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Save a spot on your ballot for me. I demonstrated my commitment and values during my previous term much to the disappointment of certain groups~. I want to be re-elected and I am not naive about how unlikely that is without null support. Just because unaffiliated voters grossly outnumber all of null doesn’t mean they all vote or even that they will vote in their best interests. The truth is I may have a very low chance of success but that hasn’t changed since I first started running for CSM. I lost many many times before finally being elected. I kept trying and applying myself.

Being serious and committed to something means that even when your likelihood of success is small you still put in the effort.
I am Xenuria, and I am running for Re-election to the CSM.

Sources and Citations
The Mind Clash Podcast
Talking In Stations Podcast
Discord Xenuria #0752



No worries, the “council of goonswarm” gets you elected.


They aren’t putting me back in unless something drastic and crazy happens that makes them feel the need to change course. I have to rely on my constituents.

What do you offer as a CSM?
Is there a certain part of the game you feel needs to be reworked/tweaked and what are your ideas to fix said area.

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Yeah I think the obvious problem area is citadel mechanics.


Good luck with those 3 votes.

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Historically speaking I have gotten far more than “3 votes” from the non-bloc constituents. Maybe you should do some research before hurling insults.

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You convinced me to vote for you. I’ll try to convince all my alts to vote for you too, but no promises there. They’re a little stubborn at times.

What do you think is the main problem with it? And what do you think could be done to fix it.

Also, whats your stance on FW atm?

FW needs some love, I think the goal is to have NPE dove-tail into FW in a more meaningful way.

downvote for reasons too inappropriate to mention
im sure everyone knows

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How about you tell us, I for one would love to hear what you have to say. However if it’s something Lex Arson would say, it might get you in trouble.

idk who lex arson is

Dosn’t matter. If you have a good reason why you think people should not support me or vote for me; share it. That is what this process is all about. You the voter making your voice heard and allowing for people to give their perspective.

i love xenuria please vote for him

Downvote for reasons too inappropriate to mention
im sure everyone knows

Care to share with the rest of us JC? If you’re gonna say something like that then actually show people.

i already said its too inappropriate to mention so stop trying to make me talk about it
i dont even wanna think about it

"hurrdurr everyone knows why i downvote but im not actually going to tell anyone"
If you’re not going to provide anything to explain your comment then don’t say anything.


why do i have to explain anything
im allowed to tell people i disagree with them and thats what i did
youre just trying to bait me

I figured you were a low effort troll but I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt especially when it comes to CSM stuff. If you have any actual questions or comments I am still open to hearing them.