CSM Update Oct 5

Once again I made a vid for this, next time maybe I will write something. I’d do an AMA but I doubt anyone would ask me anything.

Yes . . . I mine, yes . . . I have opinions

Feel free to comment on vid or here, I will be checking both



It is not a “kick in the teeth to highsec industrialists” - it is a kick in the butt! There was a golden age when everybody went to lowsec - highsec was a silly place to be. Of course CCP doesn’t want the CSM feedback - they know perfectly well how the Nullsec Stellar Managaement will respond to not having tritanium next to their capital assembly arrays. :sob:

I predict that this will be the best thing to happen to lowsec since faction warfare. And Trig space may be the long-sought-after lawless capital-free zone we have been longing for. :partying_face:


Thanks for the update Mike.

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Indifferent. They have already taken steps to work around this by having setup massive high sec corps to funnel new players into their null sec alliances. They can now use these thousands of high sec people to mine Veldspar for them, buying it back from them, compressing it and shipping it to null sec with ease. Plus, they will likely promote these fleets as High Sec Locust fleets and thus completely cleaning up belts of Veldspar so that other people have a harder time finding that ore. Great prospect for high sec people, I must admit. :slight_smile:

Yes, because people in low sec want to mine. Clearly.


Current lowsec citizens might not want to mine all that much, but they might appreciate the traffic that it brings in. There’s now minerals that primarily come from LS. The question is who will mine it, and who will hunt them.

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:slight_smile: You make it sound so easy.

Even if this were true, that is still content and interaction between players and sectors of the game and probably exactly what CCP is going for. But really, it seems to me if Trit really becomes that valuable, the biggest empires aren’t going to use newbros as proxies, but would as you say Locust Fleet those up with max yield fleets of their own miners.

But that likely isn’t going to happen. CCP is working on a collection of ecosystem changes they are largely keeping from the CSM (sorry @Mike_Azariah, I gotta agree with CCPs thought process on this one - you can’t let the most invested players in on the changes, nor expect useful, unbiased feedback from them if you do) and I am sure nullsec will have other ways to gather Trit from some new source or be given other unique stuff to trade to highsec.

Thanks for the update. Light on content, but that isn’t really your fault.

If you are passing back feedback though, tell CCP I love the direction they are going. I can’t wait for the Q4 release/expansion announcement and to learn the next stages of the changes to New Eden the Trigs are catalyzing and what might be in store for the dynamic redistribution phase of the ecosystem changes! :heart_eyes:


You seem to misunderstand a few things.
These newbies are theirs, that is why they are in these massive, non-wardeccable corps.
Daily locust fleets are not going to happen either as they are just too dull. But since trit is in constant demand, it is very easy to have the buyback available for any person in these corps that just wants to mine all the other days. And mining trit for their parent groups is exactly what they are going to make them do as it will be a very profitable income source for these newbies to afford the ships they use to do other things as well. This will, as you say, involve them and make them a more integral and valued part of their greater community.

How it is “likely not going to happen” is beyond me. CCP is deliberately putting the Trit focus on high sec and the big null blocks have big groups in high sec with a large enough manpower to do exactly that. As said above, this is a very good way to integrate these newbies into your group and make them feel needed and wanted. Not to mention that these corps by far not only comprise of “newbies”.

What is it now? Interaction between sectors or still get your own trit at home? Make up your mind. Unless, you mean the massive Trit rocks in Edencom and Trig Shits MV systems. They are going to be very popular.

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Nah, there is a whole “dynamic phase” to come. That will likely include some more Trit from a new source for nullsec, but most likely the wealth will be other minerals, moon goo, ISK and possibly other resources mostly unique to nullsec that null empires will fight over and will can trade to highsec.

As it was it the past, it will be much easier for nullsec to just trade ISK from bounties or whatever they farm in nullsec to highsec farmers for Trit. Unless CCP rebalances the economy so that indeed Trit is so valuable that nullsec will make more ISK/h farming it directly the better option.

But they won’t. Trit hopefully will be more valuable than now so a newbro can feel like they are doing something meaningful mining it, but still the more efficient income generation options for a player will be in more dangerous spaces as risk vs. reward should be. These sources will be valuable, but will likely come in the form of “dynamic” spawns that move, deplete or otherwise encourage people to contest them and thus will be worth much more.

That will keep nullsec’s attention elsewhere. Highsec, will just be the same as always. Plenty of a ubiquitious mineral that will always be in demand, but so easy to farm that it will never be the most valuable ISK/h activity in the game. Nullsec still has plenty of reasons beyond Trit to run highsec newbro feeder corps, but maybe that would be a little extra incentive to do so. In any case, it isn’t a bad thing.

