CSM 14 Candidates: Debate FW + Low Sec

Tells those of us interested in FW and low sec why we should vote for you versus hunt you down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reading your thread made me chuckle so I gave you a like.

And I agree, all CSM candidates definitely need to not only make campaign promises, but also work on fulfilling those promises.


Why can’t we do both?

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“Do a good job or Else” could definitely be a low sec voter ideal :skull:


Representing FW and low-sec will basically fall under the lines of trying for small changes that can be done within the dev’s road-map that give the greatest benefit to all of Fw and LS. After that i will be basically advocating for adding FW and LS to the road-map as and when it is possible. Bear in mind this will most likely be in a good few years.

Anything After that will be trying to minimise changes made to Your space that would negatively impact the player-base.

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You’re absolutely right. Over the last 3 years we’ve been able to get small tweaks done that have been targeted at helping FW and lowsec (see warp core stabs not being allowed in plexes).

My read from being on the CSM is that the next 12 months will be a good time for CSM members to push for faction warfare to get a higher priority. I’d love to still be on the CSM to drive that initiative… we’ve been waiting a long time for a chance for some real change.

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I think the time now for sure, I would love to be on the CSM to help CCP understand the small changes that can have big impacts on both high and low class space inside of WH space. I believe i could also be a good liaison with the LS FW community owing to my time in Fw space and existing friends and connections there.

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Well I gotta say, so far I am leaning to Hunt in all cases.

  • No real specifics
  • No discussion of the actual problems facing low/fw
  • We want more than “small changes better luck next year”
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We can’t guarantee anything at this point. If you want spit balling & ideas hope on over to the FW discord: Here’s a link good for 1 day https://discord.gg/GMhZY2 if that doesn’t work let me know.

What do you feel like the actual problems facing low are though? I know from where I am sitting it’s a lack of just about anything right now. Pipes that use to be good times are now dead. I’m also seeing a proliferation of gate camping entry areas & smart bombing that is driving people to find other ways to go in or to avoid the area altogether. Where strategically we wanted people to come on down, so we could have a nice game of cat & mouse has all disappeared. The hunting has turned into shooting fish in a barrel type of game plays.

The land of small & medium groups, I knew just doesn’t seem to exist anymore because now it’s NOT about a GF, but more of the “I’m going to drop this on them just because I can”.

I’d like to see Low & FW get some attention.

Thank you for your time,

Lowsec/solo pvp CSM here.

I agree that CSM candidates need to have ideas to share with other CSM and CCP but we can’t make promises; they would be empty. CCP owns all the devs.

What we can do is work WITH CCP to solve issues like botting, unbalanced LP issues, win button oppression and other issues facing low sec/FW.

I think there need to be some hangar issues solved, in relation to helping newbros get ships replaced and helping corp facilitate that.

I think some balance passes on cruisers/BC/BS to make them viable against the frigate/dessie meta.

Something needs to be done with medium plexes; all they are right now is a place to park a recon and a bait frigate.

Something needs to be done with the unmitigated farm/warp cycle.

We need a NPE mechanic that drops newbros into pvp in low. They added the death mechanic, but against an NPC. Maybe against real players would open more eyes?

And the obligatory “Vote for Insidious” plug

Fly Reckless

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