Teddy Gbyc for CSM 14

Hey Nerds,

My name is Teddy Gbyc.

I have been playing Eve since 2009 and have had experience and lived in all types of space from null security when i first started to wormholes where I have lived for 3 years. Starting as a corp member in Shekel Squad I Became the EUTZ director for the majority of the life of the corp. From there i spent some time in Low security and participated in the alliance tournament. Now i am EUTZ director of Chain Smoking where we live in high class space.

In addition to being familiar with wormhole related gameplay, I am acquainted with roles, titles, structure management and corp organisation. I am a frequent FC for my corp’s fleets and am familiar with small/medium fleet combat across wormhole space. Finally, after years of being a content creator for various I am acquainted with what does and doesn’t motivate conflict and how gameplay changes can impact these.

Many CSM want to bring improvements to the game and I have a few of my own that I could provide when needed, however the main reason I want to stand is to provide wormhole space a voice against any changes that would negatively impact our way of life and attempt to stop us becoming “Unwilling collateral damage” again.

That being said there are a few changes that i would like to push for:

  • Changes to C4 sites to reduce spawn distances.
  • Changes to industry and mining inside of wormhole space.
  • Re-introduce sliding into gates in FW complexes.
  • Push for a working tournament tool and greater support for player run tournaments
  • Push for a continuous balance cycle

How can you contact me?

In-game: Mail or Convo Teddy Gbyc

Discord: teddy9110#6848


Hi Teddy,

Good luck on your CSM run. Now on to some questions!

In your opinion as a content creator, what changes, in say the last five years, have had the biggest detrimental effect for players trying to create content in the sandbox? Do you have any simple fixes that CCP could implement rapidly to get more people out interacting in wormhole space or anywhere else for that matter?

And to round things out, here a a few short random questions you can answer how you’d like to give us a sense of how you view Eve:

  • AFK cloaking? Is it an issue that needs urgent CCP attention?
  • Corbexx? Has history judged him a good wormhole CSM or a problematic one? Do you agree?
  • If you could make one change, large or small, to the NPE to increase newbro retention and happiness, what would it be?


AFK cloaking? Is it an issue that needs urgent CCP attention?

I currently don’t see it as an issue at all. Removing it becomes problematic and puts more power in the hands of the bots and the players who print ISK completely AFK in nullsec.

Corbexx? Has history judged him a good wormhole CSM or a problematic one? Do you agree?

Both Corbexx and Chance did well at representing wormhole space during the transition to citadels and ensuring that it both stays risky, and has adequate reward. I believe that the WH CSM pushing for no asset safety should be something they should be remembered for. Of note is also the discussion of yachts back in 2016 headed by Corbexx. Prior to those changes they weren’t exactly running rampant, but having a hole rolled in your face in complete safety should have been addressed so much sooner.

If you could make one change, large or small, to the NPE to increase newbro retention and happiness, what would it be?

I’ve got two ideas here and I think either of them would work. For one, I’d like for CCP to introduce a way for new player friendly corps to apply and get certified as a new player friendly group. This way new players can then easily find and join them. As veteran EVE players we all know that there are dozens of corps out there, but aside from EVE Uni, it can be difficult to find the best one for you.

Part of this is recognising that there are different career paths in EVE and the best fit for everyone isn’t just PvP. Some people play this game outside of their busy lives for the zen of mining & markets, or for pure exploration (see Katia Sae). Helping reinforce that EVE is a social game and much of it is about being part of a 16-year-old community will go a long way towards player retention. Just don’t let them forget that PvP is everywhere, all the time.

Alternatively, I would like to see some improvements to the overview. The basic one that you start with is lacklustre and few long-term players still use it outside of those times when it all resets on its own! A great way of doing this may be to introduce a number of the popular player-created overviews as official presets. Make sure they’re distinctly different and easily switched to without needing much fiddling. An example of great design on this topic can be seen with the popular FilterBlade for Path of Exile: https://www.filterblade.xyz/


Teddy if you promise to delete c4 space then you will have my votes.

Teddy Gbyc, looking for CSM candidates who want to support and represent FW + Low Sec PvP to post in this discussion:

If you want my support, you have to promise to take a few things to CCP for me.

1: Bump-able Corpses, because I want to play Corpse Ball in Assault Frigates.

2: Boost the spawn rate of random Wormholes into NullSec because it’s way too goddamn safe out there for those crybabies.

3: Beer. Because I want to fly drunk in game as well as out.

Also, true balance is a myth, especially in a game this big, with this many factors. Would be better to track down exploits like how the NullBears were able to ignore HKs Doomsday by massed ships. And able to Boosh 72626524157 ships with one Command Dessy.

I do actually think the wondering connecting to null in C5 could do with a slight boost , they were nerfed a few years ago, i believe they were nerfed too hard. They should last longer and there should be more of them spawning, i also think more null-null wanderings would help shake things up a little as they help small fleets get round gate camps and Intel bots.

