Vote Tifida for CSM 13

Good day, voters and players.

I would like to briefly tell about myself. I started playing in EVE Online in May 2004. Probably like the way many pilot begin with the mission of Agents in the Empire.

Since the beginning, I’ve been at different positions in different alliances and corporations. Starting with the rank warrior rank, ending with an English-speaking diplomat in the Russian Null-sec alliance.

But always in the last about 5 years I lived and flied only in the Wormhole space and keep working in Null-sec Alliance. Wormhole was the most dangerous and unexplored than attracted not only me but also many.

After a while, I created my own People Outlaw corporation. Which brought much content in Wormhole. After it was reorganized into the Wormhole Outlaw and created the Alliance Outlaws.
I personally developed and created a website and I began to spend quite a lot of time on diplomatic issues already in my Alliance and now trying use my experience in CSM

My program takes into account almost all the movement in EVE and is focused on Time.
The time that we spend playing the game to prepare any kind of content.
Time is the most valuable thing we have in life and I would like to share my ideas and ideas of my voters as possible to reduce the time and move out many operation in EVE. For people can play on full power and dont wasted time on much action.

I would like to point out that CCP has already made a lot of movement in this direction. For example, multifitting, simplification of planetary production in next patch, etc …
But there are a lot of things that are really important to change, then any player can not spend on preparation or other actions, but immediately enjoy the game.

I was organized and held a meeting of representatives of large Russian corporations in Wormhole and together we have already prepared some point in programm.
In fact, I would like, in the case of receiving your votes, to carry out additional studies of the program already with the English-speaking community.

Since my program is aimed at reducing the time spent, I do not wnat to spend a lot of your time for reading about me, that you could spend it on a real game and get pleasure from EVE Online!
I am sure that together we will be able to make proposals that will help us play in full force in our time.

Best Regards Tifida. CEO Outlaws.


Send me a link with the record of the meeting 25 April. Spasibo

can u please comment current level of toxicity that going on your comms and all the trash your players actually throwing into locals? As a future CSM member would you do smth to regulate rules of ingame behaviour?

WH space - dead space has beecome a mem … so do u have in mind any suggestions in making changes to a current mechanics so people start looking into w-space with less fear of complecated rules/mechanics?

Thank u

Good guy that knows how to create content in wh-space :slight_smile: will have my votes for sure!

Good. You sound like a wonderful CSM member.

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