So, You are thinking of Voting in the CSM election

Before I get started? No, I am not running, this time around.

There are several things I would like you to consider . . .

  1. Have you been told how to vote by your alliance, corp, someone who has power over you? In the real world that does not work out well in the end. In the game? Well let us say that the results are mixed. But if you are in a huge alliance and plan on voting just as you are told to do then you can skip the rest of this post, you are dismissed.

  2. Are you a good friend with someone running? Well then by all means give them a vote, even at the top of the list.

  3. Neither of the above hold true? Well then now we get down to the nitty gritty.
    a) Is someone running who actually represents the type of gameplay you like?
    b) Is someone, in their platform, saying things that make a lot of sense to you?
    c) Is there a candidate who represents a playstyle you think needs a louder voice in the game, even if you do not play that way, yourself

if so? then you are starting to form your voting ticket.

  1. Some people will try to convince you not to vote. That it does not matter or that your one vote will not make a difference.
    i) Ask yourself WHY they are working so hard to stop you from voting
    ii) In the CSM election seats have been won and lost by less than a dozen votes

  2. Some will tell you that the CSM ,itself, does not matter. Either using the argument that they have no true power (true) or that it is all run by the Goons anyways (false)
    one) If it has no power, no meaning then what is the harm in letting us have the election? Personally, I think that such arguments are just sour grapes “Why won’t they listen to meeeeee?”
    two) There are very very few votes on the council. We all have a voice and we all get to be heard. Are the Goons well represented? Yes. Is Nullsec the majority of seats in the council? Yup, again. Can you do anything about that? Vote.
    three) No power is true . . . as far as it goes. But we are heard. We talk to teams and the bosses of those teams. CCP devs take hours out of their days to talk to us, to listen. Sometimes they act upon what they hear and other times they bull on, ignoring our warnings. Such is the way things go. But we are heard and we do see a lot of the teams and discuss the past, present, and future of what they are doing.

For me? I will read the campaigns, watch the vids @Ashterothi makes.

and I will think for myself when it comes down to voting. There are some VERY good candidates this year. You are not at a loss for choices.

so choose



Good points.


Great post. Every vote counts.


Thank you for the clear words!

So consider to vote for the small non-allianced candidates that fit your playstyle!

Excellent points made. Do a little searching and find multiple candidates that you want in.

If you don’t vote, you have lost the right to complain about the CSM.

(Full disclosure, I am running this year. )

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