RObert Downey Iron for CSM 16

Greetings to everyone who entered the election campaign of Robert Downey Iron.
My history in EVE Online does not go back to the early stages of the development of the game, and moreover, I am not a veteran of the game, and did not devote thousands of hours to it. Sometime in 2010, I had to deal with the world of EVE, but that experience did not bring me satisfaction, then it seemed to me that EVE online was too complex game mechanics for me, maybe I was too young, and did not mature enough to the necessary stage of immersion in the world of EVE. As the years passed, the development of the game did not stand still, just as my experience of playing in other MMORPGs did not stand still.In 2019, I again decided to take the risk of launching the EVE client and this time plunged headlong into the project. The fact is that my interest in space and everything connected with it is as great as the infinity of the world of EVE, On YouTube, I keep my blog not only related to the world of EVE, but I also devote my time to acquaint my viewers with space, the universe, technology, and so on, my blog about space can be found at the address that will be located at the end of the post. in Russian. I often study the physics of space, discover new phenomena in the universe thanks to the scientific discoveries of scientists. I think my knowledge will help me convey a number of ideas to the developers of EVE online.I tested myself in everything that could be done in EVE, and realized that in 2010 I underestimated such a unique and exciting project. … Studying the basics of the game, from simple to complex, I began to edit various videos on my YouTube channel, share and share everything that interests me, discovered new knowledge, hobbies, until I realized that I needed to discover something for me, not only for myself, but also for others. Share guides and reviews! And then I set a goal, to assemble a team with which I will build a new branch in the world of EVE. I was looking for people, sponsors, in order to start building a whole alliance that will bring into reality a new mechanism for the operation of alliance systems. Step by step, for almost a year now, we are slowly but surely moving towards our goal, we train new players, teach them how to navigate, master the basics of the game, trade, learn the mechanics of combat, and so on. The most important thing is that I realized that you need to build your story in a team, no matter who you are, how long you have been playing, whether you are rich or poor, because the main resource of our goal is people.

As a pilot I specialize in subtle but rather difficult game modes, I am interested in trade, logistics, economics, management, and management. I try to revitalize and nudge areas of the game where players blindly show less interest.

My main quality is non-standard thinking, I do not try to resort to stereotyped ways of implementing any idea or solving any problem. I like to experiment, and sometimes get new ideas out of it.

I want to join the players’ council only because of the promotion of the implementation of new game systems, the implementation of new ideas in the field of the development of a variety of ships and the game world. As I said earlier, voters can expect me to be willing and persistent to develop new content in the game, and to modernize some of the old.

EVE Channel:
Space Channel:

A candidate who doesnt know the game mechanics is a disgusting choice.


Haters from YouTube came) I appreciate your message, even if it is directed against me)

Its not a hate.
I didn’t offend you in any way. And I didn’t say anything bad about you. I am only arguing that a player who does not know the mechanics of the game is not suitable for the council of players.

And you are clearly not very well versed in the game. Judging by your patch review videos. I would gladly give my vote for you if you knew the game.


candidate who doesnt know the game mechanics is a disgusting choice.

Could not agree anymore. The guy loses 2 motherships and keep doing guides about them.

My main quality is non-standard thinking

Yeah, by fitting 5 ddas. Nyx | Lara St | Killmail | zKillboard
Another one: Nyx | Robert Downey Iron | Killmail | zKillboard
Can find a proof that first nyx belong to him on his own youtube channel.

Letting such a person even pass csm qualifying would be the same thing letting 2 month old horde newbie be in there.

P.S. Stop deleting my comments on youtube, as csm member you suppoused to communicate with a community. Also seeing hater in every criticism might lead you to schizophrenia.


0% info about candidate’s programme
100% trying to promote his YouTube channel.

Ridiculous, that this alt ratting candidate managed to be in a short list for voting.

He knows very little about game mechanics and overall understanding of the game is poor.
I do not see any ingame topic this man can improve.

Do not be fooled by this and do not throw your votes to the trash bin.

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Special thanks to Robert for organizing an interpreter and to the interpreter for putting in all that work <3

Thank you for inviting me, it was an honor for me to communicate with a foreign interviewer.)

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