Why do you play in Highsec space?

A legit question to those who don’t venture to 0.0 space or even WH space.

Personally I can’t find anything else to do in Highsec other than hauling loot from 0.0 and flooding the markets with it.

For the longest time I was in a large corp in a large alliance and after learning the ropes I can now play solo without any threats in the wildest parts of 0.0.

Is it fear of the unknown or lack of friends the main reason not to play in 0.0 or what?

Would be nice to see more people enjoying the real parts of space.


Null is good for spod brains and botters, it is sub par for everything else.

You could argue that manufacturing requires null sov but meh, I don’t do it.

As a non spod brain or botter or indy, null simply has nothing attractive.


PVE, some of my PVP, chill, interact. My income in HS is mostly trading and anoms, my pvp in HS is mostly harassing mission runners.

Outside HS you’re generally forced into a group with a certain amount of group think with requirements, restrictions, a passed down list of friends and enemies, CTA and whatnot. I’m individualistic where I like to do my things, my way, when I feel like it and when RL allows me to. Doesn’t mean I’m anti-social, it’s just that I’m more selective about who I call friends or targets/enemies or who I group up with. Quality, not quantity.


Missions are more engaging than null sec anoms. Mining is the same but less of a hassle since you can take away your gaze from the screen for a while without instantly dying to random strangers. Empire space is more crowded, which makes it feel more alive. There are fewer spergs there than in null sec. You can do whatever you want and don’t have to pay attention to other people’s fragile egos as much as you have to in a null sec group since you need to butter them up to stay there. You can casually do things (also with random strangers that you maybe find likeable) and know that your items will be safe in NPC stations. That gives you ease of mind to do other things and experiment. And most importantly: Well stocked markets are never far so that you don’t have to rely on alliance logistics or other annoying logistics aspects to get things you need.

Overall: High sec is superior in every regard unless you have the inexplicable urge to swing big toys around. NPC null sec and low sec are the same (except for the markets and the egotrips of people in your groups that you need to be able to be there.)


For me and for a lot of others I know a lot of people I think just have too much life and a busy schedule. It’s really casual game play.

HS is like the “City of eve” this really fits in with Lore in EVE also. HS is meant to be packed it’s where civilized space is. it’s crowded and you can get mugged(ganked) LS moving to the outskirts and Null/WH is the frontier

I would think a lot of HS people wouldn’t mind WH’s that have a HS static especially for WH PI or a really dead LS area to mine ice or rat in.

So it’s really a combination of people’s schedules and gameplay choices People may not have the time to live in LS/Null/WH or just don’t like the life really. In my humble view of talking to all kinds of HS people.


I stay in h.s. for raising others standings for iskies.

Why? You got it - no friends.

Of course…folks aren’t fond of me in NS, LS, or WH either…

dang :cry:


I can do stuff there.

Anywhere else other than WHs… I cant?

How about you let people play the game the way they choose? Maybe??

It’s not for lack of awareness.

Your attitude is the same that infects all those spaces you mentioned outside of highsec…

And that’s exactly why so many people want nothing to do with those areas. You play your way, and let others play theirs.



I don’t have the time to play in other places. I really have no time for pings and/or calls to arms at odd times of the day and night. I need an easy to access revenue source (level 4 missions) with little or no interactivity with other players, so as not to interrupt my revenue source.

To the OP my choice to operate in high security space as apposed to null is in no way influenced by fear of the unknown or with the numbers of players I may consider to be friends. And as to your next comment high security space is as “real” as any other parts of the eve universe.


This is a bit pointy but still nails it. I have my base in Perimeter, but live mostly between Tama and Kinakka. I do want to have people I can freely shoot at around me, and play by my own rules. Null would be the anti-thesis to all of this.


The reasons I play in High Sec are vast. I will list just a couple.

  1. Because 60-75% of Eve players are here in High Sec.
  2. I can buy or sell anything quickly to everyone in New Eden without gate camps or using jump bridges.
  3. I have NEVER been able to duplicate any isk per hour amount that everyone claims can be made in Low Sec, Null Sec or Wormhole.
  4. I have no required fleets. You know most Null Sec corps have fleets required per month, that is if they are worth joining.
  5. The reward for Null Sec, Low Sec and Wormholes are not worth it.
  6. Why be a gear in a machine with other calling the shoots? When you can be a shoot caller of your own destine in High Sec.

Well 60-75% of all players in New Eden would disagree.


Lol tou don’t even know what tou talking about. There is no “Sood”. xD

Everyone just has different needs and so they gravitate to the place that provides it.

I have tried “living” in low sec, high sec and wormhole space. They just don’t do it for me. Haven’t tried pochven, might day trip there soon for a change of pace.

But sov null ( and to a lesser extent, npc null) does it for me. Big fleet fights, small gang pvp, baiting roamers with my myrms and vexors, blops dropping, high end DED sites, amom pve on demand. And my corp is awesome, I have made real life friends from living in null.

It is all about personal preference and that is fine. What isn’t fine is the idiots who get all smug about the part of an imaginary internet galaxy they live in. It’s just a game. Play where you like.


For me it’s time really, and the population-level that I enjoy. For example today just before I killed a ganker , I was at the gate with a massive Black Flag fleet presumably hunting their wartargets. Then a freighter convoy passed by on the way to jita. I witnessed a faction war skirmish before popping off to an ice belt looking for pirates. I then upset some gankers by scanning their ships and support ships . Chatted with corp and ag members , killed a ganker and logged off , all in about 45 minutes.


I’m confused- does OP believe that 0.0 is more dangerous than low sec?

Edit: I see a specific call out of “0.0 or wormhole” with no mention of Lowsec.

OP comes somewhat close to a kid complaining and asking “why won’t anyone play with me?”
Let people play in the way and area that meets the rules and the individual’s needs and wants.
Hope you are enjoying NS; keep enjoying the game your way.


Kill the rock is a decent pastime.

–Gadget, the Rock Queen.


Hi-sec is where most of the game is. It’s where you get the most Interactions and trading. It’s also where there are the most rules so the gameplay is more nuanced. Non-consensual pvp has more meaning in hi-sec.

And lack of caps. Caps suck.


I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m still learning the game.
I plan on having a jump clone in every sectors of space and try different playstyles. I need to make more isk too. Won’t go far with just a few ships.