Newb Small Gang PvP

I’ve joined a newbie corp and I’m looking to set up small gang pvp roams around lowspec.

My corp is only just getting started, but I feel we can bankroll small gang pvp if we stick to tech 1 Frigates and destroyers.

Any advice for a newb that’s just starting out?

Fly dessies into Nullsec, organize some recon in Interceptors, and return home via Pod express.

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Maybe get your corp into Faction Warfare, it’s probably one of the better environments for Frigate and Destroyer pvp with the summer lull and mass exodus due to sub price change, player count is pretty low these days and nullsec tends to be pretty empty until your roaming gang is reported in someone’s intel channel and then you get blobbed, there is rarely a middleground. People don’t want goodfights in nullsec they just want you out of their space so they can keep ratting in peace. At least in FW you can somewhat control your engagements which will be much more rewarding for you and your friends.

Just my 0.02 ISK


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