What happened to the "High Sec Expansion" we were promised?

Thought it was supposed to be the winter one?

I know it is always snowy in Iceland but winter is basically over in America.

And now this waste AGAIN on citadels?

Hiw many expansion s need dedicated to them?

Ccp says over and over and over that “most players are in high sec”
“High sec is where most new players stay”
“Most players just stay in high sec to Level Thier Raven”

So then why the diseat and lies and ignorance about our promised HIGH SEC EXPANSION ?


It happened, we got

  • Resource Wars
  • Pirate Forward Operating Bases.
  • errrr…



Resource wars - bad lp stores, only now theres atleast some clothes to get.

Pirate FOBS - good luck your going to need a fleet and now the roaming fleets pop people left and right, if your in a light tank and cant get off that gate fast enough RIP.

and yeah errr…


Those FOBS look like something only that is going to get done in Null.

The messed up part is you cant use combats in a system with a FOB (in my experience), so it kind of just added a bunch of systems that people wont be able to scan each other down in.


Um… no, no it isn’t.


I’m fairly certain the wording was “bring more life into Empire space”. Which includes both hisec and lowsec.

Which they did…somewhat, with new NPCs and new AI to add some dynamic, Resource Wars and Forward Operating Bases to encourage players working together for group content (though whether the rewards are worth running the actual content is a subject of debate), and some changes to the Agency (btw, RIP Agent Finder). Underwhelming, yes, but they weren’t untrue to their word.

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You have to examine CCP’s words and actions from their viewpoint.
The vast majority of their employees hate, absolutely hate, high sec.
They despise players that want to make high sec their permanent home, which is most of the payer base (or once was, but given how many high sec players have been driven from the game, that may not be the case anymore).

So if you look at all their actions in that context, it all makes sense.
Of course, it is insanity and an awful business model, but no one ever accused CCP of being a brilliantly run corporation.


Bit more complex than that perhaps. Maybe they are too caught up in “New shinies for the nullbear pimpmasters” (bearing in mind many devs are allegedly null seccers themselves) and lack objectivity as a result, being as “Meh, highsec is scrubs and lamers” as they are towards high sec.

All any of us can do is guess, fail to agree, have a cold beer and have lols in whatever way tickles your fancy. A game is a game.


source ?

I personally enjoy the fact they added alpha players more skills, I think resource war is interesting though not isk/h wise, and fob are a neat addition to the HS.

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Also aren’t we getting moon mining in .5 sec systems? That is hi sec content.


Now that does look interesting. Can anyone stop NPC Corp high seccers from speeding in and ninjaing ore? Any non-wardec pewpew will bring concord so this could get very amusing indeed.

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The problem you’re not getting is yes, CCP has to do more for high sec while keeping it nerfed enough so it encourages players to leave because dull sec, low sec, and even WH dwellers would get bored to death without someone to shoot at.

They are trying to get people to move around, however for years this subject has been going on it has not changed, people have voted by not all running into the lower sectors, the buffs, the prizes, nothing has made people leave, still more dull sec and low sec dwellers raise their arms and plead for more nerfs in the hopes of getting people down there, but CCP also understands that if too much nerfing happens people will leave the game.

So where do they go?
Careful expansions that allow them to feed high sec but not enough to be something comparable with dull/low, otherwise we are back at the beginning of what I posted, the lower secs will be up in arms.

The only real solution is to make NPC’S that look and feel like real players, miners, haulers, combat pilots, those NPC’s should even talk junk to them, this way their epeens get happy as they feel like big shots, this would keep them happy as they get what they want, victims.


That is the whole problem. High seccers won’t leave high sec. If things get too nerfed they’ll quit the game. They aren’t suddenly going to have a revelation and scream to the heavens “Hallelujah! I must go to nullsec so I can enjoy having my face stamped on!”. No. They’ll quit.

Balance is a tricky thing in this case. How do CCP get more cannon fodder for the PvPers to crap all over ? They can’t strongarm people into gank-space.


