Sid for CSM - A vote for the pod people!

@Insidious_Sainthood here, running for CSM XIV!

EDIT: After careful review of (my grammar and) many of the other candidate’s better written and thought out posts, I have come to realize (again) how much I hate typing and how it can hamper my communication. That means edits.

Things I would like to see change specifically in low sec and solo/small gang pvp:

  • Newbro retention @CCP_Hellmar recently made a comment that “Every week we have about 10,000 people that log into EVE Online for the first time”. Where are these newbros? What is the retention rate? Who is helping them? And why is the NPE still having the same issues (disjointed, difficult, confusing)?

  • BC/BS/Marauders: Where are they and the heavy metal brawls of 2010-2012 gone? Can we bring them back? Can we make these platforms viable in the evolving, but frigate/destroyer dominated meta?

  • Supers in low-sec: by far the most common complaint since I posted my CSM intentions. Not being a capital-ship kind of guy. I am hesitant to offer a fix without digging through some numbers with the CSM/CCP. But I have been dropped on in low sec by caps and supers, while solo in a frigate and after the number of posts believe they may be oppressing low sec.

  • Faction Warfare: Bots! Why so many bots? Can we remove them? Farm KMs from them? Balance passes on plexes, LP and BPCs

  • QOL changes: Local, overheating, multiboxing, multiclicking, OS X client, module placement, undock glitches, and a huge laundry list.

Obligatory back story: Started in May of 2007. Never looked back, never stopped. Wife told me to quit. Nope, sold my main for 90 days, went through vitoc withdrawls and started another account. Economic downturn requiring unsub? Nope. Really just waiting for the singularity so I can safe log mind in New Eden.

I started as a mission runner, living out of Abagawa. Joined the few corps who ganked me and offered to teach me more. Eventually, I was ganked in Akora in a mission raven omw to get a skillbook (I know, I know). That lead me to SMASH-ROADKILL and living in Geminate.

Null-Blocing was okay but I was a slightly more at-risk mission runner i.e. belt ratter, and part time F1 monkey. Learned about life in null and all the differences. A good growth period. Shortly, SMASH was dissolved, and I found myself in Syndicate/Placid. Around the same time, I was linked a PvP video that “changed my life.”

Between Endless Subversion and Violatohr, my Eve career and play-style were saved. I was burned out on the grind/ganked routine when my eyes were opened to solo and small gang pvp. I remember thinking, “There is no way 1 cyclone can take on 3 BC,” and being amazed at this ability and playstyle.

I quickly changed my whole game and luckily found a good group to PvP with (later we would form BDEAL – The Important Internet Spaceship League and has a glorious time taking Provi with U’K before flaming out because small gang pilots do not necessarily make good null bloc directors :stuck_out_tongue: ). Some fond memories and excellent stories (like refusing people from fleet because we thought 5 pilots would scare off the engagements).

I quickly went from, basically, unranked on Battle Clinic to the top 1000 (936 if I remember right).

Alas, my fake life required me to put away my real life and my clones remained dormant, and eventual lost to the annuls of history.

But I was reborn and now have the means and time to enjoy, and help others enjoy, the gleaming celestial gem that is New Eden! I currently fly solo and with RvB, of RvB fame. And I have dragged my teenage son along to share in the spoils.


I want a better FW, a better low sec, more balance and more fun. I personally lean toward solo and small PvP but have dove into PvE content and try to avoid bittervet tunnel vision. I remember Apocrypha and the WHs they brought, I delved Into the Abyss, and found wonderous new artifacts. I have flown in 3 ATs and want it back. I want newbros to feel welcome at the tables of the old guard and adventure into low and null and feel they have gained (well, maybe not Black Rise). I want to delete Tama from the game!!! (J/K get a lot of good content, just a poke at local). Most importantly, I want to renew everyone’s hope and joy in Eve and the CSM.

And finally, I have a small OCD when it comes to my inbox and therefore, I vow to read EVERY. SINGLE. EMAIL from the citizens of New Eden and weigh your thoughts, ideas, dreams and hopes against this wonderful tapestry we call home.


reserved for responding to space trolls. :stuck_out_tongue:

And as it has been pointed out, also for respond to the concerns and caring posts of the wonderful citizen of New Eden.

am I a troll?

Seriously though, this guy is bad at doctrine fleets and things with more than 10 people,

But that is because he is a baller for DPS and small gang and solo flight. If you are considering FW, PvP, Solo and gang style representation, do not ignore Insidious. He’s been around the block in other aspects of EvE, but the depth of his PvP experience is massive.

Well…wouldn’t want to disappoint you…GBTW turboscrub :slight_smile:

Troll-free post. Wish I could argue that my skills fall apart at 10+ but I started laughing as I read the rest. Appreciate the support.

Thank you for your trolling. I feel it is an integral part of Eve, if only so we can compare to Reddit when it comes to complaining about ####posting.

And, I actually do need to GBTW.

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No offense mate, but this reads like she ditched you. That’s okay, I guess, depending on her actually being an asshole or you being a video-game-addict. It also reads rather bad, because your real life is your fake life and the fake, virtual life, is your real life now. That’s so ■■■■■■ up in so many ways, it’s a mental health hazard in the long run.

If this is a marketing gimmick then please please stop doing this.

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Marketing gimmick.

Eve is the only game I play with any regularity. Hence, the long running joke about it being my real life. Kind of like the bumper stickers “My other car is a Millennium Falcon” etc.

For clarity, my wife and I are still happily married, with 3 children. My only boy, 15, plays Eve with me and went to Eve Vegas with me last year, and is going again this year. My wife came to Vegas last year and is coming again this year (no, she isn’t attending. Just freeloading on my birthday trip to Vegas :smile:)

My wife is fully supportive of my Eve career, and being an English major, and stronger with the written word then me, she has graciously started looking over some of my posts, and agrees that my writing needs a proof reader (absolute #### were her words).

