Why always nullsec?

Brand new player here, almost every Corp recruiting is in nullsec? From what I hear, New players get chewed up and spat out in null sec. I want a Corp that will teach me in a fairly safe environment for beginners

You’re in luck here. Nullsec is the safest environment in the game. Kind of ironic, really, that the dedicated PvP zone of a PvP sandbox is actually the safest area, but that’s just how it is in this day and age…


Well that’s pretty crazy, I was under the impression that nullsec referred to no security

I’m interested in joining a corporation that is involved in primarily in industry, production etc, that has members that mine, refine, haul, invent produce ammunition etc. I’m more interested in pve for now until I get to find my feet

Nullsec is safe because you have power in numbers and advantage of Intel and friendly infrastructure.Make no mistake there is industry there too and you can even pve to make some decent isk for a new player.Most serious corps will help you with ships and tutoring

Low sec and wormholes are probably the hardest place to live in and the most rewarding, null sec and high sec are safe when your in some type of alliance, npc null can be difficult in a small group but the rewards are pretty bad as CCP doesn’t give npc null many sig’s.

But as a new guy best place by far to learn the game is some big null sec alliance, you will progress really fast pvp and pve wise. Avoid high sec (Stagnant Sec) like cancer.

For reference living in null sec you will be able to achieve in 1 month what would take you 8-10 months in high sec.

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Do you guys have experienced members willing to teach new guys? Or is it everyone brand new?

Being honest with you Jimmy, I’d say about 50% of the players in the game live in Null (probably more), And they’re the largest single groups meaning there’s always a need for new blood and assistance. I’ve lived in null plenty in the game, and honestly always find it tedious (unless your a full time PVPer… then there’s usually something to do).

High-Sec Corps suffer a lot of the same problems that Null sec corps do, just on a smaller scale. Generally those staying in HS want a casual experience where those in Null are a bit more serious about the game. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a HS corp that once wardec’d folded up and died even though they had the power to combat the threat. The same thing though happens frequently in Nullsec too, just in a different way/scale.

Lastly, When it comes to forum recruitment, Most of us on here are the old salts anyway. The best place to recruit old vets with lots of SP are here on the forums as most newbie guys like to use the recruitment channels, Recruitment Ads, or simply reach out in local to find a new corp. Nullsec groups love getting the 50+ mil SP players who tend to live out in Forum-Warefare space.


@Jimmy_Kaos check Eve University. Their mission is to train new players.

That is exactly what I did when I first started my eve career. I joined a friendly null-sec corp when I was a week or so old. I did some pve/mining there and some noobish pvp. Eve has a super steep learning curve and a chilled out null-sec corp is the best staring point for getting into eve.

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woah woah woah woah woah you all have it oh so wrong FCs.

It doesn’t matter where you play the game it matters who you play the game with.

That being said join a corp based on how much freedom they give you and wether or not they’re gonna rip you off or if they’re risk adverse or not. ( Do they take fights FC? do they wait on one side of the gate for hours to see whos gonna jump into who and cap blob the other and win the fight? Do they force you to fly ridiculous armor or shield t3c comps with logi where they can only go if you got 2 or more logi? where they ping for days trying to get one more pilot than the other guys just so they can take their dank loot. Do they sit stupidly on gate or does everyone know to passively align to the sun? )

You don’t need all that. You can play the game however you want FC. But not many players even know what the range of a heated rapier is.

Generally all corps suffer from being risk adverse. In 0.0 everyone docks up and runs for the hills when my nano gang comes running through and hopelessly wait for a response fleet. What will you do if theirs no FC on? Do you even need an Fc, fc?

In wormhole space everyone docks up when they see a new signature and probes out? is it Lazerhawks? is it HK? are you gonna log off for the rest of the day now and hope you don’t get evicted? it’s probablly just a dude krabbing nextdoor right? Does that Keepstar really keep all your hit safe fc?

In highsec everyone plays docking games or just avoid stepping outside home station for fear of losing everything. when will the war be over fc? I want to run L4 missions.

If you wanna be good at the game you want to fight nanogang. it will allow you to always fight bigger numbers and it requirers every pilot to be their own fc. Let me let you in on a secret fc. Everyoen, from nullsec to highsec has no idea what they’re doing and this video will put you ahead of 75% of the eve userbase.

This game will probably end with the biggest baddest richest wormhole alliances renting out to an endless, mass of 0.0 renters who never bothered to even learn the basics of a wormhole. or everyone gets bored and quits.

That being said how much sp do you have? If you have less than 15mil sp you’ll have trouble flying in 0.0 without depending on someone else. that number doubles for wormhole space and I highly recommend looking into a second account. It makes the game way more enjoyable.

Null sec is safer. We have intel channels that warn us of nearby hostiles. Also, aggression mechanics are different. You don’t have to guess who your friends are. Your friends are clearly marked blue; anyone who is not blue you shoot or dock up until they leave. There aren’t as many people in nullsec, sometimes I go 4 hours or more without seeing a single neut.
In addition to being safer, nullsec is more profitable. Much better PI yields, much better mining, much better ratting.
In addition to being safer and more profitable, nullsec is more “honest”. Everyone knows what the rules of engagement are. To me, high sec leaves a film on me, like I have to go shower after leaving high sec. I stick an alt in jita to sell my stuff and keep my trips to high sec to an absolute minimum. I’m happier in null.

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it does refer to low security but its usually either pretty quiet or well defended. Newbro corps dont tend to work in highsec because they just get wardecked a lot by folks just looking for easy kills.

In EvE, system security status refers to the Concord RESPONSE to criminal actions but that response is always RETALIATION. Putting it plainly, if you attack/aggress (lock and fire) someone then you get attacked/aggressed by Concord in return (after a delay which depends on the sys sec status). This is known as “being Concorded” aka Concordoken.

While this does act as a deterrent to some extent it doesn’t PREVENT attacks from happening and EvE players are an ingenious bunch who’ve figured out ways to profit (materially or just by having fun) from doing so anyway.

In nullsec there is no Concord response but there are other , arguably more effective, deterrents because players actively defend their own space. Think of it as private security vs the police.

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