Hellokittyonline for CSM 16

Hello everyone! My name is Hellokittyonline. I started playing Eve roughly 10 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My primary profession in game is High Sec mission runner baiting, ransoming, and exploding. I’ve subbed 3 accounts with isk doing nothing but PvP for the entirety of my EvE carreer. I do quite a bit of solo multiboxed suicide ganking as well.

I’m not only into HS PvP either. I did FW pvp for many years. I did not join a faction, rather, I was the neutral flying around killing everybody. I’ve done BLOPS and WH backpacking along with hundreds of other niche PvP activities. Currently I am yeeting around nullsec stealing ESS.

My areas of expertise are pretty much everything PvP. I’m considered the ‘fitting guru’ in the baiting community and have created the meta for that activity for most of my EvE life. I’m an expert at meta-gaming and figuring out new and unique strategies to get immersive PvP content.

I am applying to the CSM in the hopes that I can inform CCP on the many underlying issues PvPers are facing. I feel that CCP has shunned their PvP community and it is their biggest mistake. My main focus points will be: Reintroduction of HS PvP systems, Revamping FW, and Fine Tuning ESS so that it actually generates content. Furthermore, If elected, I plan to directly address botting by holding CCP accountable and asking the many questions we’ve all had for years concerning this topic, the main one being “does CCP actually support botting?”.

Players can expect well-thought out suggestions. I am very aware of the many sides of EvE and will strive to keep as many of those sides in mind as possible when making suggestions.

Hope to see you all in game o7
<3 Kitty


I will vote for hellokittyonline, because I like cats.

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