Or CCP will screw up and everything will come tumbling down. I’ll be sad if they fail, but so far CCP are on track and there is no point Chicken Littling that highsec or the game is dying until something bad actually happens.

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No no, I get the thought process and understand where they are coming from. I may not totally agree with it but I understand the reasoning.



Ask them about updates to the NPE. You need to maximize your effect while you can - a year is not a long time.


Thank you for an update.

Where CCP continues to drop the ball is maintaining (hell by this time, establishing) an effective communication system with the player base that while, at least in regards to resource changes, it cannot comment about, could at least dampen down other concerns that are bleeding off players. Add to this was the lack of proper communication in regards to PD and station changes where further communication was promised before the change and then nothing before we woke up and it was different.

When we have to rely on only you and Brisc for info and clarification in these forums and you guys are purposely left out of the loop, then the players find little comfort when a CCP Dev says to trust them because they know what they are doing. Their decision to remain completely silent in regards to long standing Trig questions over the summer, holding unannounced (at least in these forums) AMAs on Reddit or discord channels, or failing to at least clarifying rules and game play in already established builds fosters dissatisfaction,uncertainty, and even anger among many players.

There should be a constant presence in these forums of a CCP representative who is supported by both a team and higher up devs to reduce the number of misunderstandings,confusion, and lack of information that bleeds off established players. What community is our Community Management team managing? Even a little effort would put oil on the raging sea of player agitation; enough to get us thru until further plans could be incrementally released to all.

…and what is CCP Aurora doing with all the forum setting changes?


I am on that regularly. @Brisc_Rubal gets the red dot and I have the NPE



And you have both mentioned the sun glare. So, everything is handled.


Handled? Not to my thinking. In the process of being fought for.

Handled is when the damn things get fixed.



There is no destination. There is only the journey.

Sisyphus might agree with you, I don’t


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Hi Mike, thanks for posting and representing CSM here in the Official Eve Online Forums.

Speaking of Sun glare, seemed to me that it was very apparent in your video. It also had a fog type aspect to it, guess they could say it’s dust from the asteroids but that effect is basically seen everywhere.

Just in the 8 minutes of watching your short video, I gotta say that Sun glare/fog/dust effect bothered me, as in disturbing, uncomfortable, etc.

Sooo, I’d like to know if you noticed it and if so, does it bother you to see it?

Thanks Mike!

For the 2nd time, I’m considering going to an EVE Fest, but this time, just to prove I don’t have grey hair! :crazy_face:

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If there’s one thing I want CSM to accomplish this year, it’s a written pledge, etched in the blood of every high-ranking decision-making CCP employee, never to release a multi-part expansion series ever again. Please get it done, @Mike_Azariah, I’m begging you.

Now that I had a few days to swallow that bitter, red pill (dude, everyone knows to take the blue pill…) I found something that you could bring to the developers.

'Tis something module balance related and hopefully won’t brake EVE.

A little love <3 for logi that is aimed a the specific task of convoy duties in New Eden.

So the idea is to have logi and your support fleet whenever you bring stuff from low to highsec with a freighter and except for the freighter escort being the novel thing here, I want to talk about remote hull repairers.

Those (not) very useful modules could become more important in the new weeks / months or for how long that “shortage” thing is going to last but people need to haul their stuff and need the proper tool to do it.

I haven’t been logged on for a while, so I cannot give specific numbers to the table right now but those remote hull reps need a significant reduction in capacitor activation cost and their fitting adjusted a little, so they would be possible to fit even on a minmatar boat.

We also have the chance of seeing a ship in EVE for this specific task of only giving bonused remote hull reps for those freighter in need.

If a new remote hull repair ship is out of the question, then with the exception of those triglavian ships, all 8 empire ships should be given a specific remote hull repair energy use, range and fitting bonus.

The latter would be a new opportunity for new logi compositions that are vulnerable by having to fit a remote hull rep and having less rep power for anything else by doing so.
Those role bonuses should be strong enough to have the tech 1 logi gets the remote hull rep power of 9 current value tech 2 medium remote hull reps with the same cycle time and 16 tech 2 current value large tech 2 remote hull reps with the same cycle time.

Those values for ship bonuses are example values. Remote hull repairers don’t repair very much, they take hours to cycle and you cap yourself out whenever you activate one.
In that state it is usually worth more to put them in the refinery bin and make something useful with it.

Links. Never not without links! Since we don’t have any specific links for remote hull repairers, there would be a new for them if those remote hull reps suddenly became useful.