Sol Weintroub for CSM 18 (Small scale, Wormholes, New bros Friendly)

Greetings fellow capsuleers!

Sol Weintroub from Rusty Hyenas is here and I ask you to give me your vote during this CSM’18 Election.

Originally I came in Eve Online in 2011, but, to my shame, I didn’t understand anything in this game and went back to Lineage II. But in the end of 2017, I decided to put some more effort in getting to know this game and I can say that more than 5 years flew like a moment.

I fought rats in high-sec, made some plexes in low, flew a little bit in null-sec, but the true home I’ve found were Wormholes. It’s the space I’ve been living since the end of 2018 and there are two reasons for me to leave this space – to go to Jita to buy some stuff or to go to null-sec to find some small scale PVP fights.

I’ve read plenty information about Wormholes’ mechanics and tried almost all activities in different types of Wormholes, except, maybe, some Capital stuff.

But, after the mining rebalance, lots of corporations left Wormholes just because for most of them Wormholes stopped to be an ISK Printing Machine. And some small scale corporations lost the opponents for skirmish.

I want to apply to CSM’18 because I want to add some attention of CCP to this part of the game. Wormholes are about one third of the K-space systems, but their representatives quite rarely sit in CSM so their opinion can’t be heard.

I am sure that Wormholes con be even more interesting space both for old collectives and lot of new ones, who are bald enough to jump to the space without local chat and constant connection with K-space.

I will do my best to honestly represent the Wormhole dwellers, wherever they live and whatever they do. Because the more people live there, the more J-space is occupied, the more content can be found both for PVP and PVE collective.

I’ve received a lot of feedback in Discord servers and now I add my vision of WH and Logistics rebalance.

Wormholes rebalance

1.1 Moon resources are distributed quite unevenly and now in WH there are only the worst R4 moons.

My suggestion is to add at least 1 moon R8 for C1, C2 and C3 and at least one moon R16 for C4, C5 and C6. This won’t make wormhole mining an ISK printing machine, but it will make appear some more mining fleets and make wormhole corporations more self-reliant.

1.2 C1 are almost useless in this game and 3 types of people can be seen there – who produce something in citadels, who scan data and relic sites and who hunts relic and data sites scanners.

My suggestion is to add an ore anomaly with some amount of high-sec ore.

Moreover, this type of ore anomaly could also rarely spawn in C2 and C3, making them also more interesting to live in.

  1. In Eve online wormhole systems with even number of type, like C2 and C4, have 2 statics, but C6 don’t.

My suggestion is to make slight rebalance and to add a second static in C6, but do it in a way when C6 has statics both in high and low tier wormholes. Like C6-C5-C3 or C6-C6-C4.

  1. The meta in ratting in high tier WHs has led to a situation, when some people started to call this game Marauder Online. And although Marauders were slightly nerfed in one of the last patches, I suggest to make WHs even more less secure.

All of us know the process of “preparations for ratting”, when you close statics and within 4 hours you can rat relatively safely, knowing that only wondering WH can appear in your system and 4 hours is much more than enough to clean the system totally.

My suggestion is to reduce the “safe time” to 2 hours, making ratting more challenging and more applying to the rule “High risk – high reward”

  1. Evictions. Yes, we all know that this will happen to anyone, who lives in WH. Sooner or later, but this will happen. I know how to make this slightly more difficult for attackers, who usually verges wormholes and doorstops the entrances.

My suggestion is to set the status of the verged wormhole instantly in both Verged and End of time, making it to live in the Verged status not more than 4 hours. This will cause more stamina to control the system during eviction process.

  1. Drifter Wormholes. Almost everyone has heard about them, lots of pilots have been there, some still use them as metro to travel from one side of star map to another. But now they are also almost dead, even with this great lore story about these 5 systems.

