What is low sec even for?

Was watching the CSM 14 short video by @JintaanEVE and he brought up a good point:
What is low sec for?

Some at CCP don’t even know.

I got thinking and realized i have a lot of cool ideas for LS, but don’t know what is LS’s purpose. Is it a place to day trip? To build a fledgling corp/alliance? A place to avoid, farm, a necessary place to pass to/from null/HS?

I ask (again) for those who ply the skies of New Eden to fill out a survey on your thoughts of Low Sec

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EDIT: The question was to help me learn how others see it and what they do with it.

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It used to be the gateway to null - and where we did most of our mining.

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I really like lowsec, my problem is it demands full attention and cos of work & family etc it does end up being a daytrip activity because I need a free block of time long enough to make it worthwhile. But that’s my problem, not CCP’s.

As for activities, there are plenty but I gas huff mostly, have done some moon goo raiding as well and lots of running away. Belt mining is not really viable in terms of just isk (still fun/risky) but anoms might be with the redistribution, I’m keeping an eye on that. I know players who enjoy lowsec PvE and the returns look good. Then there is FW and all that PvP shenanigans.

Primarily I view it as Lowsec = Freedom = Fun . It’s the place to do whatever you want, experiment, fuq up & then eventually succeed.


Easy, lowsec is the combat zone of EvE. No crabbing, no politics, just free for all PvP.


Problem with lowsec is that it don’t have anything unique that is worth living or coming in there.

Every other part of space is different. When lowsec is just “no concord”.

FW is dead, and recent changes did almost nothing to it so I simply ignore it…

In general, on average, lowsec cyto gas is worth 50% more than jspace gas. 50kk for 50 mins in a venture is pretty good. Moon goo raiding can get you up to 25kk in 15 mins if u find a nice moon belt. Lowsec piracy is still a thing and even if you don’t PvP as such, getting away with it is fun.

It is what you make of it.


Moving this to general discussion as this is not a campaign thread. Carry on.

low sec is my home
the question surprises me
i think is the best sec

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Then you should give NPC null a try!

my friends convinced me to join a null alliance some time ago
i found it very disappointing
no will to fight , people dock because of one dude , lots of money but i never ratted or mined there , to me it was boooooring
the only fun i had was to roam but even them its all empty far from the alliances capitals
besides there is a boss telling you what to do
hight sec is better , i like the eve anarchy , do what you want etc
wen my corp got in a disagreeing with the leadership and my ceo leaved i told to myself
ill go live in low ( already liked amarr militia anyway )
to me is way better , more fight , the fw mechanic centralize the people so no empty 100 jumps space
its democratic , you can join a npc militia corp with no boss , lots of pros , and newbros , in the same team
i love it
thats it … to me low is the best sec


Who knows really…its a semi-lawless place…sort of like Tortuga or New Providence in ye olde pirate days. I never really got into low sec…the sec status hit just puts a damper on travel ti HS if need be. I would rather go to 0.0 than LS…but now I just run a corp in HS that has wardecs in highsec. So much more fun and convienent.

When I lived in lowsec between 2012 and 2014 I would run Hydroponics sites and mine Cytoserocin, earning me enough money to buy two dreads. It was an isolated constellation in Placid so we wouldn’t get many visitors and those we get were usually coming from wormholes, or were beginners who probably didn’t knew what they’re doing. That would fill my dose of PvP, but keeping security status high enough to go to Dodixie and back was a challenge. And most of partners weren’t very good at PvPing, so I eventually got bored of losing ships because of bad FC decisions and decided to move on.

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It keeps highsec elite indy gankers and nullsec elite carebear miners away from each other… oh and for idiots who fire first and gain gate-gun aggro… also smart-bomb blobs that require SO MUCH skill and strategy.

Low Sec is where the real EvE is.

It’s the fringe where so much is possible yet the masses who just follow orders simply don’t ‘get’ it.

Ask any who live there 'what is low sec for?" and they simply reply “it is my home, it doesn’t need a reason to be.”


At the moment?

Solo/small gang roaming with no bubbles. It’s probably the best (only) place to self-teach the basics of hunting and PvP since hi-sec PvP is all about structure bashing now.


in low you can enter , be online for like 10 min and get a fight
dont want to brag but low is for this

in null you have great fcs , that have great knowledge of the game , and they do so much awesome stuff they kinda forget that a trained chimp in their fleets could learn how to follow their orders , btw now they can even fleet approach the other guys , that means that the only thing the line member have to do is change ammo and press f1 ,love Jintaan , follow him on youtube , but i got kinda piss65 with the question , its like asking a dude what his neighborhood is even for
i live in low mof% , like so many, its like asking wat is null even for besides enriching a decadent elite of bears??? quite generalizing and stupid question . For a CSM guy , he should know better , -1 point to you jim boy , still love you and all but f dat

btw im a solo pilot and i roam and plex , but i see lot of organization and strategic talk in militia chat , some guys there are serious business , so besides what i do in low , there is much more , and fancy CSM guy don’t even know what is for

sry i had to vent


In their defence, they don’t know what highsec is for either.


I have this romanticized thought of Lowsec where piracy thrives and is the home and launch pad for these groups to maraud through Highsec and Nullsec.

Unfortunately all you hear about is capital blobbing, SB gatecamps, try hards in FW, and such. Sounds like it’s all part of a competitive ecosystem but the largest groups have driven players out through capital supremacy and denial of content. Is this accurate? I’m not sure, it’s just what I assume from what I’ve heard and read about.

no its not…
we are the immortals
there is nothing a organization can do against the individual in eve
if you don’t hold sov , you are imune to any kind of political act
you get poded pick another ship and keep coming back

Capital blobbing is rare and only for big fights or structures. Even hot dropping with subcaps is rare. In my whole low sec career (about 8 years), i’ve hot dropped less than 10 times, been hot dropped only a few times and been in a fleet that had to flee out of hot dropping range only once. But this is almost exclusively FW space.

SB gate camps aren’t that common. And gate camps in general aren’t that oppressive thanks to gate guns and lack of bubbles. Flying without a scout is the norm unless you have one for finding targets.

Whilst you get the odd douche with a griffin alt on standby in FW, its not common. The vast majority of people are pretty chill.

But the above is also a bitter sweet. Thanks to the nature of FW space, non-consensual PvP is pretty much non-existent. Fights are mutually agreed upon over D-scan and anyone who doesn’t want to fight has plenty of opportunity to slip away. There’s little in the way of forcing fights or reasons to hold the field. Much less cat 'n mouse or thrill of the hunt.