Sid for CSM - A vote for the pod people!

Sid has my vote, for what that’s worth. I’ve known him since I started in Eve and in addition to being a good dude, he is knowledgeable about LowSec space which is the only space I fly in. He hit me up a few months ago for feedback and ideas on how to make LowSec PVP better for everyone and I unloaded on him. I hope you give him your vote and help make LowSec and Solo PVP great again. He has my official endorsement.

Love Joe

My name is Lillith, and I support Insidious for CSM.

I am his alt, and can say first hand, that he has always treated me with respect.

He has always valued my non-pvp contributions, and has even let me tag-a-long on some pvp excursions.

He has my vote this coming election.

Good points and things I believe concern, not only myself, but the whole of FW/LS in general. I would add, because it doesn’t seem to be being vocalized but it’s a problem, cloaky loki’s sitting on Novice gates just blapping frigs trying to slide is a problem. I personally have had a newbro friend quit Eve after he got back to back blapped on two different novices. There was no “This is Eve” or “It’s something to consider when going for a novice” answer that was going to make this ok.

We all understand that this is a mechanic of Eve and one that frankly, probably can’t be fixed… if it is actually to even be considered broken. Personally, I just don’t understand the pleasure someone would derive from sitting on a novice cloaked up in a 2 billion isk loki just to one shot cheap frigates. Is the troll life so sad? Is there a return I’m missing? Anyway, I have heard conversations in fleets about it and like I said, personally know of a new player leaving the game because of it. It’s not content.

You have one of my votes, and I hope to see you on the counsel!

-Admiral Rutledge

I am @MasterStarDestroyer_WidowMakerzz
And I am a self proclaimed representative for
new bros, old bros, smash bros, fortnite virgins, memes, save the trees, anti vegans, pro beverage, under 18 gamers, gamers in general, anti world of war craft (cuz it’s worst game of the century), Rifter pros, etc
And I approve @Insidious_Sainthood for csm

@Insidious_Sainthood is a great pilot, corp member, ally and person. And hopefully the next great CSM.

Voting is now open!

Vote that low sec ticket!!!

As someone who cares about this game. Dont vote for this guy! I have zero affiliations and that should atleast count for something

Weird that you only posted twice and only in this thread…

Seems suspicious

You have leveled no accusation, no evidence, no anything except a dislike of me.

I don’t know you (as this toon) and am wondering where you are getting this insight, what interactions have we had? I know I didn’t kill you (nothing on zkill) I didn’t corp theft you (I’m broke) I didn’t Jita scam you (lazy and broke).

If you have an issue with me, don’t wait til an election to get bent and if you are an alt of another candidate be honest and own you’re down voting of other candidates

Sid is almost a traditional bittervet, except that he still gets excited about things in game and out involving Eve. Definitely one of those “one man army” types at times and great depth of pvp knowledge. I endorse him as a candidate for those associated or caring about Lowsec, RvB, new players, and small-gang and solo content. He lead several charges against Eve Uni in our annual Unista destruction tradition and was part of a wonderful and informative AAR linked below, just to give you an idea of his ‘work’.

humbled mate. Thanks for the plug

Like I said. I have no affiliation to anyone or any entity out there. You are misunderstanding my intentions. This is not against you. This is for EVE online.
Even though I cant even vote because this is my only account which is inactive due to a very busy schedule (something I plan to correct in the near future), I do care very much about EVE.

So to answer your questions. You have done nothing against me. I just have zero faith in your abilities and contrary to your friends here above I voice my opinion while not being part of any social circle within the game.


You finally make it back from the store?

Having an opinion about eve and its denizens is a right that comes with signing up. Wave you opinion flag.

What I’m wondering is where this “lack of faith” comes from? Do you know me? Do you know anything about me? Or do you not like me because, well, I don’t know why not. Do you know anything about my interaction with the game? With its players? With its devs? I am a little bit… puzzled. I could respond/confirm/deny an accusation but a random vote of no faith just seems… random.

Hope you are able to get that sub and enjoy Eve no matter who fixes/breaks it.

impromptu interview with 404HD and DTM135. Starts around 3:04