Seddow for CSM 16

Who Am I?

My name is Seddow, the founder and leader of Dreadbomb. My history starts in TEST where I first joined, and took the steps towards doing more in the game. I joined the FC structure and worked my way up. At the time the Fraternity War was happening. I participated and played a lot during this war. Vily was my teacher and was one of the best in the game, after fcing for 2 years he let me lead the war on Legacy’s behalf. I learned how big block military structure works and how much work and different aspects goes into making wars happen. The war ended and I proceeded to branch out and try other things. I took the alt corp I had in test went in a new direction, towards low-sec with Rekking Crew. While in Rekking Crew I spent time growing my corp and recruiting friends. Eventually some other corps reached out asking about how I had liked my new home and fighting in low-sec, and we in term created Dreadbomb. Since then as an alliance we have focused on fighting as an underdog, punching up, hunting, and attempting to win fights with skill and tactics versus larger numbers. We moved from living out of low-sec to living in both null-sec and low-sec while fighting in both.

Goals for CSM

My goal on the CSM is to make sure that CCP are making changes that the game needs. This may not always be the popular opinion that the public voice through reddit wants, but I want the changes to be the best for the game. Changes that are good for the game encourage conflict, and give rewards to players who put time and effort into the game. Whether that be planning fights, strategizing, industry, hunting, PVE, or roaming/small gang. I want to be the voice of the people I represent and not just my own personal opinion. I want to hear from other people who have more experience than me as well as people who play this game daily on how to improve the game. I understand the CSM only offers advice on what CCP shares with them, however these are a couple things that I think need to be addressed and things I would encourage CCP to look at:

Creating different forms on conflicts:

  • Keeping rorquals as targets. I believe that rorquals have too much survivability but they are still great content generators at a fleet level. There are people that also hunt them in small groups with supers and all it would be is removing targets. I believe there is a balance to be made.
  • Citadels are far too tedious as a content source and require an immense amount of effort if you are the attacker. As a defender you just have to wait for an enemy to hit your structure, however the amount of effort to attack it most of the time is not worth it (of course there are niche scenarios).
  • There needs to be a source of fleet combat that is rewarding. Bashing citadels through three timers with a damage cap makes it very easy to burnout or not enjoy. Cores have helped with this issue but there is still more that can be done. Structure weapons like the pds and bomb launcher are extremely oppressive and overpowered which discourage fights. Timers have ups and downs, and I think for large structures they are good but having three timers on smaller structures causes too much grinding. When ccp removed passive moon mining it removed something that encouraged content that kept people playing and paying attention, and rewarded players for doing it successfully (and they only had one timer and lots of gameplay around it).
  • Creating some smaller alliance level income sources that cannot be scaled by bigger groups but reward players in smaller groups to login and work together. This is a topic and idea that I do not have a direct answer to, but something that in my opinion needs to be looked at to find a middle ground.
  • Fine tune the industrial changes. I think the initial idea of the new industrial changes was a good one, however the numbers need to be adjusted in certain areas.
  • Lowsec. Faction Warfare needs a whole rework. Maybe making owners of the system the only ones able to anchor a structure. I do not know a lot about FW, but I have a lot of friends who live in/around it and I believe their opinions should be heard to revitalize it. There needs to be more income methods through low security, people need to live there for conflicts to happen.
  • T3C’s deserve some attention, especially the proteus.
  • Jackdaws are too strong as a fleet ship and have no contenders on a destroyer level
  • PI needs a rework on UI with less clicks required. PI is now more integrated in industry so a rework on the UI would be beneficial. Overall, the method and production of PI feels very clunky and could be touched up.
  • Add the ability to compress gas in some way. With gas being integrated more into industry, this would be helpful in the long term. Compressing moon goo would be nice but I imagine it would be too overpowered.
  • Industry index needs to be looked at, specifically reaction index. With the indy changes, the reaction index scales up way too fast with the amount of reactions needed to produce ships now.
  • Keepstar DD not being as overpowered. Maybe only apply to capitals.
  • ACLs for hangers

At the end of the day I want to be the voice of the people I represent. I may not have all the ideas or all the answers but by listening to players who have more expertise than I do, I believe I can serve the community as a whole in a positive way and make EVE Online better for all.


compressing gas would be nice

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You got my vote

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Compressed gas and Reaction index rework? Take my vote good sir.


You have my vote, dad! I love you! Please come back from the gas station!

Best of luck Commander. +1 vote here too.

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