Why not CCP just cancel all High Sec area?

CCP hates high sec players so that they use Triglavian invasion to kick players out. Also many low/null sec players hate high sec players. CCP keep nerfing high sec for many years but still cannot eliminate all high sec players.

Currently just some systems have come low or null sec by effort of CCP and other players. Why not just cancel high sec or reduce high sec systems to just several ones? Many high sec players will be forced to low/null sec or get out of game. It is easy and quick.


High sec players are small group and they rarely join PVP. They rarely die and lost their ship. Also they buy much less PLEX than low/null sec players. It is meaningless for high sec players to stay in this game.

CCP, just do it. It will be a better game if there is no high sec player.


Honestly I think the Niarja change could be interesting and cool. It makes the space you live in matter more. It may make Amarr like Jita 2.0

More trade hubs may pop up. Not all change is bad. The game needs shaking up sometimes.


Well, why didn’t you fight for it?

Dahz liminality progresses.


Invasions are in low sec too you know.

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I agree. This change is good. Also it is best if there is no High Sec. Game will become better if there is no hgih sec player

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it might be less bad than you think if CCP simply canceled high sec altogether.

Much of the frustration people experience in EVE is due to the fact that high-sec is ‘mostly’ safe. As in, it’s ‘safe’ enough that people stop taking precautions and assume they are actually safe, then flip when they get nuked anyway.

Plus, all those lame, weaksauce pretend-PvPers roaming around high sec looking for easy ganks, would no longer have a safe space to operate in. They would all be easily popped targets, all the time - just like everyone else.

We would lose a lot of casual type players who need that illusion of safety of high sec, but we would also cause everyone to adapt to a more consistent EVE experience.

It would probably mean the death of the game, but heck, CCP’s been engineering that for a decade now. Might as well go out with a bang!



Stop with the cancel culture already! Just because it’s a source of unpopular opinions, doesn’t mean that you need to forcefully get rid of it. Enough is enough!


someone call a WAAAAHmbulance. I think OP got lost in the Farmville section.


Call it medium-sec?

It takes longer for CCP to kill their own game than most MMO’s last.

Oooh burn City of Heroes


THE most active system for ship kills is INVARIABLY Uedama, which is in HIGHSEC. Niarja is a close second, but that’s more down to Triglavian kills.

THE NUMBERS AGREE that Nullsec is a safer place to be. Damn your arguments. Numbers don’t lie. Anyone with the wherewithal to simply look will quickly come to realise that Highsec dwelling is not the place to avoid PVP, that’s the place to be if you want to get ganked. At least in Null you can run NPSI and get the first shot in using whatever means necessary and available to delete enemy ships without having to worry about local NPC militia.




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the page I linked places Jita at a DISTANT 4th place. That’s live statistics, rolling 3-hourly. Not alltime.

Jita is on the left ofc.

aight you win.

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City of Heroes rose from the ashes over a year ago and is alive and kicking.

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I wouldn’t call unsupported and no longer developed “alive and kicking”. By the same token you could say that Windows 2000 is still alive and kicking considering many banks still use it to run ATMs.

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CCP messed up high sec for cash.
When Covid spike is over, they will have to unmess it because nobody will be buying that SP stuff from them anymore, or even sub to play the game in high.


Actually majority of players are in high, generating something like 2/3 of activity. CCP provided data few years ago.

They decided its a great cash cow to create war there so peeps will want to get into more ships to fly. And they started selling SP for cash directly, without subscription time. SP instantly. Coincidence?

All you peeps not getting sleep there, you are falling for that scheme. Stop, and unsub. Wait till that insanity is over.