Winzentowitsch Madeveda for CSM 16

Hello my dear spacebros,

If you are not booster addicted, didn’t live in specific areas of the game or were never in a corp with me, you have probably never heard of me, so let me give you a tl;dr:
I’m 25 years old and live in Germany working in IT; I live in a wormhole; My favorite ships are the Tengu and the Prospect; I produce boosters full stack; I’m addicted to collecting SKINs.

Diesen Faden gibt es auch auf deutsch!

Official starting Page with information about voting

My topics as your CSM Representative (in this thread)

Interview on (english version)

Interview with Ashterothi

Interview with Walldeck in german

My EVE Online story

Back in 2012 I started with Mission Running and Mining. I knew there were more interesting aspects of EVE though, so I tried my luck with an Industrial Nullsec Corp in 2013. I learned quite something by moving into null , but either due to a lack of mentors or my interest not matching with the corp spirit, I didn’t stay that long and went back to Highsec.

Then starts the good times: In 2015 I joined a Wormhole Corp who taught me how to live with them in a C5: Ratting in C3 and the C5 sites; PVP and how to avoid it; How to mine Gas safely (will be important later). I must say I owe a lot of my career to this corp and the allied corps we inhabited the wormhole with, but unfortunately their way of PVP didn’t really vibe with me.

In the same year, I joined Es and Whizz where I finally found a niche that did not only provide a lucrative way to earn ISK, but also develop my pilot skill while feeling like I’m doing something important. I started out as a ninja gas Miner who got the much needed Booster Gas from either Low- or Nullsec. Later I also joined the Booster Smugglers, who sold the product on demand and smuggled even to highsec (Back when this was actually still a thing). Due to me living in a different timezone, I was unfortunately left to flying solo most of the time though. With time not only my skillset but also the activities of the corp changed, as we were transforming from Ninja-Harvesters into the actually SOV-Holding Corp Lethal Injection (who are still active). At this point I wasn’t only learning all the different ships needed for defending our systems but were also finally able to fly a Tengu to run all the sites in Null that drop certain Resources for Booster Prodcution. This did not only make me step up my fitting game, but also made me kinda space rich (and enabled my addiction to buy and collecting SKINs).

Due to me starting to work and study full time I dediced to take a little bit of a break from EVE. I left Lethal Injection but not their way of playing. During the next years I sometimes reactivated my account and mostly did Wormhole and Nullsec Exploration while trying out some of the new ships in Highsec.

In the end it was the lockdowns bringing me back to the game with all of you madmen. No other game ever made my heart race and hands shake, not even Horror Games. Of course I knew that I wanted to live in wormholes again, so I found the great german corp CheeseParty with which I finally had fun doing PVP. On top of that I was able to fulfil the dream of setting up an independent Booster Production in a Wormhole. If you buy booster in Jita, you might have been already served by us and fuel my SKIN Addiction and PVP Ships.

My areas of expertise

I know my Killboard isn’t the best, but I don’t feel like you need to be an elite PVPer in Order to understand important game mechanics. While PVP isn’t my primary goal in playing EVE, I enjoy our international Ops with our alliance P A R A B E L L U M. With them I am now finally taking part in “big boy fleets” and I even got on carrier kills for the first time during an eviction against Avanto! If you complain about my lack of kills, it is of course only because I’m flying Logi most of the time^^

As I already described previously, I was active in all part of space during my time, with the only exception being Pochven. Out of the K-Space Playstyles, the one I know the least about would probably be Lowsec with Faction Warfare. While I still have some updates to catch up to, I’m constantly learning and would prefer to always have something new and interesting in the game I can learn about.

I’m quite sure that I’m able to represent many niche playstyles, that might not be thought about in CSM yet. Sure, CSM 15 did patch up the hole left by losing the wormhole guy in CSM, but with all the ways that J-Space is unique, we should have at least one candidate that lives in and for wormholes.

During my dayjob I work as a mix between Demand Manager, Solution Architect and Teacher struggling to keep the PLM-Module of a large ERP system running by launching changes and keeping my users up to date. As this system is not that different in age from EVE Online and also has some areas where I’m reminded of “POS-Code”, I feel like this experience would help me collect the needs, ideas and problems of EVE Players and give this to CCP in order to further improve the game. I’m already collecting ideas for new features, intervene whenever a change to the system would destroy my processes and handle some key users with complaints. So why not do it in my freetime too, except for a topic I’m more passionate about?

