Low sec opportunties

Okay, well I live in a wormhole and it gets stale. What is the downsides to farming/living in a low security sector that is also faction warfare? Will there still be combat sites that spawn in them?

I guess im just looking or new content with the risk. I dont wanna grind out missions because I have no rep. I figure combat sites and belt ratting would be ideal.

Can a beefed out tactical destroyer be good for belting in low sec? Or should I use a strategic cruiser or battlecruiser? I want clone soldier tags

I just live in the wormholes and it gets lonely, boring, too quiet. I want the risk of being in local and being ganked more common.

Ive been asked by my corporation to find interesting low sec systems, but most are faction warfare snoozelord systems. Any suggestions on spicing up things to do?

If you have a corporation backing you up, you could get into fights by shooting someone’s Athanor.
Some NPC nullsec can be fun for that too. I hear Syndicate is nice this time of the year.

But back to lowsec: Yes belt-ratting will be very possible with a T3D. T1 frigates can do it too, just slower. Of course bigger works too, but there is no need if you don’t want to.

There also spawn regular combat and DED sites in lowsec. Also, SCC sites, where the keys for the ESS reserve banks come from spawn in lowsec. Afaik people run them in Marauders. Thinking about it, running them as a group may be optimal as they also have a hacking part you need to do simultaneously.