Vote Wallymarts for CSM 13

Hello there!

Many of you know me from either being in my fleets with the Incursion Community, The Valhalla Project as Poopandpee. Some know of me from Spectre Fleet when i FC’d pretty regularly, and i am sure most of you know my trolling on Reddit.

I come before you to say i am running for CSM.

What can i promise?
Well, like other candidates i will work to bring the community concerns to CCP in a tactful manner to ensure the highest reception possible. I cannot guarantee that CCP will act on these concerns, but i will put in the effort of submitting these ideas/concerns.

Some of the things i want to focus on are:

  • Addition of a form of omni passive tank mod for shield. My Original idea was to give the Adaptive Invuln a passive mode to it. When not runnings gives +15% resists.

  • Rebalance of Mobile Cyno Inhib. Shifting it’s EHP from Hull to equal parts shield/armor. Also giving it 40% Resists. While anchoring, it will get zero resits. This will benefit cap groups that can organize properly and hold the field, while also helping people negate their ability by catching it before anchoring.

These are just some of the ideas i have had that i would like to bring up.

Areas i would focus on are Nullsec. I have a long history with Nullsec and feel like it can still use some help. I believe an across the board increase to warp speeds is needed, basically getting battleships up to atleast 3.0AU/s would be a good start. Obviously all other hulls would be adjusted.

I have no idea what a standard post is for this, however i hope it was enlightening.


What kind of plans would you have for if LP / FW changes were on the table? What exactly would you lobby for in regards to changing FW?

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I have next to zero experience in FW so my first business as CSM is to not touch things i have zero experience in. I would rather take input from FW groups, namely the FW Corps that partake in it.

I did believe that while part of a faction in space your faction controls, that you should get zero gate gun aggression for protecting your territory, regardless of target. I also believe that FW complex sites should disable all WCS and also create an entosis like effect that if you are capturing it (opt in only, right click plex and click capture) you cannot warp till you capture it/die.

Again, i wouldnt push for those ideas without consulting with people more knowledgeable in those areas.

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my first business as CSM is to not touch things i have zero experience in. I

That’s an answer I can appreciate.

These are just some of the ideas i have had that i would like to bring up.

Would you mind expanding on this a bit?

I believe an across the board increase to warp speeds is needed

Is the goal here to reduce travel times in general or help people get to the action faster?


Sure, some are obviously in a very infantile stage of thought however i will share some.

  1. Increase in all base Fighter Sensor STR by 100%. As it stands it is far too easy to defang a super/carrier simply with jams. Right now a griffin with multispecs has a very near 100% chance to jam a fighter for each multi and i feel that is unacceptable.

  2. Combining the TCU and IHUB to one SOV structure. I see no reason to seperate the two, if you own the sov, the same structure should be used for the upgrade. Also a killmail of the structure when it dies should show who completed nodes. A better way for groups to keep track of who is putting in the hard work to gain/destroy sov.

I have more but they are way less thought through than this.

Yes, i want to reduce travel times in general. This would help most pilots also get to the action faster. As it stands, a battleship going through null is a horrible experience. Even in completely empty systems just roaming around is pretty slow. However the current cruiser speed isnt that bad. I figure moving all the Warp speeds up, by at least 50% for BS/BC would be very beneficial to the game, and most would see it as a QOL change more than anything.

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Do not vote for Wallymart.
He is illogical, hostile and dishonest person.
Wallymart is hostile to new pilots and there is no way to talk logically with him.
I know from experience that his words worth absolutely nothing and he does anything that benefits only his personal interests.

Do not belive anything that he says.

Im not here to cater to PVE bears that think blue tanking entities that would farm them is the best way to Mine SPOD all day.

I am here for people that PVP. A Representative for what you like to do will eventually run for CSM. I am not the CSM of the PVE bears of eve.

Thank you for posting.

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Since this will reduce shield’s primary drawback, cap dependence, will you advocate for an equivalent active-omni resist module for armor? If not, can you make an argument as to why shield deserves a passive omni exclusively?




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