Why am I applying for the CSM?

This game is a passion and guilty pleasure of mine and I’m in love with the wormhole life. My main drive for this application is to preserve J-Space from changing into a differently flavored Null, just like many Nullsec Players don’t want Null to be Wormholes but with gates. Every Space in the game should have its own meta and own mechanics to make it unique to live in. Wormholes didn’t see that much of new content in the last time, but I don’t want to complain while there is still so much potential for improvement in Lowsec.

When I became active in EVE after not following all updates during my breaks, I was delighted to see all these Quality-of-Life Changes. For example, the “L” Menu and rework of Bookmarks are real improvement for all wormholers and have highly impacted my daily gameplay for the better.

My second objective as your CSM Candidate would be to have the game improving with non-stop QoL improvements like this. Of course we don’t only need QoL Changes, but an EVE that hurts to play will not be fun regardless of content, right?

What can you expect from me?

I’m not a Block Candidate, I will champion everyone brave enough to set foot into J-Space, from the prayed upon Heron up to the filthy rich high class wormhole inhabitants evicting others for fun. I want wormholes to stay the high-risk with high-reward areas of EVE that they currently are, but they should not only be profitable for 20 man Roaching Fleets fielding Billions of ISK, but also for daytrippers and beginners who try to make their living.

While I want to represent J-Space primarily, it doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to players from K-Space. I’m still active in Low- and Nullsec and I want all of us to find joy in their part of space.

I do have fully fledged ideas to rework part of the UI but I don’t want to throw out some weird ideas that I have thought of by myself without any support from you! I want to represent you, so I need your input:
What is a mechanic you wouldn’t miss if it were removed?
Which parts of the game seems broken to you?
Which areas do you find to be lacking content?

Feel free contact me ingame our in Discord with the account Leon/Winzent#1878.

Give me your votes
Give me your corpses
Praised be Bob \o/


For easier tracking and Updating, here is the list of topics I want to push:
Update: 2022/02/10

1. Cleaning up Descriptions of modules and skills
In the help channels I often see pilots being told to just read the ****ing description/mission briefing. I’m all for trying to actually learn yourself as much as possible, but there are just too many descriptions of skills and modules that don’t add up or are really vague.
While a new tab with like “Applies to” similar to “Required for”, would solve this issue, I would rather see more linking to example modules like you will find in ships “Traits” tab.
This is already done in ore descriptions and would help in cases like the skill “Explosive Armor Compensation” that still has outdated module names and could instead list the correct names and a link to the T1 Version (as “Required for” based on skills wouldn’t work in this case) of each module group.
For further examples of what I’m talking about, you can have a look at the Trait tab of the Drecavac and a phoenix.

2. Stop nerfing T3Cs check: T3C Skill loss has been removed
CCP nerfing Tech 3 Cruisers has become somewhat of a meme by now. Just now with the changes to Nullification we got another nerf, without removing the SP loss on losing the already expensive ship.
Currently they are still in use especially in wormholes, but in most cases the are either worse or just cost way more then T2 Cruisers. By all means they shouldn’t be better than T2 in their respective niches, but T3Cs should still offer an alternative to them or at least fill other niches left by other T2 ships.
Currently the best step forward would be to either remove SP loss or give them at least Passive Nullification back (possibly with similar debuffs as they exist for the module).
Skillpoint Loss has been removed which makes them more viable, but I still think they can be buffed more without overshadowing other ships in their roles.

3. Logi on Killmails
Implementation will not be easy, but I think CCP and CSM will find a way.

4. Rework Filaments in Wormholes check: filaments are kill, I repeat, filaments are kill
While Filaments like Needlejack are useful and used frequently in order to quickly get roaming from Highsec, the combination of being able to filament into Pochven and then filament into highsec from there is definetly changing how you approach wormholes.
Having these filaments in cargo means a pretty safe extraction from wherever you are and it doesn’t matter if its some dead end system blocked by a camp that trapped you, being deep in enemy null territory or if you are deep in the chain of High Class wormholes with no K-Space exit. While this itself isn’t that bad, we have to look at Evictions:
If there is a frighole into the system, everyone (this doesn’t only apply to defenders) can just yeet most ships and assets to Highsec and get back in a shuttle, without having to worry about anything other than the frighole collapsing from time. If you are taking the time to evict someone for days, holding hole control and losing ships, it is devastating to see your enemy just yeeting ships out of the hole, without much that can be done about it.
A Straight up ban of Filaments in J-Space would not be optimal, as some of them do have a valid mechanic, but at least the ones that can currently bring you to safety need some kind of ways to mitigate or catch the filament user. Possible solutions would be spool up timers added to filaments in J-Space that would make the user somewhat catchable or at least give the option of pursuing for hunters who are fast enough to scan the ships down.

