Changes to NS and HS.... What about LS and WH?

With all the interesting changes to Null and HS. Can we expect any changes to Low Sec and Worm Hole Space?

To the community. What changes would you WANT to see in LS / WH?

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I think low sec is pretty good the way it is. Nothing much of value means it’s where the real PVP players end up.

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Pages and pages have been written on these topics, you would do better to join an existing thread. The ‘warfare & tactics’ sub-forum is a place to talk about fixing lowsec / faction warfare.

This thread is closed now, but it’s a good recap of player thoughts on WH.

Features and Ideas is a catch-all for specific suggestions to CCP.

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A gigantic fleet of empire NPC fleets duking it out would be fun to watch in FW lowsec.

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