I've moved back to High Sec and I can see

… why it is so attractive to so many people.

High Sec is the perfect base to engage in a vast collection of different playstyles without having to commit.

Filaments allow me to jump straight into the action if I want to harass some Ratters or get into some ESS action.
Or I use the Noise for some chill Ninja ratting/Mining and Null Sec Exploration in one of the many unused and dead null sec systems. I get into trouble ? I Filament back out and use somebodies else space so conviently.

Got craving some good old fashioned cheap PVP ? FW Low sec is right around the corner.
Maybe some fleet action ? Just join one of the many public NPSI fleets.

Mining and Industry goes without saying.
So does suspect baiting.

Some other PVE needs, dont feel like ninja running sanctums and havens in unused systems ? There is always Incursions, good old LVL4 missions or you simply get some Abyssal running gear and engage in some of the most broken activity when it comes to risk vs. reward. And there is always the Epic Arcs if you need to refresh on Lore a bit.

Some corpmates had a 6bil kill in a wormhole as well. Not bad.

By the end of the day you log off where you are or head back to your nice and cozy home only a few jumps from Jita for easy logistics.

… So to conclude. HS is amazing and thanks to wormhole chains and filaments you don’t really miss out on most other activities.




The same applies to NPC null sec. You have an unassailable base from which you can have lots of fun and earn your living and ISK for ships.

Which brings me back to an old idea: Abolish sov null sec, make everything NPC null sec, spread stations all over the place, let people live in them and exert their influence in an informal way over certain areas. Pretty much turn null sec into an expanded version of Stain or Syndicate. Every aspects of sov null remain. Only the annoying and pointless things go away: sov.



Null is literally dictated by less than a dozen douchenozzles…

In Highsec, even in a corp/alliance, you are your own boss.


Now if only there was a corp that based from Jita and did all those things

Magic Travel, one of the many bad mistakes made by the current dev team.


If it wasn’t for filaments, players like myself would probably never visit the outer reaches of null.

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So what?


That why I enjoy HS to and that’s why it needs protecting from the null entities sorry I mean gankers


As a nullsec PVP player I have been enjoying making money in hisec. It’s lucrative and a nice place for some to live and for all to make isk.

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Hey! That was offensive.

…accurate, but offensive.

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Glad most other players don’t think like that.

For instance this player:


most players cant even understand how hard is the journey of katia
is like IMPOSSIBLE hard
they think , uh , maybe ill spend a weekend doing this in the future …
and there is chaps asking for more systems …


High sec (some nice ■■■■):

The rest of space (■■■■ happens):

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In null-sec you have to arrange your IRL lifestyle under EVE, while in hi-sec you have to arrange EVE under your IRL lifestyle.

Sadly, the same freedom isn’t possible in low-sec and j-space. Without multiple accounts and a big corporation there is nothing legit to do there.


Actually if you go to null or wh you are not in hisec. You may have your base in hisec but you still go to play in nullsec and whs :wink:

‘Hisec’ can be fun if you’re with the right corp. Like CAS. They do stuff quite regularly. Like roaming nullsec. :wink:

Granted, I don’t partake because this toon is currently catching up on skilling given that it has been on the back burner for 11 years, give or take.

I will just chime in to agree. And this lifestyle is possible in any systems with NPC stations. Lowsec and NPC null take more getting used to, but the same flexibility is there.

Anything is possible when you don’t have to maintain structures.

If it wasn’t for filaments and similar design choices in direct conflict with the original ethos and spirit of the game many players like myself would still be playing.

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That went out the door with the introduction of the Trigs. Can’t take that back.
(I know there’s been a lot of debate about that too).

Then why are you here now? :thinking:

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