5. Improve Gas Hauling Gas compression soon
With the addition of both J-Space and K-Space Gas to the ingredients of more ships (or their components) the need for transporting Gas has increased. While it is not that hard to get harvested Gas from Lowsec to Jita, it is quite hard to get the Gas to your production system possibly far far away (unless you have a HS static in a wormhole) due to missing any form of compression. Unfortunately the compression wouldn’t work the same way as ore and ice does (as gas isn’t reprocessed), but there could be a way to compress and decompress.

6. Bring Mining back to J-Space I’m conna say it’s a half point with mining barges being brought into gas mining wormholes. Now bring back Moon Mining!
Currently you don’t see much mining besides fleets of ventures in gas sites and the occasional daytripper. You definetly don’t see big targets like a Industrial Command Ship because the rewards just don’t justify the risks. Bringing these ships back to J-Space would bring more targets to drop on, which is urgently need right now.
The easiest way to do this is introducing Gas Mining Drones usable by Porpoise and Orca. Currently a Gnosis is the best way to boost a gas mining fleet as the Gnosis can huff itself whilst a Porpoise can’t and costs way more. Of course this shouldn’t make the porpoise better at huffing then a Venture/Prospect, but this buff would make Gas Mining easier for bringing more of a risk on grid as a porpoise can be caught much easier then a venture or Prospect and would probably hold most of the fleets gas. (this would not be possible in Null unless those drones could resist the explosions from the clouds)
Another approach would be to introduce a gas mining barge (possibly T3 or a Trig ship) but that would have to be discussed in detail, as it could make the Prospect mostly irrelevant.

7. Include Anomaly and Signature Names in the bilingual option.
While I personally would advice anyone to set the language of EVE to english, there are people who rather play in their native language. There is an option to keep the important names in english, though having most of the game still in another language then english.
Unfortunately Anomalies and Cosmic Singatures do not fall under this category and are still in the native language. This hurts the non english speakers if they want to share bookmarks where the standard language is english, as they would have to remember all site names and put them in manually.
This would probably be a quick win and hugely improve the way how weak english speakers could play in international alliances or corps.
(The german names sometimes give the better search results, but especially in Wormholes the names aren’t that unique and the best overviews are only in english)

8. Your suggestions?

Totally serious list of totally serious campaign promises:
I: Get Permaband to represent Iceland in the next Eurovision Song Contest
III: Delete C4
V: Give us more beard options (the mustache is a joke)


Cheese :cheese:

Vote for Winz!

I know this guy better than myself. He is really funny and I think he will do a great job!
I’ll also happily donate all of my corpses so they can be dropped at suns in need!


My rusty Vote for Winz!


A giggle from Rusty Hyena


Go PR.BL! You’ll get my vote.


I gave eXelr0n an interview on his blog, go queck it out:
Interview with Winzentowitsch Madeveda (CSM16 Candiate) » Quafe

I vote winzent ! Trustworthy, capable in management things, brings things to an end. Good softskills and good in communication…

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Interview with Walldeck in german:

Today the voting starts!
If you want wormholes to be represented in the CSM, please put all wormhole candidates as high as you can on your ballot. To me it doesn’t matter as much who makes it onto the CSM, as long as there is someone on it who can defend and improve J-Space.
Make sure you do vote for someone who represents your gameplay and of course I would be happy if that includes myself.

Apart from myself we have three “true” wormhole canditates that should be included on top of your ballot:
Mark Resurrectus
Teddy Gbyc
Evie Kouvo

Don’t let your ballot go to waste, so also include other candidates who you trust can not only bring knowledge but the required soft skill to the CSM to improve the game. Some candidates in no particular order that I would recommend:
Phantomite (Lowsec and Wormholes)
Mike Azariah (Highsec, Incursions and NPE)
A Pochven Candidate of your choosing (or all in your preferred order)

Go vote!


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