Vote Tikktokk Tokkzikk for CSM 13

Hello space friends!

I am an adrenaline junkie with a love for a good challenge, and no other game is able to match the feeling of flying an alliance tournament ship into combat, winning a war after months of blood, sweat and tears, or having your most valued possessions stolen by a supposed friend.

I don’t think I’m spending enough time and effort on Eve Online, so I’ve decided to run for CSM. I’ll advocate more balance changes, tournament play, increased player interaction and to keep New Eden the harsh universe we know and love wherever CCP’s roadmap takes us.

Most of my time has been spent around Amamake doing solo and small gang PVP, but I frequently branch off to experience everything New Eden has to offer. I’ve got a firm grasp of most activities in New Eden and have mastered quite a few.

You can reach me at, or in-game with a conversation or Eve Mail.

Tikk has proven many times to be an extremely brilliant player, I can confirm he is very knowledgable in different pvp related fields and his ideas on how to balance the game are always well thought. I firmly believe that, if elected, he will make eve a better place for all kind of PVPers.

What are your thoughts on the current state of wardecs?

How do you feel about the loss of using locator agents to hunt, and now with the chat changes, not even being able to send a convo to tell if a target is online? While most of my experience using this has been in Highsec, I’m curious how you feel targeted “hunting” is like in all areas of space.

Thoughts on ganking?


I personally feel that CCP may need some sort of guidance on changes or balance to highsec both PVE and PvP. Is this an area that you feel you can provide input in other than the usual, “get out of highsec”?

Can you clarify if the post and remarks made in this thread are satire or accurate representations of your stance as a CSM hopeful?

I am not a highsec player so I haven’t interacted with wardecs much, but I consider them flawed for two reasons:

  • The cost of wardecs is significantly higher than the cost of shedding a wardec by recreating the corporation.
  • A lot of players don’t care about any of the perks of a corporation and just want a banner and channel for their space MMO guild. Wardecs make it optimal for those players to stay in an NPC corp, which isn’t good for a massive multiplayer online game.

I don’t understand your question about locator agents, as they’re still very much a thing. I’m happy the chat channel “feature” is gone. A roam through drone lands with a constant barrage of convos should make anyone happy with that change. I would however like locator agents or a similar service to show online status as it is crucial for hunting. I’ve spent A LOT of time in nullsec with black ops and I can’t say I’m happy with the current state of hunting.

Ganking is required to keep hauling balanced in highsec and I consider it balanced. The effort required to stay safe is significantly lower than the effort required to gank, as it should be, but both sides can escalate so neither gankers nor gankee can feel completely safe or powerless.

While not a highsec player myself, I consider highsec equally important as the rest of the game and I would like to think I can provide useful feedback. My platform is based on game balance and player interaction. “How would I exploit this”, “how will this scale”, “who will benefit from this”, “will it increase or decrease player interaction in space”, and so on are all questions that apply equally well to highsec as any other space.


So do you consider this a flaw on what wardecs cause or that maybe it’s not quite valuable enough to be in a player corp to compensate for the vulnerability to wars?

I’m very sorry. I meant the watchlist. I can see the argument against them, but I am curious to see your opinion on if the removal of it has resulted in more vicarious use of ships or an extra layer of safety?

I’m happy to read this. This is also the kind of player I am and how I approach the game. Thank you for your reply. +1 from me

The main issue is with the corporations. I think newly created corporations should behave like NPC corporations which would effectively be a chat channel with a custom name and logo. No wardecs, 11% tax into a void, no structures, no corp hangar, etc. If players need the actual corporation features, they can permanently upgrade to a regular corporation with wardecs and all the good stuff. Corporation creation should also be limited to something like one a month and have a cost of at least 50m to discourage wardec shedding.
This would allow casual players to form social groups without being punished for it.

As a hunter, I will say the watchlist was broken. Instant notification when someone logs in or out was just too powerful because the hunted had no breathing room. The camping gameplay it enabled was not fun for anyone involved. Even though I lost some efficiency, my fun went up drastically when I stayed on the move looking for other targets instead of doing logoff traps for hours on end for one player. I do think it should’ve been included in the locator agent result or had its own service, though. Knowing someone’s online status isn’t problematic without the instant and passive notification.

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I completely agree. One thing I personally would love to see (as someone who absolutely loves singling out a person for a kill) is to be able to run a locate and have it return the normal locator results + if he target is online or not. Would eliminate chasing ghosts.

Thanks for the response and explanations.

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Are you going to answer my question Tikktokk?

we hope not.

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Just for clarity, you hope that the candidate for CSM does not answer my question directed at him with regards to his post on reddit?

Yeah, I’m not sure I could have been more clear about that.

I don’t think that is very constructive. This entire sub-forum is specifically designed for CSM candidacy threads. I found it odd and still do that you would not want CSM candidates to answer questions.

At the bare minimum a member of the CSM needs to have basic communication skills. If you have any plans that involve being disruptive here or stalling the process I suggest you stop now.

A user on reddit called Tikktokk has made some posts on /r/eve and I wanted to clarify if that is you or an impersonator trying to defame you.

I was unable to find any official platform for contacting you regarding your CSM candidacy outside of this thread, so I have sent you an eve-mail and made this post asking for clarification.

/u/tikktokk is my Reddit account, yes.

I would put that in your OP.

I have known Tikktokk for roughly 3 years, i can say from first hand experience that he is extremely knowledgeable about the game, Tikk has a wide view of the game in relation to what he would improve if he had the chance, not just certain play styles that he enjoys, which tbh is a good thing.

I would certainly put Tikk in the top three players i have ever flown with competence wise, but on top of that, and more importantly, he is actually a really decent guy once you get to know him.

I honestly believe that Tikk would have something positive to offer the CSM.

Good replies regarding hisec pvp and corporations. Gets my +1

Also lol at Xenuria’s attempted smear campaign.

I want them to answer all of the questions but yours.

Tikktokk obviously has more than basic communication skills you prat… nevermind my plans, stick to what you know.

Let all the free folk of the internet see you for what you are