Hy Wanto Destroyer for CSM 16

Who Am I?
I am the leader of Snuffed Out, a well established alliance with a rich history of PvP.

I have played this game for way too long and have fced for over 7 years in small scale , mid scale and large scale engagements. This has allowed me to get a good grasp of the game and have more game knowledge than most players which I would like to use to help direct the game.

Although Snuffed Out is well known as a lowsec alliance, we have a large amount of experience in null sec engagements and I believe many of the issues that impact lowsec are echoed throughout the nullsec theatre.

What are my goals for the CSM?

My main goal is to make CCP understand that their large changes to the game impact all aspects of the game, For example, CCP is on a big mineral rebalance warpath and a CCP dude has already said they intend to make orcas and rorquals into a purely command boosting role. However, this will not just impact ore prices and building of ships etc and will greatly impact the PvP side of the game because rorquals are one of the main fight instigators this game still has left and so essentially removing them from belts will make content generation much harder for groups.

Another issue I would like to address as a FC myself, is that citadels are incredibly tedious for content generation and require a massive amount of effort to setup to fight as an aggressor. This leads to FCs burning out or just not wanting to go out and spend time to bash citadels.

The citadel issue has 2 major components as to why they are a pretty crap fight instigator:

The first is there is no real benefit to going out and hitting most citadels because there is no real reward for groups like there was for POSes which would give you a passive income over time. Cores have helped this problem slightly but there is still much more that can be done in this regard to make citadels a much more attractive prize for small , mid scale and large scale groups to fight over.

The second is that fighting as an aggressor on a citadel is extremely hard when you try and fight with relatively equal numbers in a similar composition to the defender , especially on large citadels because of the incredibly powerful weapons citadels have. As such, citadels pretty much discourage using clever tactics to win as an aggressor because you’re pushed into certain fleet compositions and batphoning hard to actually have a chance of winning on a citadel grid which would then discourage the other side and result in blueballs.

In regards to lowsec, a lot needs to be done to allow for smaller groups to thrive and enjoy lowsec but this is a multi-factorial issue.

FW really needs some love and ill put my hands up and say im not the most experienced person with FW. However, just because I run the strongest and largest group in lowsec who everyone probably sees as oppressive doesnt mean I dont want lowsec to become more alive again where there are things for smaller groups to do apart from the inevitable blob fights. I started my career in lowsec roaming in small gang and had the most fun doing that honestly but various changes to the game has made roaming a completely different ballpark now and Id like to help bring life to the smaller scale PvP again.

I am also pretty unbiased in terms of larger blocs and so will be able to provide an unbiased perspective to the CSM which has always largely consisted of multiple members of each bloc.


No thank you

Hy has a nice voice, I will vote for this man


i will vote for hy wanto.

its 2021, csm needs more DIVERSE representation


Bring LNAW back and you will have my vote!


I will vote for you if you promise to never disband again


Say no more, you have my vote.



This is going to be an awesome campaign thread, I can just see it now.


Best voice ever. You have my vote.


I have nothing else to say. You have my vote.


The irony.


I didnt read anything you said hy, u have my vote.


I endorse this product and/or service.


I wouldn’t say I’m not going to vote for you but not PIBCing anyone in lowsec would probably help it grow


As an individual who leads an organization who specializes in the destruction of structures and battles of epic proportions in lowsec, Who stands up for are the issues in his area of expertise and present a solution of this problem is always admirable. I urge the readers to consider Hy Wanto as a valid candidate of CSM 16.

With that Hy Wanto Destroyer has my vote for CSM 16 along with RonUSMC, Rixx Javix, Lucrative Business Opportunities, and finally Jim Halescott


What are somethings you could name that you support, that could help Non faction warfare, low sec space?

Would you be in support of turning more low sec systems in to high sec, but adding more choke points and individual 1-2 system pockets, like Anher, or Parts/Obalyu?

How can you help people like me who live in low sec and cannot even compete with major blocs or major players like Snuffed and Siege Green, because we cannot generate any income close to what they can?

And how would passive income from moons help fix this issue? Wouldn’t big blocks like you guys just take as many over as you possibly could? Much like you did with the recent invasion event BPC’s?

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Will you stab the other members of the CSM in the back the way you did Shadow Cartel?

If so, you have my vote. We need another Judge like person on the CSM.

You know who this is, right?

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The CEO of snuffed? Yes, I’ve heard him go on many shows from the INN. You do know that he’s not royalty? Right? I asked a question in a way that anyone reading it could understand even if they didn’t know who your king is.