Redline XIII for CSM17

Hello, my name is Redline XIII, and welcome to my CSM 17 campaign thread. This year, I’m finally running on the basis of content provision. Everything that I’m about is and has always been about bringing the people of New Eden more to do and more ways to do it. I’m applying for the CSM in order to get the opportunity to help CCP as they guide EVE through the most turbulent waters I’ve ever seen. We have to get this right or we won’t get a second chance.

My EVE Online story started in 2018 when I joined the game after watching hours and hours of time dilation on Avaren Diaz’s stream. It was one of the big Keepstar battles. When I saw it, I thought to myself “I want to do that!” (Spoiler: I did.) When I began playing, I asked about how I could be a part of commanding fleets in these fights and I was told to ping some Cormorants. So that’s exactly what I did.

Over the course of the next 1-2 years, I went from brand new player to up-and-coming skirmish FC, to one of the Imperium’s primary FCs for AUTZ. After a while, my desire to command faded as more and more groups responded to my fleets with super capitals. I eventually separated from the Imperium, wanting to go out and do my own thing, but ended up joining Northern Coalition in the Original Sinners corporation. I’ve been with Original Sinners ever since (now in Pandemic Legion).

Now, I run the New Eden Post and host a weekly streamed podcast called CrossTalk (formerly Trash Talk Tuesday) where I have the chance to connect with capsuleers from all across the galaxy. New Eden Post has been a source of EVE news and entertainment for the last 2 years.

I have opted to put my entire platform for this year’s campaign on my website. I’ll sum it up in a few simple words: I want more things to do in EVE Online that involve spaceships exploding.

  • Faction Warfare - Updates are coming to this system and I want to help CCP make changes that matter and will actually bring people into the space to fight (without being forced).
  • Group Income - Corporations and alliances need more ways to make money from their members. They place the infrastructure, they manage it, and they deserve to get a piece of every pie, even if it’s small.
  • Citadels - Even with the most recent changes to Citadels, these structures are still not the driver they could be. I want to help CCP bring changes to Citadels that continue to make them more engageable and less oppressive.
  • Sovereignty - Aegis sov has been used and abused for years and will continue until something changes with it. It’s clear where the design intention was, but the players aren’t engaging with it as it was designed. It’s time to bring it more in line with how players actually play EVE Online.
  • Monetization - This is a big one. I’ve already stood opposite of CCP on their monetization practices, most notably the Retriever pack they tried to sell in conjunction with their mining event. The CSM penned a letter, I took to Twitch, saturating the entire EVE Online channel with a message that you did not need to swipe a credit card to get spaceships in EVE Online. After only a few days, the pack was removed. Now, with the introduction of Interbus Credits coming soon, we need to make sure the player base is not over-monetized (a la mobile gacha game) and that new players are not targeted in a predatory fashion.
  • Skill Training - Changes are already coming to skill training. With the potential removal of attributes and the skill queue entirely, we have an opportunity to shake up the system entirely. Work needs to be done on the clarity of the skill tree, what the skills do, and how long they take to obtain.

What makes me qualified to be one of only 10 people that get to have a direct line to CCP when it comes to changes like this? That’s simple. I’m willing to do the work and I want to see that work succeed. I love EVE. I love EVE’s community. And I am truly invested in helping CCP usher in that 3rd decade and making it the best decade that EVE ever has.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours leading fleets and have interacted with thousands of capsuleers in the game whether through leading their fleets or fighting their fleet commanders. I understand what kind of things create content and what kind of things hinder it. Plus, being as connected to the player base as I am and hosting an open platform every week gives me the opportunity to talk to members of the community regularly to get insight on where we go next.

So why should you vote for me? Well, that’s an interesting question. There are a lot of people running this year that recognize the need for more content drivers. They want to bring about these changes too. And, honestly, if you think they can do a better job, vote for them. If you want someone who’s accessible, has the drive and the time to dedicate to the cause, and will fight for you every chance he gets, you’ll get that out of me. Promise.

I look forward to getting the opportunity to serve on your behalf and am happy to answer any questions anyone has. There is also a question and answer section on the site linked above.


Besides the blatant lie about leading fleets :stuck_out_tongue: (jks)
Got my vote brother!
This here mans is good peoples

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I’m noticing a lack of “buff anchoring keepstars” here.


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If elected would you encourage CCP to finish Pochven?

He doesn’t play the game

I will not encourage CCP to finish Pochven. If asked, I would encourage them to use Pochven for more than just ISK printing and small-scale fights. But I don’t think any part of this game should ever be considered “finished”. That’s when things start to stagnate. But right now there are, in fact, bigger fish to fry

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Dont waste your time voting for this guy…

Doesnt play eve and really doesnt know anything about eve besides what others tell em what to think… Listening to his show you can tell hes f*ckin clueless…

Make your vote count. Cheers!

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Thank you Redline XIII for putting so much effort into the community and hosting Crosstalk! I believe your passion for the game would make you a great member of the CSM.

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