Xenuria for CSM 15

  • Your EVE Online story.
    The short version is that I got really bored of other mmos and started playing eve online. I became really good at the spy meta and made a name for myself by disbanding HYDRA RELOADED and acquiring a bunch of isk. Eventually I gave null sec a try and quickly realized there was a totally different level to this game that I could only access by stepping outside of it. I trained Social to 5 and made meaningful connections with the community at events, bars, clubs, raves and so on. Eventually I joined The Imperium under a special weapons program and was elected to the CSM. During my term I pushed for many of the things we now have today like UI pointer, CSM reform, term limits, etc. A few years later… I got kinda bored of eve and I stopped playing, now I am back because what else am I going to do? All the nightclubs are closed…

  • Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
    In a game where everyone is a character and self expression is paramount to identity, I have found a way to put Space-Ego aside and build bridges between factions, coalitions and communities. I have been inside almost every sov holding alliance in the past 3 years and I have held membership in all of the major null blocs as they stand today. I’ve seen the same arguments and platforms from 20 different sides and soaked up innumerable perspectives on game changing subject matters.

  • Why are you applying for the CSM?
    I’m good at it, I enjoy it and I haven’t met anybody who was upset or angry with my performance on the CSM last time. I must be doing something right.

  • What can players expect from you?
    Expect rational yet zealous advocacy for critical aspects of community development.

  • CSM Campaign Video
    I’ve got 2 of them. Here & Here
    CCP Dopamine Interviewed me Here

For reference here is a picture of me.


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Talking In Stations Podcast




Discord Xenuria #0752

Endorsements & Testimonials


“I’ll never forget standing in the Harpa lobby, wind and snow and sleet outside, and there’s Xenuria walking in wearing jeans and a tank top” - Manic Velocity

“I have never walked away from a conversation with Xenuria without being both impressed and confused…” - Ashterothi

“I stand with xenuria” - Jeronica

“No. I don’t think you’d be a good CSM.” - Olmeca Gold

Horse Trades & Official Ballot
Your vote has 10 slots and in order to bolster support for non-bloc candidates I am in talks with several other candidates with regards to ballot positions.

The official Xenuria ticket is as follows.

#1 Xenuria



Welcome back, your name is one I remember from way back.

I’m not into Alliance Null Sov but you have my vote.

Good luck to you.

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Xenuria! You’re back! Great!

You definitely have an unusual approach to most things, but you did well on the CSM before. You have my vote. (and an extra one for Vanu)


https://youtu.be/D-uogCdTbGI I made a short campaign video that I think captures the essence of my candidacy. I would encourage other candidates to make similar videos so that we can put a face to the name and a personality to the campaign.


This guy is as strange as everybody says.

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At least he’s got a decent ass


:vulcan_salute: Great! lol I enjoy your quirky humour in your admittedly different but thought-provoking messaging. The shoe thing was a nice touch, lol. Bonus points for using what is imo one of the best iconic EvE songs!


Ok, Xenuria. I’m sure such matters are beneath your stature as a semi-famous former CSM-rep… Nonetheless, I feel compelled to ask:

What is your honest opinion of the sun glare in Eve?

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I don’t usually notice it but I should think something that visually impacts players in that way would have some sort of toggle in the graphical settings menu.


What do you think about this usage of capital systems and, if you feel it needs fixing, how could it be rectified?

I don’t have a clear cut easy answer and even if I did it’s not like CCP would be willing to fundamentally alter the current system just on my say so. Is it problematic and broken? Yeah… but what’s the alternative.

If elected I will keep an open mind on the off chance CCP plans to iterate on this system.


That is an amazing suit what is that even made out of?

But serious question time… When the nightclubs are open again, do you see yourself still devoting a good bit of time to EVE during your term?


I would like to know your opinion about “conflict driver” and what are your ideas

i have a specific question aswell about something who existed before and was removed : Passive moon, what are your position about that, bad/good does active moon are more beneficial than passive and if you would like to see 'em coming back what you think CCP should change about them ?

i strongly believe Active Moon was a total mistake just like Rorqual, when Rorqual encouraged Supercap meta Active Moon encouraged stagnation and “krabbing meta” i’m a bit pissed to see a small minority of people realizing that, some CSM candidate like Phantomite and Blazzingbunny seem to care about conflict driver that’s why i would like to ask every other candidate in order to turn Eve “krab meta” into a “perpetual war” just like it should be


Of course, I got nothing but on my hands.

I’m going to be really reductive and simplified in my answer because I am sure you don’t want a term paper on something that’s just as easilly summarized by smarter people than myself.

War = good
Krabbing = necessary evil, but also content source
Passive income should always have a method that allows for players to disrupt it.
Active moons and Active Resource farming must be assailable proportional to the potential value of the resources. Risk/Reward goes in all directions.

If I can’t stab you on your way back from collecting your passive payout, that’s a problem with the game design. Even with PI you still have to go to the planet to collect the resources.

Soo you don’t have any idea for conflict driver ?

apparently you don’t understand why some people would love to see passive moon coming back and believe it’s just a way to get “free money” sure, no problem, but that don’t respond to my question

“I would like to know your opinion about “conflict driver” and what are your ideas”

Asset Safety nerf / removal
Ressource depletion
etc etc

His campaign video is a minute-and-a-half of him waving his butt at the camera. What did you expect?

Specificity is important and I’m not a subject matter expert on moons or passive income. Like I said there are smarter people than me who can give you a big wall of text on this. Even if I had some “idea” for a “conflict driver” that thing whatever it was would have to work with existing systems, mechanics and metas. You don’t show up to CSM, give a presentation and then pat the development team on the shoulder before they rush off to implement your master stroke.

i’ve seen you around quite a while, you get my vote.

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This is pretty cool.