CSM Candid' Index

I’m not expecting any more updates.
Anything beyond the scope of this framework can be posted below or on an individual campaign thread as appropriate.


Mike Azariah*

Shui Jing Jing

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Phantomite CSM 16 CCP Interview - YouTube :slight_smile:

Thank-you good-folk for the assist
… and Phantomite for stealing a march :smile:

More updates to follow when the vids get processed!

I’d love to add a DTM135 column but the mark-up is tangly enough as it is.

which one pushed the uncloak depo? what a waste of time on such a lame problem to help prevent pvp in a pvp sandbox.

Take note of Ashterothi interviews

First of all, thanks for putting this together it looks great.

theres a Fc chat that i participated in over the weeked missing

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Great Work!
What would be great for people is to include an extra field where you put what “topic” the candidate stands for.

Thank you Winzent but I think I’ll demure the responsibility of editorializing entire campaigns down to a tweet string for now. Only WHers go looking for such trouble :wink:

Ashterothi had my loyalty from the start teddyG, Pando’s vid is good, but not enough for me to break faction!

Whoop Whoop! Some other streams I was in:

Ashterothi: https://youtu.be/6_4aAEH9sTs

Vinnegar’s Stream: Twitch

Pando’s Stream: Twitch

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I have at least 3 interviews and 2 talk shows but I suppose you didn’t put that much effort into looking. That’s ok.

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My bias is towards a particular interviewer rather than against any one candidate, but if I find the vids in question I’ll update this reply with them. The extra effort will cost you a link from your campaign thread to here tho’.

Thank you for being another resource for new players wanting to understand the process and who their options are. +10 to Gryffindor.

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They are linked in my campaign thread, if you are going to bother to reference me at all you should probably have taken the 2 seconds to click my official thread.

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I did. Are you asking to be removed from this list?

If you aren’t going to link my listing to any interviews than yes. Would you kindly.

Maybe you failed to comprehend the purpose of the list.
It has been curated to allow newcomers to the election process a quick overview of the participating candidacies, a fast link to the official ten minute interview and a more comprehensive interview performed by Ashterothi.
While I am tempted to grant you your desire it would be a disservice to our newbros to present a truncated list and I want to preserve the set in case you get a chance to talk to Ash’.

While I’m here I would like to acknowledge the voluntary service to the CSM you have performed in the past. Surprising miscommunication aside, we are both simpley volunteers.

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I am running as The Triglavian candidate, I have no desire to talk too or be interviewed by the person who tried to destroy the Triglavian player community. If you are unwilling to remove my name or cite the numerous interviews I have participated in than I guess I can’t really do anything about it. Best of luck with whatever you are trying to prove.

A shame, I’m pretty sure Ash’ would give you every opportunity to say what you need to say just as he has with the other candidates. I certainly would want to see that.
Thank you for your blessing on my goal of impartiality.

Kk good-folk, do the thing: