Come on!?

I would like to know why the CSMs did not fight for High Sec? If these changes go through as is, high sec does not have the minerals to build mining barges, Porpoise, or Noctis?

I get we can no longer build Orcas or Freighters because of the reaction BS but that is wrong too!

If you guys don’t think High Sec deserves these rewards maybe you should look at Dotlan. High Sec loses more ships every year then null sec and has none of the rewards! Something is starting the smell funny! Yes the ships lost in high sec are cheaper but the rewards are no where close to right.

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All the major markets are in highsec. You can trade for almost anything you want or need. This is a MMO after all.

That aside, it seems a little unfair to blame the CSM for a change clearly coming from a top-down CCP initiative to revitalize the game’s ecosystem.

Also, you are being a jerk about it.


You can get anything you need from the trade hubs in high sec to build all except for combat capital ships .
If we give everything to high sec , what would then be the point of having other regions outside high sec ? What would drive the players to move out of the high sec for better resources, income and opportunities ? Nothing.
High sec right now has ore that other regions lack , you keep what you want to use , sell the excess you have and use the ISK to buy what you lack, it’s that simple.
It’s the first time I hear that it is CSM’s fault for something that CCP did . CSM can only try to predict and make an impact study of the changes proposed by CCP , evaluate the risks of said changes and bring them to the attention of CCP. Last decision belongs to CCP.


You can find the minerals in Jita, can’t you?


I 100% support any and all development and moves that make it so that higher quality materials and content have to be farmed, made, gathered etc outside of highsec. You can still acquire it in highsec but you gotta pay the players who can get it there.


If this were not a game with the rather silly mechanic of ore belts respawning, there would not be a single cubic meter of tritanium or anything else left to mine. Scrap metal would go for a premium.

So I say be glad you can still mine at all.

That said, my contention (or one of them at least) is that entering low sec is the first real problem. That first step is a doozy. The second thing is that I think high sec should be neutered further but made actually high security, then all current security mechanics moved outward, so most or all of low sec will operate as high sec currently does, and null sec shrinks.

But it won’t happen. Either find a way to get into low sec safely (mining corp of active and serious players) or trade.

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You want the rewards, get out of highsec. Has been like that since EVE came to be, and probably won’t change soon.

Highsec resources should be reduced to the bare minimum, of the lowest tier only. But then not having this low tier stuff anywhere else. Having BoMs including parts from all kinds of space is a good move.

But you know as a pro game designer yourself that it’s better to have all the high end material in the nooby island.
It makes the game much more enjoyable, and provides a more clear vision of the game opportunities !

There it is. All the lazy gate campers will disagree of course.


Trade and hauling exists. And just so it happens, all the big markets where you can buy those materials are in high sec.

Because CCP made it clear that they did not want any area of the game self sufficient and able to do everything they want to do without relying on other areas of space. This was literally their design document, and they’ve been talking about “autarky” being bad for the game in all the resource redistribution posts for the last year and a half.

Just like everybody else in EVE, high sec players are going to need to rely on their counterparts in other areas of space to build the stuff they fly.


So you and CCP think that 60-70% of players that live/play in high sec should depend on 30-40% of the players for 90% of what they need? I can tell you this is the worst I have seen the mining, indy and market play styles since I started the game. CCP is driving players from the game with these changes and I am one of them.

Once again risk vs reward. High sec loses the most and get the least.

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Yes, like it’s always been for moongoo and mexalon.

So what ?

No it has not always been that way. When I first started high sec could mine everything minus Zydrine, Megacyte and Morphite. I did not care about reactions as I did not do tech II. I went to markets or players for zydrine and mega. We also did not have NPC miners or bloodraider fobs or Trigs.

Now I can mine three minerals. I have to compete with NPC for ore and I have to compete with Bloodraider NPC miners for ore. All while watching out FoB Bloodraider diamonds rats, Trigs and gankers for little to no ore.

Sure sounds a lot worse to me for even less then before.


High sec is the most lucrative place to make isk in the game right now. It’s the safest place to do so. Ganking has been nerfed considerably by the bumping mechanic change. Incursions are one of the few things that allows significant amounts of isk to be generated. War decs have been nerfed. You can run abyssal traces in Jita with impunity. Jita is the undisputed trade hub of the game, and Perimeter gives you the best prices on everything that is taxed too high in Jita.

I honestly don’t know what you’re complaining about. A handful of industry ships now requiring more stuff from elsewhere to build is going to drive you from the game? Really?

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No high sec is not the safest place in the game. Look at the dotlan link. High Sec loses more ships yearly then Null sec and does not have 1/10 the reward.

War decs got nerfed because it was driving players from the game and costing CCP money, PERIOD. Don’t forget the cores got added to pay out to war dec corps while the defenders got nothing.

Jita is the major trade hub of the game because of small Null sec alliances and stupid players still trading there but what ever.

You must not understand. The issue I have is the game is worse for miners, indy and market players after 1 1/2 of nerfing with NO CARROTS! All while having ALL of the added risk for the rewards that got removed.

The reaction stuff hits every ship battleship up. So no more freighters, Orca, etc for the time put into the game.

You for get to say while high sec is the solo supplier for Tri but that us lie Null sec has anoms and get tri now.

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I see this argument often, but have you considered that high sec may have the highest ship losses but also the highest population?

I’d like to see ship losses per player in that region, that would be a useful number.

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The truth, though better is to have a foot in every kind of space.

We can go with that but we can go with high sec rewards for the risk are garbage unless you’re a freighter ganker?

I understand that high sec ships are cheaper but the low rewards are not enough for the risk.

Heck ccp has been doing the 100% drops for ganking/Pking but have they brought out anything like that for any other play styles?

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