Hy wanto for CSM 17

Who Am I?
I am the leader of Snuffed Out, a well established alliance with a rich history of PvP.

I have played this game for way too long and have fced for over 8 years in small scale , mid scale and large scale engagements. This has allowed me to get a good grasp of the game and have more game knowledge than most players which I would like to use to help direct the game.

Although Snuffed Out is well known as a lowsec alliance, we have a large amount of experience in null sec engagements and I believe many of the issues that impact lowsec are echoed throughout the nullsec theatre.

What are my goals for the CSM?

My main goal is to facilitate CCP in continuing their citadel rebalance work and steering them towards facilitating content creation. I had some success with my “hey ccp we dont like citadel gameplay” post " https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/onfpmu/hey_ccp_we_dont_like_citadel_gameplay/" in catching the ear of CCP and helping to understand the core issues faced by FCs and fleet members when engaging in citadel orientated gameplay. This subsequently helped result in some citadel nerfs however, I believe these changes are still not enough to really encourage more PvP and encourage people to undock and spend their hard earned ISK in some PvP. One of the main issues I believe that is still outstanding is that citadels still do not have enough pull to be a solid content creator in that the benefit for most entities in killing citadels is very low given their low cost, spammability and there is no long term benefit to killing citadels unless you burn a region to live. In the same manner as I illustrated my points in my citadel reddit post I would like to encourage ccp to develop more content creating mechanisms and changes by highlighting the joint opinions of many of the FCs in the game. I know people will think that because I am in snuff I will only want changes that will benefit the top end of the game and my specific niche and playstyle however, I want to talk to and pass on an unbiased opinion from a variety of FCs and people from different playstyles and differesnt sized alliances even if those opinions resulted in the death of my alliances playstyle but also resulted in more content generation, more people logging in and more things happening in the game.

FW also really needs some love and ill put my hands up and say im not the most experienced person with FW as it has been years since I played in FW. However, I believe I have enough contacts to help ccp get the opinions of people who have played in FW and have the ideas to further what CCP has touched on at fanfest.

I am also pretty unbiased in terms of larger blocs and so will be able to provide an unbiased perspective to the CSM which has always largely consisted of multiple members of each bloc and hopefully if we get people like pando onto the CSM we can get some great changes through and get more people to come back to eve and login and have some fun!


One of the most knowledgable guys i know, especially when it comes to lowsec stuff. A friend of mine too and it would be awesome to work on the CSM together with him!

Sent an Eve Mail requesting a CSM 17 interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Booking for this weekend. Let us know if you’re available.


Hey … I was flying with this guy as the part of Snuffed Out / Pen Is Out coexistence for many years. True leader and excelent FC. Hope he will make it to CSM !!!

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