr is in check and the thrill is there have the higher isk payout shouldn’t be a big deal.

Hi kenneth

I like the way you put your self out there on talking in stations, you seem a all rounded nice guy ,the typ i could sit and have a beer with and talk eve and for that reason youll be getting my 3 votes :wink:

btw , im at a loose end in eve if you need a extra pair of hands im in.

Good luck with your second term campaign bud.

Ran last year to help with industry, now that is one of the most important changes we know about. Kenneth asks for another year to bring it home.

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Just end the scarcity, lots of industrial players with more than 3yrs of exp on eve that i met just abandon eve. MORE THAN 10 .-.

hope they’ll come back. after all it’s EVE :100:

Support this man. He has done great work so far and there is a lot more to do!

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Hows the return on 400+ bil BPO investments? How does it feel getting rich at the expense of the rest of the games population?

pretty good

less competition that is good :partying_face:

Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse Kenneth Feld for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).

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