In regards to balance , true there will never be true balance and i dont think that would make for an intresting game , however at the moment it takes far to long for balance issues to be addressed. For example the Svipul.
In my opinion the boosh raven doctrine is too safe and too powerful. There was an interesting idea put on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/bluubv/boosh_ravens/

I think this idea could be refined into a decent change if both CCP and the CSM are careful to not break spearfishing or booshing excavators off of rorq’s. If elected i would like to present this idea as a way to tone down the usefulness of the chain booshing doctrine.

In regards to the doomsday , initiative used the mechanic of the doomsday targeting the highest mass ships on grid. i see no balance issues with this only clever fitting and tactics.

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Well said man. I can get behind just about everything you’ve said there.

I do have to respect disagree about the Doomsday because I feel like if you’re going to drop a trillion ISK on a Death Star you should be able to blow up whatever you want with it in a given fight via targeting. I know Titan DDs work off of mass too, but I think Citadels need to allow tactics to be chosen by the defenders as well, given how there had to be someone controlling them for the defenses to work. POSs I think need to be mixed back into Shitadels, allow for limited automatic defenses, zero asset safety everywhere not just Wormholes.

I like what you said about how you have knowledge of how mechanic changes can create content. I really feel like things such as Asset Safety have completely removed the incentive from going to war with other corporations in Eve. INIT pulled roughly 3 trillion in loot out of Rage, and good on them, they deserve it for winning. But if it had been the other way around, HK would’ve gotten nothing for blowing up their structures. That’s my main argument against Asset Safety.

Now, where do we stand on this Corpse Ball thing? I know it’s dumb, but dumb things can be fun AF.

Currently i dont think theres much point pushing for less asset safety, i would honestly believe that it would be an incentive to destroy abandoned structure but i can’t see it being greenlit by ccp in the current climate.

Titan doomsdays don’t apply based on mass they apply based on sig

Poses did have better weapons for sure but the weapons could get incapped and citadel guns cannot, thats a willing trade off imo.

Being able to bump corpses or other small items in space would i think present both a large investment of time from ccp and a large server load for relatively little gain apart from the odd use for corpse ball ect… there is also the possibility of this causing massive desync like what happens when sieged faces or dreads get mass bumped

They’ve deliberately lowered the spawn rate exactly because they felt it was too dangerous.
This has not been done by accident and it wasn’t a stealth change either.

Please let that sink in for a minute.

Teddy GBYC has my support and vote for J-space CSM, My only question that i have is besides reducing spawn distance on C4 combat sites, Do you think it would be beneficial to raise the isk bar a little bit more in C4 space so it is not such a huge gap in between 4 and 5?

I think that the only good way to balance C4’s on refelction would be to raise the ISK reward for foing them.

Asking CCP to change the dungion would be too big of an ask for CCP to agree to however raising the ISK reward might be a change that they could be convinced to do/

Hi teddy,

As a former ShekelSquad director, what are you views on antisemitism in EVE?

As a corp director, were you ever concerned that the corp name, its visual identity, some structure names, and assorted character names (Finkleberg Schlomo Goldstein, Lets RideThe Holocoaster, etc) furthered negative stereotypes of Jewish people? Did you have any of these concerns before joining?



While Director myself and the rest of the leadership team did everything we could to curb racism of every sort in both comms and through our slack channels. During the life of IRS we banned 2 people and warned many more for continuing to spout racism and antisemitic language on comms.

I thought the corp name was a bit stupid when i joined, it was only after speaking to the CEO Steel Roamer that i was my concerns were assuaged.

To my knowledge non of the structure names were offensive in anyway, they were mostly named in practical terms.

I did disagree with the character names of some of the alts in corp and im sure most of the corp membership also found it crude and potentially offence.

I can say it quite plainly , there is no place for racism of any kind in or outside of eve online.

hey teddy.

i like your idea of the spawn distance reduction for c4 sites. but wouldn’t it be better if its just left like that and increase the payouts. that could make sure the norm of tinker/RR comps Less effective and allow a bit more active game-play instead of pressing v every now and then and cycling a target painter.

also. throw some love at the proteus man.

<3 cy

Heya cy,

i put a little further down past the original post that on reflection asking CCP to change the dungeon would be too big of an ask for CCP to agree to however raising the ISK reward might be a change that they could be convinced to do

i would prefer if we could try to get t3’s to get re balanced as a whole , the last re balance really skewed T3’s for wormholers towards lokis and towards beam legions for LS/NS,

However i think it may be for the best for ccp to not touch WH apart from bug fixing untill they are ready to spend a while on it.

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Hey guys , Its getting late into the Voting time but i wanted to share my Talking in stations interview with you.
I would encourage you to not only vote for myself but to also vote for Exookiz too

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