Sid for CSM - A vote for the pod people!

Sid is a good choice for improving lowsec and solo/small gang, add him to your ballot. We need more lowsec guys on the CSM!

@Stitch_Kaneland is as solid a vote as you can make. Vote for Stitch and sleep well knowing you did your part

Last couple of hours to vote. Thanks to everyone!!!

I would like to thank everyone who directly supported my CSM campaign: Manic Velocity, Stitch Kaneland, Suitonia, RvB bros <3, JoeBane, 404HD, DTM135, BSB, CURB, and everyone else that won’t fit into the twitter char limit. Thank you so much!

And I would like to thank everyone who indirectly supported me! Those who put me on the “vote because pvp” or “vote because not null bloc” list, all the IGCs, all the ppl who voted quietly and sent me mails.

Thank you all! Eve and CSM are alive and well. Waiting on EveNorth

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