And no offense taken. If a pilot running for public office can’t take a little direction/correction/criticism said pilot doesn’t deserve the office.


cough oh, did I bump that?

Do you already have plans how to stop the overusage of Caps in low?
Like with a change to the Ships or to the Spacemechanics?

Funny you should ask. My son and I were talking about this issue last night.

I don’t have any concrete plans but I made an observation that ships in eve only have local bonuses (except command burst which only give each ship a local bonus) and there are no D&D ranger-style racial bonuses i.e. the drake gets 5% kinetic vs EVERY ship but no ship gets 5% vs capitals or command ships etc.

I have been playing with the idea (like 5 mins worth since yesterday) that maybe give caps a bonus vs citadels and caps but maybe BS level damage when fighting a sub cap. I don’t want to ban caps, they have a place and I know ppl spend a lot of time/isk investing, and if someone drops 50 anythings on your solo BS you should probably die, but a single dread in low shouldn’t be a solopwnmobile.

Also, I am very much open to any suggestions, even bad ones, because it gives me more ideas to mix and match in my head and may lead to an “ah ha” moment.

Thanks for asking.

A while ago, CCP announced a plan to restrict warp core stabs from ships taking FW complex gates. Of course, there were some problems with that plan like mobile depots. In the end, the plan was abandoned but the problem of stabbed AFK plexers remains. Do you have any ideas for fixing this issue and/or others with the FW system?

Given you are a member of that storied forever war, would you like to share a few thoughts on how you view the recent wardec changes and their likely effect on the game?

As RvB has recently joined FW as part of a system redeploy and I use FW system/PLEXes to hunt, I can say that with few exceptions, WCS are not really an issue for PvP, minus the random warping venture.

What is an issue is the botting and farming of LP, which in turn drives down prices, etc etc. This has a deleterious effect on actual players in FW trying to fund their play styles.

It is hard to recommend a single “silver bullet” solution the doesn’t mangle the economy or harm EULA abiding citizens.

CCP appears to be diligent in wield the ban hammer after carefully ( mostly :stuck_out_tongue:) reviewing logs and doing some data mining.

I, personally, have been wondering about a warp scram mechanic similar to citadels. Ships get tackled for the first 30/60 secs of landing in a PLEX. This, however, may push more people towards kitey mechanics, which I see as “not ideal” (brawler at heart).

I would love to hear any suggestions that you may have to balance out the isk flow of FW and make more content for everyone.

As most of you might have already figured out, this guy would at worst be a harmful addition to CSM or at best, waste of space. I have plenty of insight in this character you have before you and theres an abundance of trying to project insight when there is (I want to say none but that wouldnt be true) almost none.

What are your views about emergent gameplay broadly and high sec ganking specifically? If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

First off, as a game consumer, I like change. Otherwise we wouldn’t buy new games.
As a middle-aged human, I have some resistance to change, I love of nostalgia, etc.

I am always happy when CCP tries new things. This does not mean I like the end results but I like the Eve continues to evolve and not stagnate (in some ways) like other titles.

I like the ideas and changes to war decs so far. I don’t know if they will have exactly the effect CCP is hoping for. We have already seen the death of some merc corps and some moving of players to non-citadel corps to protect their assets from war dec.

Will there continue to be play-style adjustments or have the dead leave fallen and war decs only modified the people involved, in effect? I don’t know and am waiting for the next iteration.

The recent changes have not effected RvB in any significant way. We already had citadels and effectively noticed no day to day changes. Well, not entirely true, we spent a measurable amount of time discussing how to leverage the new mechanics to increase our ISK and PvP flows and spent time hunting out a few targets to learn and test.

Emergent gameplay is a HUGE part of Eve online.

As I thought about your post I realized, that as I preach Eve Online to co-workers and randoms, that a lot of what I reference is emergent gameplay. This list includes the production markets and pipelines, pvp, scams, ingame/RL events, and even content, parodies, streams, guides and CSM.

That said, I don’t think emergent gameplay is a holy grail or shield to hide behind. Do I like getting ganked? No. Have I ganked pilots? Yes. I have spent a fair amount of time watching and studying emergent playstyles. I had a whole notebook of Jita scams. I had tracked a few high sec merc corps/alliances to see what/where they prey. I even enjoy the “most” emergent playstyle (arguable): solo pvp.

High-sec ganking was a valid mechanic, and may still be. With alpha accounts and the ease of skilling/injecting into a gank ship makes it more prevalent? I would like to see some numbers.

Truly deleterious and “cancerous” mechanics need to be fixed but I don’t like large scale changes, too many unknowns and run-ins with the law of unintended consequences. Small fixes like the autopilot not default through Tama. Did is cut down on the free newbro killmails? Yes, did Tama fights/ganks dry up overnight or at all? No. Tama pew is still very healthy.

In the same vein, the new war dec undock warning, the low sec warning and incursions warning are helpful and they don’t remove emergent behavior.

TL;DR; I would argue against most motions to limit emergent, unless directly harms/drives off newbros.

Glad to see someone running who lives and represents the low sec life, you have my votes and best of luck!

Red vs Blue officially endorses this candidate.

He has flown with us for quite a while now. He’s a talented pilot, as well as a guy who really enjoys helping newbros learn Eve mechanics. There’s a sound recording around somewhere of him taking several hours of questions from Eve Uni members regarding a recent friendly war we had with Ivy. He does know his **** re: Eve pvp, go look it up and take a listen if in doubt. But more than that, he’s eager to share his knowledge and experience with anyone who cares to listen.

He knows small gang and solo pvp. He has years of experience in the game. I think he’d make a good CSM, and many others in RvB agree.