STYXX for CSM Styxx-Teen (16)

Fellow Space Warriors, Explorers, Miners, and whatever you do in Eve and welcome to the CSM 16 required banter.
My short story if you have a short attention span: I’ve played Eve actively, with no breaks in time played, since June 2003. That’s 18 solid years of continuous Eve experience which no any other candidate can match. Also, my Eve experience hasn’t just been in wormholes, High, Low, or Null sec space as many others running have limited themselves to. In fact, I have always had at least one active character in each of the three security spaces throughout the years and play each almost every day. I have worked from home way before this Covid mess which allows me to play Eve as much or as little as I want. Before Eve Online I played Privateer, then Earth & Beyond till it sadly came to its termination. Seems like my whole life has been involved in spaceships games.

My knowledge base is pretty much the entire Eve game and not limited to just one or two areas like a majority of the other candidates. Even after 18 years in Eve I still mine, build ships and modules, do incursions, mission, pvp, do exploration, and pve in all areas of security space all the time. I am most likely the only person running for CSM that can say that they have done almost everything there is to do in eve at least once and have done it not just for one day, or one month but have done it for years through all the changes put in place by CCP for each portion of the game. And yes before you ask I do PI now since that looks like an isk-making function of the game now with industry changes.

By being so diverse and played so long I feel that is the sort of Eve knowledge and player you want on the CSM to get your point across. And when you post or write me I will actually know what you are talking about rather than say “I havent done that so I dont know what you are talking about” in my response. I have experienced basically every facet of eve mechanics over and over first hand with all its changes. I’m not some Eve big bloc voted in candidate looking out for only his group of people in a certain section of space. These qualities alone obviously set me apart from other candidates. I’ve never looked for fame in the game and I have made many new friends in the game. Getting elected isn’t just some play to make me feel good about myself or some ego trip to justify all the subscription dollars I’ve spent over 18 years. I genuinely just want to share with CCP what you and I feel could help the game the most at this time.

I don’t stream on Twitch, I don’t have marketing team, and I have never been banned from any game. One, of several things you can expect from me though is I want to help new players in game so that they stay and play. I know many people say this but trying to keep new players is obviously important. Some people say CCP should incentivize making additional alts for existing players also would help revenue for the game which obviously would be beneficial to everyone because the game almost requires you to have an alt anyways to function.

One of the many things I do in game to facilitate this is randomly drop cans of free stuff on gates just for my own entertainment and yours because everyone wants free isk and maybe it keeps a player playing for just one more day that you can shoot at that extra day he plays or maybe he joins a corp to continue his career.

So why am I applying for the CSM you ask. Well I’m grown tired of all the same candidates getting in over and over just for fame and glory and to be on the talk show circuit which is why I pushed for term limits starting 2 years ago by writing in every CCP stream which finally came about.

As far as I see previous CSM members haven’t done much in 15 CSM’s to really make the game much better. Some CSM players claim they have changed things but I think many, if not all, just want to take credit for a change that was going to happen regardless.
Previous candidates felt that they could actually push their agenda items forward on the table when as we know CCP already has a plan in place for the future. CCP is mainly looking for ways to improve the ideas they have in development process. I think any person or candidate should help them in that capacity as much as possible so the game idea they have doesn’t end tragically for the community. Also, at same time, I feel we together should ask to add things to their game timeline that we feel should be addressed as soon on the timeline as possible.
As from what you can expect from me. Well I could just copy and paste all the previous things said here on the CSM forums from all the other candidates running because they all say the same thing which is, they will work for you to make the game better and listen to you. Of course, I would do that also but that is just common sense if you’re on the CSM but you don’t have to be on the CSM to make the game better than it is. You can post your game change thoughts and complaints on social media for people and CCP to see or help someone out in chat asking for help running a mission. I’m not here just trying to help new players stay I also want to help all of us enjoy the game more also.

All I can ask from you in the voting process is to perhaps stay away from large bloc voting requirements and be more open to voting for someone good for eve whether he is in a large bloc or not. Don’t risk it for the Brisc-ket is perhaps where you should start.


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