Compayn for CSM 14

Hi Everyone,

I’m Compayn and will be running for CSM 14.

A longtime wormhole player, I have spent the majority of my time over the last seven years living in various classes of wormholes and currently live in a C5 with MCAV as an FC and director. My focus for the CSM is to provide for the wormhole community and to promote the interests of small-gang hunters from all areas of space.

For those who don’t know me I’ve been playing Eve since 2012, with nearly all of that time spent based out of wormhole space. I’m a former member of Isogen 5, Doom Generation, and Hard Knocks Inc, giving me a diversity of experience and perspectives that allow me to represent all wormhole players. Despite living in wormholes I’ve spent considerable time over the years roaming nullsec in small gangs and hunting ratters and as a CSM candidate would also be an advocate for the small-gang pvp playstyle.

My high level priorities as a CSM candidate are as follows:

  • Provide a voice for the wormhole community
  • Push for structure changes that promote engagement and content creation instead of engagement-adverse strategies
  • Promote the realignment of the risk-reward balance to make highly rewarding PvE more risky, providing more opportunities to hunters and PvP focused players.
  • Push for regular and frequent balance changes, with a particular focus on oppressive metas
  • Give tools to players to make the game more accessible to new players without altering the core appeal

More specific goals and objectives:

  • Improve capital PvE and provide more PvP opportunities in high class wormholes by incentivizing the use of capitals other than dreads.
  • Give players the tools and make tweaks to the QOL and reward potential of lower-class wormholes in order to create an easier, more obvious path to get players into wormhole space
  • Spread large nullsec alliances out to increase risk to farming carriers & supers and reduce the amount of dead space.

To summarize: My goal as a CSM is to push for active, dynamic, gameplay that promotes engagement across all areas of space. If this aligns with what you think Eve should be, vote Compayn for CSM 14.



Great guy to vote for if your a wormholer from any class!

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i endorse this product and/or service


“reduce the amount of dead space.”

Yup, got my vote


Having flown with this pilot in many a WH engagement, I can confirm his skill, knowledge, and passion for EVE. He gets my vote.

Hi Compayn. I’d like to ask you a few questions about your views on the game if you don’t mind?

First, you mention “structure changes” that would promote content. Could you be a little more specific, and perhaps comment on your view on how this problem, and your ideas, might compare across security sectors of space? Like is this a bigger problem in nullsec or highsec or wormholes?

Next, what do you think of the risk vs. reward balance across space? Is nullsec too safe for the risk? Is highsec pay too much for the risk? What is your feeling for the best way to balance resource generation across New Eden?

And finally, about new players. Do you think the wardec changes are sufficient to help new players adjust to the game? Would you suggest any further changes, or for that matter, and broader game changes to help ease new players into the game?

Thanks, and good luck!

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