Low sec - doesnt seem too dangerous

I’ve fiddled around in low sec… lost a Venture to PVP and a thrasher while ratting, also to PVP ( I was new and thought maybe he was there to help… LMAO).

I’ll find an empty low sec system and do some mining and exploring. Mining seems easier since you can keep your eye on D-scan more and run if someone else shows up in-system. Exploring is a but tougher since you need to scan and then hack. So what I’ve done is orbit the gate when I get in system and scan from there, hoping the gate defenses will deter and attacker. Once I find a site and warp to it, i think i’m safe since a potential attacker would also have to scan to find me.

People on here and in-game have said the low sec is very dangerous and the gates and station defenses don’t do anything.

SO… why don’t more people hang out at low sec gates and stations attacking people when the pop in to the system or undock from a station?

I’ve cut through low sec systems (jumping from gate to gate) with a cargo ship with a lot of isk on board without issue.

Am I just lucky or are the gates and stations in low sec stronger than some people say?


First of all, LS and NS are sparse as a whole (PVP arenas won’t help), but they are by no means short of gankers and their own mid-to-large size battles. Some areas are more popular than others (you can check DOTLAN to check for player activity and density, or the in-game map for statistical information), but your experience is pretty much the exception to the rule. Come to Molden Heath, I have some frenemies I’d like to introduce you to… or go to FW warzones… such as Amamake for example…

because most wannabes go after defenseless victims who are rarely in low.

if they’re not in low, how do they go after them?

gank/wardec in HS, hunting in null

As with all real estate, it is a matter of location, location, location.

Some parts of low sec are very active, and others not.

There are parts of lowsec, due to their location in connecting regions, that lend themselves to more activity than others. These “hot spots” seem to go in and out of fashion as player activity changes.

Other parts of low sec, due to their sheer isolation from currently used traffic routes, see very little activity.

So, you just have to poke around and find out what level of activity you’re comfortable with and go from there.

The low sec area I frequent has low activity, which is why i use it for mining (jaspet) and exploring. Even so, I KNOW there are PVP players (solo) that come by looking for easy kills. I see them and run.

I always wonder why those same players dont just grab me when i enter the system or when I leave a station.

Gate-guns & Station-guns.

@Winter_Civil I don’t trust this guy, ha asks intelligent questions. :wink:

Because sitting at a gate all day in an empty region waiting for that one unlucky explorer can get boring quite quickly.

However, in busier systems, especially those with a gate to high sec near jita, you’ll find lots of gate camps.

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Highways to/from NS (NS-NS or HS-NS that pass through LS) are particularly dangerous. Same with “shortcuts” from tradehub to tradehub that pass through LS. Plenty of gate camps in those systems. Gankers love jumping transports/freighters heading to tradehubs, and caps/supers often camp highways to nullsec in hopes of jumping blingy subcaps or other caps (esp. where I live).

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