My suggestion is to convince CCP to put more effort in this content to make it more viable for small scale fleets, just according to the mentioned rule “High risk – High reward”

Logistics rebalance

  1. Logi frigates, especially t1, are used extremely rarely due to fairly weak repair traits. This leads to the usage of mostly t2 cruisers and sometimes t2 frigates. T1 ships are considerably worse than their t2 versions and are used mostly by newbies with extra low SP and piloting skills. And at the same time during fleet skirmishes, they will be primary targets. After that the vast majority of newbies will never sit in logi ship.

My suggestion :

  1. Give a slight boost both for tank (add base speed and base shield or armor) and repairing capability (from 10% to 12.5% per level) so frigs would stop being one-shot targets.

  2. Make the drone bay of t1 frigates from 5 to 15 m3 and make the same bandwidth.

  3. Add logi drones repair bonus to T1 and T2 logi frigates.

  4. Would be great to have Triglavian Logistic Frigates, both T1 and T2 with small mutaplasmid repair module.

UPD is over.

Sincerely yours,

Sol Weintroub.

07 and fly dangerous.


Sol is a great player and a responsible person. If he takes on any business, he brings it to its logical conclusion. I completely agree that WH space is given quite a bit of attention and a candidate from this space can finally breathe life into it.

My vote is for you Sol! +1

Sol Weintroub is our “Alpha Logistician” and honored corporate diplomat. I confidently cast my vote for him, as I am sure he can bring a lot to the gaming community and the game as a whole.

Vote for Sol!

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I absolutely agree that WH space and small scale pvp need more representation. I know Sol in EVE and IRL, he is indeed an experienced pilot who knows everything about Wormholes, and a responsible person who, I am sure, can bring great ideas while being in CSM.

Vote for Sol!

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Ми вот гососовать за тебя для 100мн на дестроере потамучта хатеть катать драугур со скоростю 10км/сек. Если ти сможещ пропиарити нашу китай идею


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I vote for Sol! He’s in various discord friendly channels advising new players. He’s helpful! When I flew with Sol in the same fleet - he told me about the mechanics of wh. We didn’t know each other then.


Wormhole natives choose sol
sol +1

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The ideas and interests of the collectives that live in WH are often not taken into consideration. It will be great if there is someone from the WH from the RU community. Sol +1!

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Updated my CSM Election Programme.

sol +1

Sol +1!!!


  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
  1. Lots of stuff, because we are still playing this game and spending years in it.
  2. I guess, that Lore stuff could play more role in the game and various activities.
  3. Trig logi frigs T1 and T2 and some traits for C and BC afterburner capacitor consumption, to make overprop slightly more usable.
  4. It’s a sandbox and all activities, that give people entertainment, should exist.
  5. Same as #4.
  6. AT and Rare ships for real money.
  7. Not competent to answer this question.
  8. Every UI is a matter of habit. Whatever you do, some people will say that the previous was better.

Will you also oppose RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Sol Weintroub?

Could you, please, clarify, what TOR is?
And yes, I’m strictly against RMT when you buy some EVE stuff at 3rd-party websites, but I’m also against AT and special ships sales, if they would be made by CCP, because it will gradiently make this game another Pay-2-Win space sh*t.
Regarding Gambling - I’ve nerer tried it, so it’s hard to say without knowing the rules. If some kind of Casino is made by CCP - why not, it’s official and you have clear and strict rules. If it is made by players - also why not. EVE is a sandbox and everyone can do anything until it is not forbidden by EULA. Of course, I need to mention, that in both types of casinos the bet MUST be made only in ISK. If you want to bet your ship or another asset - sell it first. I do understand, that a casino made by player or players, is some king of grey zone for CCP, where ISK and assets laundering could be done, so this is CCP to decide if they support various gambling ideas from players or not.

Овер- и гиперпроп для всех и каждого! И пусть никто не уйдёт обиженным!

I agree with your aims for csm , cept for nerfing c5 crabbing any more. Too many many bittervets would quit over that one.
It is really is about time ccp did something to make wh’s more attractive…

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