CCP seems to use the old Norse Calendar for naming expansions which only has 2 seasons - Winter runs from October to April (roughly) and Summer from April to October.

The big problem CCP has in highsec is that people want to be entertained. The essential characteristic of a sandbox is that you get a pail and a shovel and are then expected to entertain yourself (or each other). Content provided by the developers is fun the first time but quickly goes stale - some will be farmed for ISK, the rest will be ignored.

There are changes CCP could make to spice things up - missions, for example, could draw from common pools for reinforcements and loot - creating connections and interdependence. What happens in your mission depends on what’s happening in other missions elsewhere in New Eden. I’m not sure people would be happy about this - Eve Survival wouldn’t have survived as long as it did if players wanted novelty and surprise!


Its true.
Life in the north is really like this.

Most of us cant remember what summer was like through winter, and then we forget what winter was like in summer.

Its like our entire year is half night, and half day.

I wish I was a bear and could just sleep through the winter part of it.


These new “careful expansions” seem to be designed to annoy players and drive them out of high sec. NPC miners clear entire systems if no one stops them and the FOB rats camp gates and stations to kill players. Its probably the only option CCP has left to make players move to null because it would completly break the game if they would continue buffing null like in the past 5-6 years. You could say that Rorquals, carrier ratting and citadels are already slowly breaking the game.


Many players will quit playing rather than leave high sec. Dangling tasty carrots before the noses of the high seccers hasn’t worked so are CCP resorting to “punishment patches” to force players out? Damn stupid of them if they are.

Players won’t change their style of play like that apart from a tiny minority. All they’ll see is CCP playing favourites with the nullseccers and silently detach themselves from the game and move on to newer products.

It’s a shame but… a game is a game and there are plenty to choose from.


High sec is the neglected bastard of CCP. All my friends from the early Eve years have quit because High Sec has turned to ■■■■ and they had no interest in going elsewhere.

I finally got one friend to return from his 2007 hiatus about 2 years ago, and with his first attempt at mining, he was harassed (bumped) by someone for over 20 minutes. He’s adamant that he won’t be returning again.


Mostly the root of everything is people’s interest, those that do thrive on PVP and those that don’t, me, I stink at PVP, I lack the gene, but Indy and PVE, I thrive, I actually did try again going into low to seek some opportunity, problem, too many people camping gates, stations, and other things, it means that the thing I want is not going to happen because of the environment favors the gankers camping, thus I feel I’m wasting my time, however a solution I’ve been thinking about, the ability to cyno into low sec (not dull or WH), and skip jumping via gate, however no ability to jump out into high sec (except those that are already able to do it), and must use the gates.

Now before everyone goes emo on this the biggest problem with low sec is gate camps, sure you can use alts, etc, but for one sec lets consider human nature, people are not going to go thru that trouble, gate camps are often effective (too effective in my opinion), if its not insta locks it’s smartbombing battleships, etc, so gates become circus shooting galleries which only serve lazy people not wanting to hunt and ambush.

If everyone had the ability to cyno in then more people would chance running in for opportunities, AND when you cyno in it is a random 1 AU from the gate with no warping off delay, so anyway we can keep it as it is and low sec can remain the way it is or change a mechanism that favors the prey and the hunters something to chase, there are so many spots that opportunity to feed exists so it’s not ‘impossible’ it just gets couch potatoes off their gates to really play the game too.


I suspect that many high seccers are now alpha clones, logging on once or twice every few weeks because “meh, wanna play spaceships”, misson, mine or whatever for a while then log out and go back to other games.

The basics of the game, in terms of what a solo or small time player can do, has not changed. Mine, mission, explore and get stomped. It reaches a point where there’s nothing left to look forwards to without making a huge time commitment which many people simply cannot make and it can be all nuked flat if you attract any attention.

From a high sec point of view all CCP are doing is trying to find new ways to put lipstick on a pig.

I play alpha clone nowadays, mine, mission, got an FW alpha clone too and have little enthusiasm left. I prefer reading about EVE to actually playing it.