Zap InSpace for CSM

If you have read the CSM page and looked at the descriptions of the candidates, you may have noticed that mine was a wall of text, I made a mistake thinking the 300 word blurb would keep its formatting so let me start by posting that with the proper formatting:

Who am I? I am a former wormholer who is currently having fun running missions and engaging in war driven PVP in Highsec. I still enjoy taking long trips into spooky J-Space and participating in Bomber’s Bar public fleets. My average day in eve includes updating PI on my wormhole alts, scanning sigs in my current home region looking for pve content or good wormholes for some cloaky pvp content.

My areas of interest include:

* Systems designed to promote active 1v1 or small gang pvp
* Subcapital pvp in both large fleets and small engagements
* Keeping J-Space free of local and other K-Space crutches
* Making Null dangerous again
* Not ignoring Lowsec (I don’t spend much time here so I will need some help from the people here)
* Giving the Sansha a break from incursions (read: more variety)
* Promoting viability in more engaging gameplay styles, not nerfing the krab playstyle but improving alternate styles of play.

I am open discussing other issues and pain point with the eve community.

Why am I a good choice for CSM?

I am not nor have I ever been a Nullsec block member.

Any questions? EVE mail Zap InSpace and Ill try to answer your questions as quickly as I can.

Now that you can read that without getting a headache, lets talk details. I am sure that many of you have seen the CCP AMA from EVE down under and heard Hilmar’s thoughts on stagnation and the state of Nullsec.
One of my major pain points in EVE is the perfect intell that local chat and the chat system as a whole provides. The ability to drag a player name and system into a chat channel and have it appear in a program readable chat log is extremely powerfull and, when mixed with large entities and programs like near2 and other intelligence gathering and monitoring software, make for Null Sec space that is, in many cases, safer than most High Sec spaces. To combat this issues I would like to see CCP look at changing the way characters appear in local.

  • When jumping into a system I would like the character to not appear in local until they have exited gate cloak. This would enable hunters and travelers in general to take stock of D-Scan and local of the system that they have just jumped into and make a decision on how to proceed. This would not apply to ships brought into system via a cyno (sorry JF pilots).
  • When loading into a system from a login, I would like local to only load after the login and loading process has completed (after the login black-screen has lifted). This would enable bot hunters to more effectively operate and this would even out the intelligence battlefield when performing logoff traps or operating in enemy space.
  • To help mitigate the issues caused by exposing logs to 3rd party programs in real time, I would like to see CCP consider only exposing chat logs when the game is shut down or when the user explicitly exports the logs to file within a settings menu. The purpose of this change is to force conditions where a lazy user might be caught unawares or where a careless user might mess up, allowing a hostile precious moments to find and possibly kill a target.

I believe that implementing these changes to the local system would promote more active play and help to grow the pvp community while still allowing for an acceptable risk mitigation strategy for groups with expensive assets given that they are willing to put in the work to operate within these restrictions.

On the topic of risk vs. reward; Low Sec and wormholes. Over my few years of game-play I have seen Low Sec, faction warfare, and wormholes being ignored in favor of continued iteration on Null Sec and the NPE. While both Null and the NPE are inportant issues, I belive that Low Sec and FW should be more than just the gate-way to Null and would like to work with CCP and the greater community to make sure that Low Sec and FW are not second thoughts in this CSM season. As far as wormholes are concerned, as they played an integral part in getting my hooked on EVE (the second player corp I joined was 100% wormhole) I would like to be able to be a voice on the CSM looking out for the players who still live in this small but important area of the game to help ensure that we do not get another hic change like issue where the ramifications for wormhollers are only noted as a byline or second thought after the community outcry. In addition to all this, I firmly believe that improving wormholes and Low Sec can lead to a more engaging NPE for players that chose to explore these areas of the game.

With those points out of the way, there are a few interesting ideas that have been put into my head by the community at large over the last couple of weeks:

  • An option to pause skill training on another character on the same account without needing to log out and back in, this could probably be slotted in as a subtext option in a “would you like a MPTC” popup when you attempt to fill the queue of a toon on an account with another toon currently training.
  • Resource scarcity: I would like to see a feature where, if a moon in mined constantly it would slowly lose its value for a time as its resources are depleted. Given a sufficient rest period, the value of the moon would scale back up to its original value. This could be coupled with the return of region specific resources or resources being more abundant in certain regions (IE resources used most in amarr ship building are more abundant in amarr related regions) (not set on this idea and it probable needs a lot of work)

Please direct and and all questions to the character Zap InSpace in game or @ me on the discords that I am a part of (all eve related ones that I am in, my nickname is Zap InSpace) and I will attempt to answer your questions.

Reserving for plugs of extra platforms for questions

Currently working on:
possible teamspeak server

You said you will be “Promoting viability in more engaging gameplay styles, not nerfing the krab playstyle but improving alternate styles of play”. How do you intend to do this? Could it not be argued that krabbing - in high, low or null - has been buffed so much that it makes it too hard to get involved in other playstyles? How would you stop CCP destroying a playstyle - even if it’s one you disagree with.

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