Returnee. Looking for PvP

Hey. Not played in over a year, just returned. Always in a pub fleet (Spectre/BB/Bjorn) when they’re up, but they don’t run 24/7 and FCs can be suboptimal in Spectre.

What’s the go-to for immediate action these days?

I used to frig in Tama, but fair/advantageous engagements could take hours, WH space engagement are also very few and far between, naturally.

Current understanding of large NS/LS corps/alliances is that it’s largely capital focused, with little subcap action hour-to-hour. So much botting too, which makes hunting frustrating.

When I left, there was some sort of abyssal deadspace arena thing, is that still around?

ISK costs aren’t really an issue either, I just need my PvP fix. Thanks in advance

There’s always filamenting out to nullsec and contesting an ESS.

You can also ask around in the public fleet channels you mentioned to see if anyone feels like joining you.

I’ve done filamenting before. Was fun, but always ends in being swarmed by multiple T3D, T3C probers, intercepters, etc forming up just for a solo. Everyone docks quick too, so I usually get more action in Tama desu, but I’ll probably give it a shot again out of boredom.

I have no idea what the ESS stuff is, will try to find a good vid on it. Isn’t that the bank structure where you can’t warp off, so are at the mercy of any gangs that drop on you? Ty for the info

The ESS are the banks, but they’re good because they limit what can engage you (no MWD or MJD, cruisers, BCs and battleships only)

Bjorn will have plenty of videos on them, he’s been a big proponent.

there’s a gallente faction warfare push in iges, dastryns, ostingele and uphallant. plenty of action when i was there today.

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