Equinox No Love for Hight Sec

So everything I have seen about the upcoming expansion is all Null Sec Upgrades. What about High Sec? why isn’t there any for High Sec? like battleship bpo’s, you need reactions for building; yet you can only make reactions in Null Sec. What’s the point then if your a High Sec player like me. That makes no sense. And now an expansion that does nothing for the High Sec player it looks like.


Nobody care about hisec, just leave to low-sec learn PVP or null to grind ISK in hisec u will be only ganked.

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The new ships will be useable in high sec. You just won’t be able to use the new Upwell structures in high sec.

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Welcome to how Null sec felt for the last several years. Nevermind the new ship skins, new haulers, and other minor QoL notes that will come.

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Highsec is the tutorial.

You aren’t supposed to stay there.


I’m in Highsec for the first time in years, making Systems Corrupt and trying to catch silly Freighters



you are joking…there are more highsec players than ever will be in lowsec. They DECIDED to be there and DESERVE the SAME treatment like NULL because they pay ccp… All those null preferring BS is just because of CSM lobbying. High should have 2/3 of all votes at csm THIS would help the game A LOT…


HS is getting the same treatment. Null got scraps for the last few years while High and Low got all the love.

Organize around the HS candidates then and vote for them.

You clearly did not grasp all that Equinox brings to Eve and of course also to HS. Better read up on it.

surely not most alts

To be fair, nullsec was allowed to print more ISK than the United States Federal Reserve for over a decade.


Then they must be just as space rich as the USA…

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The point is: move out of Highsec.

Expansions usually have a Focus on a few key features. It’s not like every Expansion brings new things to all areas or all activities of EVE. The next upcoming Expansion “Equinox” is focusing on Nullsec, especially bringing some new resources used in the Sov-Mechanics.
HighSec got new stuff like Homefronts in one of the previous expansions, so you will probably have to wait a bit until another Expansion focuses on HighSec Gameplay again.


The game has, overall, 4-5 different parts of space, hisec, losec, nullsec, wh space and pochven. If you opt to stay in only one of those areas you will miss not only a lot of content but also a lot of the updates, which usually focus on one or two areas (except nerfs, those are game wide, lol).

Ask yourself why you limit yourself to only one part of the map ? For example, if you want to run reactions, and not buy the components on the market, why not go to where you can run reactions ? You can do that with minimal exposure to attacks. You might even learn a thing or two about the game.

Expanding your in game-horizon will make you free.


The fact that some people need to be coddled and have explained, as if they were a baby, that not everything is always going to be about them is both hilarious as painful to watch.

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Does that mean you ran out of patience ? I’m still doing my morning routine with the coffee drinking bit :smiley:

One can only hope that some people, not necessarily OP, pick up the message and run with it, and enjoy a lot more of EvE than they thought they could.

I don’t drink coffee, it would probably make things far worse.

My patience level and ability to care depends entirely on the person where if I feel said person is being a baby, lazy, incredibly egocentric, really stupid or just problematic I couldn’t care less. The inverse is also true that if someone is trying their best, or at the very least giving things a shot while using their braincells a tad I’m more than happy to invest time, effort and other things to help those folks.

Sorry but the new haulers and freighter are some love for hisec…

@aflixxion , this is good advice, one hisec player that I met in AG went to nullsec after his hisec home Otela became Trig space, he got into reactions, PvP and made a huge development as a player, being a pretty decent FC now. I would advise most players to try the different areas of the game. even if you are more of a hisec player.


Ponders how someone with 201 kills…200 of them in lowsec or null…gets to be a ‘highsec player’.