Question for New Players and Null Sec

I’d like to ask the new(er) players : What would you say prevents or stops you from going out of high sec space and into low sec or null sec space?

If you have gone into low sec or null sec, what would intrigue you to stay?

null sec is VERY different from low sec

null sec is all about being in a big alliance , have a boss , getting rich , doing 200 man fleets , maybe buying a capital ship and stuff , its SAFE , sometimes more safe than HS
do your stuff , don’t piss any big cheese , progress
pretend you are nice and steal the stuff

low sec is more anarchic , small groups or solo , do the ■■■■ you want , no boss , murica ■■■■ yeah
low sec is also the best sec

nothing can stop you from leaving HS , HS is bad mkay , i mean , you can live in null or low and visit HS to do HS things



why not

btw there this pic that somewhat explain the various SECs , wormhole is kinda overstated but its good anyway




Having explored in both over the past 2 days…

Lowsec has good mining for new players, nullsec doesn’t. Lowsec is useful to visit without being part of an organised corporation who are claiming space within nullsec (or allied with a corp who do). Nullsec is a nice place for a (potentially very short if someone decides to blow you up) sightseeing tour, but other than that, I’m more likely to be spending time as a new player in high and low security regions, with a preference for the slightly improved safety of hisec.

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There are several pirate null sec regions that can not be claimed by alliances. Curse, Stain, Great Wildlands, Venal, etc that have NPC stations so it’s a good way of being in null without needing to be in an Alliance

The Krabs would argue with you on that. Plus null is fun to yeet into with a filiment and wreck havoc on said Krabbers and see how many you can take out before you are. Then take bets to see how long it takes for them to show up on the forums and whine.

Null sec also has ESSs which are fun to rob, and annoy the Krabs. Which then will show up on the forums to cry about how unfair the ESS system is and how it robs them of their hard earned semi-afk isk farming.

In fact, null sec is pretty identical to high sec. Both are riddled with entitled players that avoid any sort of PvP and cry when their isk/hr operations are interrupted.

When I first started approx ten years ago I got out into low sec almost immediately.

I was fighting with friends in faction war and it was great, but expensive. I found it difficult to support the pvp habit because my low amount of skill points didn’t provide me much income. However I managed and it was fun; I intended to stay.

When that same corp moved to nul sec shortly after I joined I tried to follow them. However I didn’t have enough knowledge or skills. I couldn’t make the isk required to fly the ships the corp wanted to fly and didn’t realise at the time it was totally an option to just keep flying cheap tackle ships. So I left null sec on my own, losing an expensive (for me at the time) ship on the way back.

I wound up mining primarily and running missions and burnt out on pve frustrated at the slow pace of accruing skill points.

Knowing what I know now I would have yolo’ed straight out there. However the point being that it’s easy to feel you don’t have enough isk and after that game knowledge is the second biggest block if you ask me.

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I feel like these aren’t activities for new players to jump into… but I might just not have enough understanding of how those systems work yet.

low sec is THE BEST place to get fights
is the FASTEST to
you can get pew pew in 15 minutes most of the time with few jumps

its also democratic , there is a lot of new pilots and vets (most tired of null sec) all in the same alliance
that happens because one can train for a small amount of time and be competitive in small ships to do novices and small complexes
with the free SP from referral one can practically insta join the war in frigates and destroyers

plus he barrier to entry is tiny ,there is NO WAY to stop you from joining the militia , the is no way to kick you out , and since we will be obliged to see your ugly face around all the time we may as well be friends .

For the price of a skiff you can buy 10 destroyers and 10 frigates with SERIOUS fits , that last for a long time and the money is waaaay better than mining tritanium or doing shitty missions in hs

come to low sec
low sec best sec

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There’s nothing out there but death?

come to low sec

low sec , death and high fives


Alas Epithals dont last long down there.

A corporation that takes in newer players with SP under 5 or 10mil and can provide less expensive services for industry and market and that operates in my corner of the galaxy. I have hi, low and null secs all within 2 jumps of my home station.
Also a corporation that doesn’t demand everyone be on Discord/Teamspeak all the time except for fights.
Also a corporation that lets members use blueprints, especially the blueprints that don’t seem to exist: the t2 blueprints.
Until I find such corporation I will continue to live in hi-sec and keep operating in all-sec.

You can create T2 BPCs out of T1 BPCs, and those can be created from T1 BPOs. Hope that helps… and good luck in your search!


I checked it out. So far, with the skills I have, there’s only a 30% chance of the result to be usable and then I lose the BPC (?)… don’t know what happens to the the BPO if it works making BPC, how many times can I reseach on a BPO until it’s useless? If I lose it on success/failure it gets very expensive to replace the BPO. I’m not a whale, I don’t have billions of isk, I get PLEX with bought Omega time, I sell that and that’s that.
Also, the skilling for Research would, right now, impede on skilling for the things I need which will take another + - 40 days to complete and those are skills I would need more then the ones in Research since I also want to be a combat pilot. How long for Research skills to complete then, another 10 - 15 days?
I do not want to create a character for each career, I want Bob to be my main and only for I do not have the time nor the means to develop several characters. It’s also a personal choice for RP reasons.
Hence me looking for a corporation where I can be useful in several areas while getting support at dipping my toes in new things like Research and P.I
But all that is part playing the game in the long run. There’s so much to know and do It’s going to be a long while before I get jaded.

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Yes, you just make or buy more. T1 BPCs are dirt cheap and easy to make.

Nothing. You can make copies as much as you want. The BPO is not affected by copying and you only use BPCs for inventing.

Create a new account with a reference from your main, and use the free SPs to make it your research and inventing alt. He never needs to go anywhere.

Then you need to live with choosing between skilling for combat or research first. Thats the pay off.


Yes. And since Bob needs to defend himself then combat skilling comes first. He can be a scientist on his off time, lol.

This is good logic. I’ve been mixing my combat and industry skills as I go, getting a bit of progress on both while focuing on playing the mining and industry role but building up skills to keep myself safe while I do it.

There’s not much “safe” in EVE. I’m skilling to be the assailant on one hand and the prey on the other, kind of experiencing both sides while I explore the different careers and regions’ security for PvE and PvP.

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I don’t mean “safe” as in “unkillable” just “I can survive being targeted by more han an angry look in my general direction” - I exepct to occasionally die, especially when mining in higher-risk areas. I’d just rather take some steps to mitigate those risks along the way, and maybe have some options to defend myself while I’m at it.

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