Looking for a casual noob-friendly pvp/pve nullsec corp

I am about 4 weeks into Eve, made a few billion isk, shoved most of it into skill injections, and trying different fits. I have been in a corp/alliance since the first week but I don’t think it is for me, it is a small gang PVP however they seem to live and die by their killboard, demand everyone on comms all the time, and chew you out every time you lose a ship.

I’m a middle-aged guy with a family and job, I use Eve to relax, as I am new I am interested in trying everything out PVP/PVE, fleets, etc… I like making isk and spending it trying out a bunch of fits. I don’t want to be a number and have someone dictate my game to me but would love to hook up with some low-key/low-drama folks in a nullsec corp that can help me learn but also allow me to participate in a variety of activities both in small gang and solo. Anyone know any good corps that fit this bill? I currently have 6M SP, can scan and look relics with the best of them, have a few explorer kills under my belt, but not much else.

drop by “orbits pub” in game channel wee might be what your looking for

Hey bud hit me up in game and lets chat or join -DMCO Public channel!

Look forward to seeing you!

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