Gobbins for CSM 16

Pandemic Horde alliance leader and founder.


Played since 2004, background in FCing, spying and alliance tourneys (4 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze medals).
Founded Pandemic Horde in 2015, now the biggest new player corp in the game and the third biggest alliance overall.
I run one of the biggest alliances in the game and manage the thousands of people in it.
Member of CSM14 and CSM15.

Why apply for CSM

I initially joined the CSM because not having a player on the council is a big handicap for any large group. However I must say working with CCP has been a pleasure and during these two years we have helped bring a lot of changes that really improved the game from the stagnant state of 3 years ago.

Work done in CSM15 and what players can expect

I have been putting a lot of work into the introduction of more conflict drivers. The fruits from work started in the first term have finally materialized this year with the ESS revamp and the Cores being introduced. Both these changes reward attackers by forcing the defender to have a stake in the game. That means if the defender punts the challenge (ess theft, citadels defense), the attacker gets to walk away with something.
A lot more proposals along those lines have been worked on and I hope they will be implemented during this year, adding yet more reasons for players to fight in this game (conflict drivers).

Another main thing I have been working for is improvements to the quality of life of people running fleets (FCs) as well as more tools for strategic fleet gameplay. Formations were one of the proposals I brought up, as well as various balance changes, module revamps and new mechanics to make the meta more interesting.

What about the non blocs?

I’ve spent a lot of time this year helping two non-bloc colleagues push for improvements to lowsec and FW, including combined presentations to ccp’s leadership level. Although the progress on that front has been slow, at least the redistribution of unique ores to lowsec has been a step in that direction.


Right under the wire… Well I wish you luck.

Very calm and interesting person. Remember this battle in M2 and he was ready to put it all on the table. Definitely worth voting for.

are you sucking up to everyone around to get some support?


I am expressing my opinion, am I not allowed to?

sure you can, but the way you do it…

I think i can choose the way i am doing it. Thank you for your attention.

Hello Gobbins, if you could change 3 things in EVE, what would they be?

Hi! These would be my picks:

  • more strict risk-reward balance in the design for both pvp and pve
  • conflict driven income (ie similar to old passive income) returning as a conflict driver
  • more ways for players to steal from organizations and from each other

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