Whalers, Wormholers, FW'ers, Small Gangs, Solo PvP'ers, Hiseccers, Lowseccers, Bombing Run FCs, Explorers, Non-Mega-Empire people. It's time to unite. Vote for CSM. Add each other to your ballots

You all know nullsec has a solid dominance in CSM representation. You all know that it has caused problems in the past. It is up to you today to balance the scales at least for a bit.

These people have their friend networks and personal relations. They have their kinship based bloc voting. They have their discord pings and They have their backroom deals. They have done every bit of minmaxing to get positions. Goons vote for TEST. TEST votes for Goons and Panfam. Panfam votes for TEST. And we are expected to beat that minmaxed bloc voting machine.

Every year an extreme nullsec majority CSM body emerges and we get told “you should have voted”. Every year we get told “it’s a democracy” by people like Brisc Rubal. But it’s not.

In a real democracy, you wouldn’t expect people who don’t even bother to campaign get elected. In a real democracy, you wouldn’t expect the same CSM body that partially caused Eve’s staleness to get revoted. In a real democracy, there wouldn’t be 10% voter turnout. In a real democracy, every person would have 1 vote. In a real democracy, people like The Judge wouldn’t be able to purchase votes. It’s not a democracy. In any country with a situation that resembles CSM elections, the most radical and obscene people would be elected.

It’s not the ideal system. But it’s the system imposed on us. And if we are ever to beat it, we need to do our best. We need to leave our differences aside and unite. And not just as wormholers, FW’ers and so on. To have even a small hope of representation, we need to unite among all underrepresented playstyles. And whoever gets elected should represent all these playstyles.

One of the promises in my CSM bid is doing the above. But there are many such people you could vote for. My own ballot below is based on voting for all underrepresented playstyles. As an independent player, you can do the same. Prioritize your favorite candidates, but vote for independents nevertheless. Definitely don’t waste your 10 slots.

Let’s break the wheel.


  • Olmeca Gold
  • ExookiZ
  • Stitch Kaneland
  • Matthew Dust
  • Gobbins
  • Blazingbunny
  • Insidious Sainthood
  • Jurius Doctor
  • Steve Ronuken
  • Manic Velocity

You are definitely on my list Olmeca! I voted for you. I posted my list in my profile in alphabetical order for people to see who would help FW.

Personally I put you in my top 4, I really enjoyed your documentary and I do believe small gang/fight the power content is being killed

Jurius doctor
Liz Lizardbreath
Olmeca Gold
Steve Ronuken
Stitch Kaneland
Teddy Gbyc
The Judge

Olmeca, wish i had found this post when i was looking to vote.

For the future, the lowsec/outsider candidates need to come together, make a thread like this, and all of you push this to the ppl you know, you talk to.

Voted for you and Stitch Kaneland, wish i had known to add Steve Ronuken too.

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