Broodin for CSM 16

Hello Everyone,

Broodin will be running for CSM 16 to provide a voice of common sense and reason during the crazy times that have been experienced both in game and surrounding real life.

I have lived almost exclusively in Nullsec and Highsec with some side trips into wormholes and lowsec but my passion has been and always will be teaching and helping new players get a footing in this crazy environment. Helping to open and build Karmafleet University has turned into my dream come true. There is nothing like hearing the excitement in a new voice as they get on their first pvp kill or even when their first item ever comes out of build. Nothing can replace the feeling of having a positive impact on the gaming experience of another human being.

The vast majority of my in-game time is spent working with new players who come through KFU. I teach several EvE classes a week along with mentoring most of the new players who pass into our field of conversation. Together we have molded Karmafleet University into more than just a corporation. We are a 1400 character and growing community that welcomes everyone to our classes and activities as a matter of principle. There is no secret who we root for but we teach and help everyone who wants to experience this game at its best.

You can expect a lot from me as your CSM 16 representative… You can count on me to speak for the average player, utilizing common sense and logic to the greatest effect possible. I don’t need a spreadsheet or fancy graphics to know and fight against mechanic changes that will impact the small groups more than the large ones. Another thing you will always see me pushing for would be ways to get new players involved with veterans and groups. I see the difference in retention every day between new players who seek out and engage with groups and those who try to fly solo from day one. Those who find our community find EvE and stay with it.

My gaming life is based on devotion to the community as a whole. As a medically retired Army Veteran I have a great amount of time to devote to the CSM program. I embody Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Online) as I spend a lot of time online trying to make people happier and more successful. Volunteer Service is a core element of my personality and I strive to do my very best for others regardless of the circumstances. Missing meetings or summits is not an option if elected.

The greatest thing about this game is the sandbox concept with players, not Devs, being the dominant driving force behind the game design and gameplay. This basic bit of logic is so overlooked but is so critical to the survival and livelihood of our favorite game that I have to put it here in this thread.

In closing I wish you all a great and safe day, All Hail the Pancake Cat, and never let the good idea fairy outweigh common sense when making big decisions in game or in real life.


welcome to the race, I wish you the best of luck


thank you good Sir, good luck you you as well

The game certainly needs more pancake cat.

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This man will definitely be on my ballot.

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anyone who cares about the new player experience should vote for Broodin.

An interesting and insightful look into Broodin

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Broodin you will be getting my vote. You are a great person. We need more people like your character on the CSM. Thank you for all of your help and for being such a great ambassador to EVE.

Good luck!

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