Hy Wanto Destroyer for CSM 16

I think your alliances previous actions will have a detrimental affect on your campaign (as you state in your post) but GL anyway

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“Diverse” what a pathetic endorsement.

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+vouch, good trader, fast delivery

I have had a great time flying with you and experiencing a side of PVP I thought did not exist since everyone started to live under super-capital umbrellas. You are a great FC and I think a good voice to be on the CSM. Low-sec needs to be rethought of entirely and the reduction of PVP creating things such as rorqs will definitely reduce the bulk of the content from the game. What are your thoughts on system-wide cyno jammers?


I asked you multiple questions 4 days ago, if you can’t communicate with your constiutents once every 4 days, how are you going to devote any time to being a CSM member?

Closed at OP’s polite request.