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“public vote posting” is intended to provide an insight into where individuals are in their selection process.
The following is my lore biased list that is subject to change until it can no longer be.
Feel free to add your own list and honourable mentions.
I’m looking for your reasons for selection more than the priority.

Candidate Reasons
@Mike_Azariah Silent Majority Rep, Community Hero, Continuity
@Kenneth_Feld (PanNull / scaled) Industry, Continuity, TiS comms.
@Dr_Spodumain Database Nerd, TiS availability, *<=PVP
@Jurius_Doctor NPE Pedagogy, Story mnemonics, Networking
@Maldavius Nullsec/Pochven, Active Trig-lore, DevOps
@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci Subtle Faction Mechanics, Lore, Storyline.
@teddy_Gbyc Wormhole, balance, Drift/Sleep-lore, *Brit
@Rixx_Javix Lowsec Rat-life, UI, Visual communication
@Arsia_Elkin Lowsec Faction-warfare, Lore, *Gender.
@Brisc_Rubal Nullsec, Continuity, *Promise kept.

*admittedly questionable motives.

Honourable Mentions
Rich Richman Anti RMT, Skilled Interceptor. TiS
Robert Downey Iron Russian Language Rep, Science advocte
Richer514 QC Dev experiance
Jim Halescott White-hat exploits, Leaf on the wind…
Broodin Nulsec/Highsec NPE

Sad I didn’t make the list :frowning:

No reward for being the guy that got Multiple clones in one cita/station addressed :wink:


It was never really a problem for me, but you are right you should have had an honourable mention for the passion you brough to the media circuit. I especially enjoyed the initial interview with Ashterothi. o7

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Hey great to see that your engaging with the election, and thanks for the honorable mention.

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Love the idea, polling would be amazing to have, though a little unrealistic in terms of reliability. I reckon this is about as good as we can get for voter sentiment.

Brisc mentioned that polling/voter feedback was a missing element in last years campaign.
I recalled that and tried to set an example others could follow.
Looks like you are going to have to organise some polling tools if when you get in Dr S.

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:wink: We shall see.

One of the problems with polls is getting the right audience for it, and fatigue, but even then I think they’re super useful. I’d love to be able to see the impact pre/post interviews etc. of various peoples support levels.

Definitely something that will be looked into by myself and others next year, I know there’s a couple folk around that are also interested in running polls.

Keep up the good work, your candidate index has been a bit of a bible for me lately in deciding on my own ballot <3

vote, vote, vote

kinda hard to do, not working.


This is shameful act of agitation
Is there no Moderators in this forum?

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It is the fault of an unknowable third party and accusation of preferential treatment are to be frowned upon.
Your vote does count! …


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